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Multimeters are ideal for reading a wide range of electrical values for example , and . They are commonly used by electricians but also a handy tool for many hobbyists into electronics and robotics. These devices measure the flow of electrical current and depending on the model they can provide readings for every possible situation, making them a must-have tool for any toolkit. In the market, there are both analog and digital multimeters as both can be an excellent diagnostic tool but today we will highlight the digital ones that seem to stand out.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best selling products in the online market and also include our selections of the best multimeters that worth your money. Choosing a multimeter can be tricky especially if you have never used one before but with the help of our comprehensive guide, we think you’ll be able to find one for your needs. Don’t forget to check the buyers’ guide with all the necessary information in order to make an educated purchase.


Our Selections:

Fluke 115 Compact

If you are looking for one of the best multimeters for the money then look no further. Fluke 115 comes packed with a lot of features for your everyday tasks, true-rms for accurate measurements on non-linear loads and a Large LED with backlight. With this device, you can check for continuity, frequency, capacitance and diode test. It is CAT III 600V safety rated and can measure 20A for 30 seconds momentary or 10 A continuous. Overall a great compact design that fits perfectly for general purpose electrical and electronic test in everyday life. Although it comes at a higher price than its competitors we believe that Fluke 115 is a wise investment if you need a high-quality multitester.

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 87-V is an upgrade from its little brother 115. Has a build in thermometer, features a dual display resolution and safety rated for CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V. It can measure up ro 1000 VAC and DC and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is designed to help you with all your troubleshooting and it is excellent for industrial environments. If you want the absolute best and budget doesn’t matter then this one is for you.

Innova 3320

This little device powers with AA batteries and comes with a handy auto-off feature. It is great for hobbyists and a great addition to any toolkit. Innova 3320 is a compact multimeter that is ideal for those on a limited budget that need a multitester that can withstand a fall or two and provide accurate readings without breaking the bank. Although this is not the cheapest model out there we believe that it is reasonably priced for its features and worth a look.

Craftsman 34-82141

Nothing fancy here, just a budget-friendly device that can help you with readings up to 600V and 10A which is plenty for home use. Clearly comes at a much lower price than its competitors so we think its a nice purchase if it meets your requirements. The device uses 9V batteries and comes with leads and manual.

Mastech MS8229

This little device has some unique features that you can not find in its competitors. It has DMM and Lux meter, humidity meter, thermometer and can also measure sound level. It any of these features could be useful on your projects then look no further as you won’t find such features on ever pricier models. Works on AAA batteries which is handy and comes with a backlit screen. Overall a great choice if you need those features mentioned above or decide to spend a little more and grab this in case they come handy in your future projects.

Extech EX330

The EX330 is a well-known model to hobbyists as its one of the best selling models in the market. Has CAT III – 600V safety and comes in a rubber holster that protects the device.

Overall a great designed device that can work on AA batteries, provide accurate measuring on its backlit screen and can withstand a fall. All this in a middle priced model that it’s no wonder its a best selling product.

Klein Tools MM300

A handy little device that can provide accurate readings and detest wiring configurations, indicate correct wiring, open ground, hot/ground reversed and many other indicators that make your life easier. We think that for its features this one comes at a reasonable price and the CAT III 600V safety with double insulation makes it a worthy investment for your toolkit.


This is another best selling product on the market. It comes with rubber protections and a lot of features that are handy for check both household and automotive electrical problems safely. It also has a fuse to protect the multimeter from overload and has the ability to hold data while taking measurements which comes handy at times. We think that for its price this one is a steal. No wonder for its best selling status.

Etekcity MSR-R500

The MSR-R500 together with the AstroAI are the best choices for a multitester on a very tight budget. If you don’t need fancy features just a backlit LCD and the ability to check Amps, Volts, Ohms and continuity that here is the perfect product for you. It is a nice addition to your toolkit even as a backup to your main multitester due to its extremely low price. We think it worths a look if you want something simple to get the job done. 

Crenova MS8233D

This is the third best selling model we found on our list. It is fairly simple to use yet comes with many advanced features that can help you troubleshoot automotive and household issues with safety. The price is so low that you can pick one up as a backup or even leave it in your car for an emergency. It gets the job done for a fair price.

Buyers’ Guide

Things to Consider before buying a Multimeter?

Construction. It is vital to pick a multimeter that can withstand some abuse as most of the time we tend to be careless with our tools. Buy own with a better-built quality that can survive a fall or two especially if you are working in the field.

Safety Features. Cat rated meters are designed so as to prevent electrical arcing in order to keep you safe. The best devices will also have a fuse to cut out if there is an unsafe level of amperage. Keep that in mind when researching for multimeters as it is vital to protect both yourself and the device from overvoltage.

Voltage Range and Accuracy. As with any measuring device, not all multimeters are equal. It is important to choose a multimeter that can provide accurate readings but depending on the project you are working on this maybe be a luxury if you don’t need the best accuracy possible.

Ease of Use. There are many multimeters in the market that are targeted for professional use. This may be tricky as they tend to be more sophisticated and difficult to use. Depending on your experience with multimeters you may have to opt for a device with fewer features if that means it would be easier for you to have access to the features you mainly need for your work.

Size. Multimeters come in various sizes and shapes. Moreover, every brand implements different designs and screens. In general analog multimeters tend to be small in size but we strongly suggest going for a digital one especially if the difference in size is not a problem for you.

Budget. This is a vital factor that may rule out some of the multimeters in the market. We highly suggest you spend a little extra budget for a device with a better screen, more accuracy and robust built as this may be a better investment if you see yourself using the tool for more years to come.

Most Known Brands


is a well-known manufacturer that thought the years have been making solid multimeters. Their line of products includes from cheap pocket multimeters to flagship high accuracy models. To be honest you can’t go wrong with a model from Fluke so if your budget allows it you should certainly go for it as they are very good all around options and even their cheap models offer great features for everyday tasks.


is also a known manufacturer making solid products. Their product line is not the cheapest on the market but their models can also be found under a different label so it may be worth a look especially if you have a low budget. Have a look at their BM257 model which is one of the best selling multimeters in the market.


is a company also known for various devices such as oscilloscopes, printers, and cameras. Their multimeters are some of the lower priced multimeters in the market so they are an excellent option for those starting out and need a good device without spending on massive added features. Have a look at their best selling EX330 model.

Klein Tools

Their multimeters have been around for decades and are widely known to hobbyists due to their budget-friendly price. Their models are robust and we can easily recommend them even for professional applications. One of their best selling is MM1000 which worth every penny without you breaking the bank.


They are mostly known for their battery testes and thermometers but we find their multimeters are on par with the competition. They may be more appealing to beginners as they are generally lower priced devices that miss some of the more advanced features you can find in professional devices.

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