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Outdoor ceiling fans are an easy way to condition the air around your garage, porch and other areas outside your house. An outdoor ceiling fan is an investment that will help to keep your temperature around your home down during hot days, but you need to make sure that it can also withstand harsh weather during winter.

I would like yo highlight a few factors that can help you narrow down your research for the best outdoor ceiling fan for your needs, but first let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended outdoor ceiling fans:

Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan from Honeywell is a very popular option on the market and thanks to its attractive pricing it is also a great budget friendly option to consider. The specific model features three possible mounting options so you can easily attach it to low or angled ceilings. Its simple and elegant design can easily suit any patio and doesn’t have a lighting feature.

The ceiling fan can be found in white or bronze color variation, and it is operated via a pull chain. You can use the ceiling fan for any medium to large size room and since it is damp-rated you can install it at your patio too. I like its classic, classy design and the 52 inch blades are a perfect choice for any patio, without breaking the bank. I personally prefer such designs that allow the fans to be placed close to the ceiling, but you can easily search for an extension and hang the ceiling fan lower.

It features 3 speeds that you can easily adjust from the pull chain, yet the model is also compatible with remotes sold from the company too. Moreover, the motor can spin both directions making this a great investment for anyone that wants to use it during winter months. One downside is that this fan doesn’t feature lights but this also allows for this classic look that many people love.

Overall, this is an easy to install option that thanks to its damp rating you can use it on a covered patio too. If it fits your budget, this is the best option for budget conscious buyers, definitely worth a closer look while researching. I would consider this the best option at this price range.

52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This option from Casa Vieja is among the most modern and elegant solutions on the market, and can be found online at a reasonable price. This fan comes with three solid walnut wood blades with 52″ span and 9″ blade pitch. You can operate the fan and choose between 3 speed settings via the included remote control.

This ceiling fan is damp rated which make it great for both indoor and outdoor installations. Keep in mind that due to this damp rating you will have to install in on a suitable location where there is no humid climate and direct exposure to water. I personally love its finish, with the solid wood blades, and I’m sure it will look amazing on any patio.

The large blades allow for an impressive air flow, and can handle a large patio with no compromises. You can find this ceiling fan in 52″ blade span, but there is also a 66″ model if you want to consider. If you prefer models that have such a classic look and don’t feature lights, this is a great looking option to consider. This is a great ceiling fan that can be used both during winter and summer months, allowing cool air to cycle through the room. If you are like me, and love to spend some relaxing time with your friends and family outdoors, this is a great investment to consider.

You can also check the white variation if that suits your furniture and decoration, while you can also find the same model with a light kit if you want an all in one solution. Overall an excellent option to consider if it fits your budget, you can’t go wrong with this one.

72″ Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a nickel finish motor with steel blades. This specific fan features 72″ blade span and a powerful motor that has 4 speed settings. The ceiling fan can be operated from a wall control that is included since it is not compatible with remote control.

I love its looks, and the nickel finish can add a great vibe to any space. The large blades along with the powerful motor will allow for amazing air flow, keeping you cool at all times. If you face high temperatures this is a great option to consider as it packs a great wind power and can transform any place thanks to its classy look.

This ceiling fan is damp rated so you can use it indoors and outdoors if you don’t face humid climate and direct exposure to water. If you have a covered patio this brushed nickel fan is a great addition as long as it doesn’t get wet.

Overall an energy efficient model, and a great looking ceiling fan that can be found at a reasonable price. I will add a sophisticated look at your place without breaking the bank. If you like this look, then this is among the best options for you, definitely deserve a closer look while researching.

Minka-Aire F753-BNW, Java Brushed Nickel Wet 54″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Another great brushed ceiling fan, this time from Minka-Aire at a very attractive price. If you like this sleek design this is a great option that won’t break the bank. With its large 54″ blades it can cover a large patio and provide great cooling with no compromises. Its minimal design with no fancy lights makes this ideal for any stylish room and it’s an elegant option that will match most decorations.

What makes this ceiling fan unique is the ability to connect to this device via WiFi and control it from Alexa or smart phone. In order to do this you need to buy the Bond BD-1000 which is sold separately. If you are looking for a powerful yet stylish ceiling fan, this is a great candidate to consider. It’s stylist look with look great on any porch or foyer, adding a vintage look that. The motor is able to deliver some powerful air even during hot months, while remaining pretty quiet.

