Best obd2 scanners


Diagnostic scanners will help you diagnose errors on multiple systems and troubleshoot issues on a variety of vehicles that feature onboard systems. We’ve gathered the best obd2 scanners in the market to help you with your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives today:

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Our recommended obd2 scanners


The AD310 model from Ancel features a classic design and great built quality with a large LCD screen. The display is backlit for easy reading and its resolution is 128×64 pixels. The device is powered straight from the ODBII data link connector of the vehicle, so you will not need any batteries or chargers to get you started. It comes with a 2.5 feet long cable and a long-lasting warranty, at a very attractive price, which makes this device highly recommended for anyone looking for an obd2 scanner.


The NT301 model from Foxwell is a great scanner that comes at a great price for its features. The device provides an accurate read of codes for any vehicle equipped with odb2 and provides information in text and graph format and allows for data logging and review of your logs. The 2.8″ screen is a joy work with the built quality of the device is of professional grade. For its price, this is easily a great investment for anyone looking for an odb2 scanner today.

Autel AL319

The AL319 is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for an affordable yet reliable scanner for obd2 equipped vehicles. It features a large and bright screen and a built-in speaker so you can have both visual and audible indications. It supports clearing codes and can retrieve generic and manufacturer specific codes to help you check your vehicle. Overall a great entry-level scanner, with a bright LCD, that come help you solve problems quickly without breaking the bank, makes this a great option for anyone on a limited budget.

BAFX Products Bluetooth Car Diagnostic OBDII Reader

This Bluetooth model is a great option for anyone that prefers to work with their Android or Windows device and simply needs an obd2 diagnostic reader for their vehicle. The scanner will allow you to read and clear codes and get all professional diagnostics you need at the comfort of your Bluetooth enabled device. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with iOS devices, so if you need to connect your iPhone or iPad you should probably go for a different model or the wifi-enabled model of the same company. This is the most affordable way to read and clear codes of your vehicles at the moment, so if you have a Bluetooth-enabled device this scanner can get you started for such a low price that definitely worths a closer look.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

The Bluedriver Bluetooth scanner is another great alternative for anyone that prefers to work off with an external Bluetooth-enabled device. This one is designed to work with applications on both iPhone and Android devices so you can easily work with your preferred smartphone and tablet. It allows for reading and clearing check engine light for any vehicle and provides repair specific reports from its database that will help you repair your vehicle, backed by ASE Certified Mechanics. It works with a dedicated app from BlueDriver that allows saving your data and provides interactive graphs, and the application comes with free updates with worths to mention. Overall a great scanner that comes at competitive pricing that worths a closer look for anyone who prefers Bluetooth connectivity for their scanner.


The OM126P diagnostic scanner is a great product for its price and thanks to its lifetime free software update and reports from the manufacturer’s website it’s a great investment for anyone looking for an OBDII scanner. The device features a great 2.4″ LCD display and a silicone keypad for easy access to the menu and reports. It supports O2 sensor and EVAP system test that is handy to initiate a leak test for EVAP systems and a great help when troubleshooting. It is able to read and clear codes, turn off MIL and the built-in library allows you to find definitions for codes so it can save you time when working on a vehicle. This is a great diagnostic tool that you can add to your arsenal for such a low price that makes it a worthy investment for your garage.


The NX501 is a little pricier than the rest scanners on our list, yet is packed with plenty of features that are valuable to have. It can check for fault codes, turn-off MIL, locate bad O2 sensors, monitor battery health, erase error codes, provide live graphics for sensor data and EVAP test mode. The 2.8″ color LCD is great and the user interface is quite friendly so you can easily work on your car diagnostics like a professional. The built-in memory is quite handy as it allows you to store data from your diagnostics test and allow to upload it to a computer for printing if needed. Comes at a relatively low price for its features, with a long-lasting warranty and a free case making this a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their garage.

Innova 3100j

The Innova 3100j has some features that are unique for this obd2 scanner. It and read and clear trouble codes of ABS & SRS light, test check the performance of the battery and alternators and also has Oil reset feature. The freeze-frame allows you to see information regarding engine condition when the Malfunction Indicator Lamp was turned on. The built-in memory allows you to store diagnostic data for the last three vehicles you worked on and the large color screen is a joy to work with. The SRS and Oil Light rest function make this a little pricier alternative compared to the rest of the scanners in our list, but you can also find the same model without these two functions for a lower price if you don’t need them.


The AD410 is a great option for anyone that wants a scanner supporting O2 sensor and EVAP system tests. The 2.4″ is a great upgrade compared to lower-cost scanners and allows you to navigate easily and monitor test results clearly. It features all the necessary features you would expect from a professional scanner like reading and clear of emission-related codes, turning off MIL and definitions for any code you need to troubleshoot. It works with any obd2 equipped vehicle pass 1996 and supports all OBDII protocols including KWP2000, ISO9141, J1850 VW, J1850 PWM, and CAN. Thanks to its great built quality and large screen, this is a great option for anyone that wants to upgrade from a basic scanner to a powerful device that can stand the test of time.


Last but not least, the cheaper model from Fowell, the NT201 is a great alternative for anyone with a limited budget. It gets power directly from the OBDII interface and comes with a great 2.4″ TFT color screen and audible indications. It allows reading codes, erasing codes, free-frame and live data graphs, and the red-yellow-green indicators make this a great tool for State Emission Monitor Status and assist you with Smog Checks. You can find it at a relatively low price online, so if it fits your budget you won’t regret its purchase.

What to consider when buying an obd2 scanner?

The obd2 scanners are compatible with cars made after 1996 that feature onboard diagnostic systems. They help you monitor the vehicle and diagnose various issues via scanning codes. Pick an obd2 reader from a reputable manufacturer, like Bosch, that comes with lifetime support as such devices can be updated in order to be compatible with codes from future vehicles making them futureproof. Bosch is

These scanners will provide you with diagnostics codes so that you can decide to fix the issues or get the help of a professional. If you plan to use the device in a workshop professionally look for models that feature anti-shock and slip designs that will prevent falling damage. A large LCD is a must so is fluctuation protection.

Most devices have a friendly user interface that will provide plug and play use. Some scanners are designed to work with mobile apps for monitoring, so they are also worth some research if you need such functionality while on the road. These can be done via Bluetooth, so look for obd2 scanners that have Bluetooth connectivity. These scanners can provide live data to your smartphone wireless, just check that the model can provide such functionality. There are plenty of apps for Android and iPhone to choose from, some are free while others can be bought from the app store.

A well-constructed scanner made from durable materials is a worthy investment as will withstand the test of time. Pick one with large-sized buttons and a large screen for easier operation. An important factor to consider is the obd2 scanner cable length, as you can imagine a longer cable will give you more freedom when working at your garage.

Scanners come with pc integration, Bluetooth accessibility, or as a handheld device. Pick the one you plan to use most for your monitoring as it comes down to personal taste. Some scanners need to be powered via batteries in order to operate. Others rely on your vehicle’s battery to draw power from.


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