The included remote control will allow you to select between 3 speed settings from the comfort of your chair. Overall a great looking option that can be bough as brushed nickel or polished nickel if you prefer. The unit is very durable and it’s backed up by a long lasting warranty from the manufacturer. If you like to relax in peace, this is a great investment that can aid cooling up the environment without breaking the bank.

Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72 in.

When it comes to outdoor ceiling fans, this is a great option that can have great performance without breaking the bank. This is a 72 inches ceiling fan that features 8 blades and a powerful motor that can transform any large area for a great cooling experience. The included handheld control is a feature that many will appreciate, as it will allow you to control speed of the fan and dimming of the light to your will.

The included LED light is a 3000k temperature LED that draws only 14 watt and provide a warm light that helps for a relaxing atmosphere. This model is wet rated, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and its large air flow capacity will handle even the largest areas. At its price range, this is a versatile solution that worth considering. If you like its design, this is a great option that definitely worth including in your research as you can’t go wrong investing in one.

Hunter Fan Company 59264 Hunter 52″ Cassius Matte Black Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 52″ Cassius Matte Black Ceiling Fan is a great rustic ceiling fan. This fan comes with grey walnut stripe reversible blades that add to any interior space. The Whisper Wind motor delivers ultra-powerful airflow with quiet performance. This fan features a switch that allows the motor to change from downdraft mode to updraft mode. Downdraft mode is ideal for summer and updraft is ideal for winter.

The ceiling fan has pull chain control to turn the fan on and off and adjust the speed quickly and easily. This fan is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It is damp-rated and can be used in covered porches, patios, indoors, and more. With an adjustable height, the Hunter 52″ Cassius Matte Black is the ideal versatile ceiling fan. If you like its design, you can’t go wrong investing in this one.

Prominence Home 80091-01 Abner Vintage Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Prominence Home Abner has a warm espresso body and dual-finish fan blades. The blades provide options when decorating a room. This ceiling fan is damp rated, it can be hung indoors and outdoors in covered spaces. It also comes with an Edison LED light. This light has enough power to light up a room but is also dimmable!

This fan comes with an ample, fully integrated LED clear schoolhouse globe light fixture. This ceiling fan has dynamic hanging capabilities with multiple positions. I like the fact that his fan can be hung low profile, on a standard 4 inch down rod, or on angled ceilings, making this a versatile solution.Overall, this is a well built option that can be found at a reasonable price. It will last for a lifetime, making this a great investment for any outdoor installation. 

Monte Carlo 14PRR52AGPD Prairie II Windmill Energy Star 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Monte Carlo Prarie II Windmill Energy Star is a 52-inch outdoor ceiling dan with LED light and handheld remote control. The fan has 14 outdoor approved light grey weathered oak blades. The light is a 15 LED integrated array that is also dimmable. This ceiling fan has 6 different speeds.

The fan comes with handheld remote control that many will appreciate. It will allow you to  change the fan’s speed and light remotely. I like that the fan can also be set to reversing function, making this a versatile option that can be used all year round. This fan is approved for damp locations and would make the perfect addition to a patio or screened-in porch. The Prarie II Windmill ceiling fan adds a great rustic look to any space so if you like its design, make sure you check this one out while researching. 

Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

The Honeywell Duval tropical ceiling fan features a white finish and 5 ETL wet rated, wicker fan blades. This fan comes with traditional pull chains for easy on and off adjustments. The motor is very quiet, reversible, and has four speeds. The 52-inch blades are perfect for medium to large spaces.

This fan would be a great addition to a bedroom, living room, dining room, or outdoor space. With a white blade finish and easy installation, the Honeywell Duval 52-inch tropical ceiling fan can quickly transform a room. Made from high quality materials, this it a wet rated fan that I would consider a great investment for any outdoor installation. It can cool medium to large areas with this powerful motor, and it’s built to last. I would suggest you have a closer look at this one as it’s a great budget-friendly solution that can nicely blend with any outdoor furniture.

Things to consider when buying a an outdoor ceiling fan:

When seeking to find a good outdoor ceiling fan, there are several factors to put into consideration. In this article, we are going to provide you with the necessary information you need to know about outdoor ceilings.

Indoor VS Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The primary difference between the two is the UL rating. The UL rating is attained by examining the fan’s component and establish if it runs the risk of fires when it is in contact with moisture or to any electrical shocks. Fans with the outdoor rating are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. However, a fan with an indoor rating should not be used for outdoor purposes. The UL rating categorizes the fan as “Indoor,” “wet-rated,” and “damp-rated”.

Wet Rated VS Damp Fans

When picking a ceiling fan for outdoor use, you need to make sure that they are waterproof or at least water-resistant. You will find that outdoor ceiling fans are divided in two categories, wet-rated and damp-rated.

The wet-rated fans can withstand extremely humid weather conditions and have a seal that restricts moisture from coming into contact with the motor. A fan work best in areas where the snow or rain may fall directly into the unit. This design allows the fan to stay outdoors during humid months and don’t worry of possible storms.

On the other hand, damp fans can handle dampness, but cannot withstand rain that falls directly into them. This type of fan should be put under a porch or a roof to avoid rainwater and snow from falling straight to the ceiling. While they are great to circulated air and will work perfectly fine in humid environment, they are not to be put through rainfall.


This is the speed at which the blade spins. The faster the blade spins, the greater the air movement. To attain the best airflow, you need to get a fan that has different speed settings ranging from high to low. A good ceiling fan should have variable speed settings in order for you to be able to adjust the speed and airflow. This is very handy as every place face different weather conditions, and there is no one-settings-fits-all.

Some models even come with remote controls so that adjusting the speed is a breeze. You can easily make adjustments on the fly without having to reach dedicated controls, all from the palm of your hand, so if you like this option consider the models that can be remote controller. I think for a patio, picking a fan where you can change the setting from the comfort of your chair is vital.

Keep in mind that there are models on the market that spin only in one direction, but if you are willing to invest a little more you can get a ceiling fan that can spin in both directions. A ceiling fan that only spin downwards is a great option to circulate air during hot summer months, but during winter you can change it in reverse spin if you have that option available. This will allow you to circulate air in your patio during winter without affecting the temperature by moving cool air towards you. Since buying a ceiling fan for outdoors use is an investment, I think you should check the options on the market that allow spinning in two directions.

Blade Pitch

The Blade pitch is the angle at which the blades rotate through the air. Fan blades that have a flat pitch do not need a powerful motor to gain high speed. A steeper blade of about 14- 15 degrees a more potent motor to reach the same rate.

The power of the engine and the blade pitch is dependent on each other. If they do not complement each other, your fan may lead to inefficiency of the fan. Quality outdoor ceiling fans are tested to ensure that the motor and the blade pitch are compatible.

Distance from the ceiling

If your ceiling is far away or too near to the ceiling, it won’t move the required amount of air. The recommended height from the ceiling should be at least 10-12 inches to give adequate airflow. You can add a longer downrod if you have vaulted ceilings to ensure that the blades are approximately 8-9 feet from the floor.

Size and Shape

As you may have known, the larger the ceiling fan the more air it will be able to move around . There are models that designed to affect smaller areas up to 100 square feet, while the larger options can circulate air in a quite a larger area that can reach 400 square feet or more. While keeping this in mind that larger blades and motors will greatly affect air, when it comes to outdoor ceiling fans things are a little trickier.

Larger blades may not be able to circulate as much air. For an outdoor ceiling fan, bigger does not necessarily mean more efficient (even if the motor is large). Narrow and smaller blades may also not be very useful. Therefore it is essential to consult a professional to ensure that the blades and the motor are compatible. While size affects airflow, you also need to take a lot more factors into consideration.

Picking a shape that suits your decoration is vital so you should take into consideration the color scheme of your patio when looking for a ceiling fan. More over, you will find that outdoor ceiling fans are available in various materials to choose from including plastic, wooden and stainless steel or aluminum.

While it’s up to personal preference, you need to consider that the plastic ceilings fans while not the most durable material, they are the most affordable option on the market, ideal for anyone with a limited budget. On the other hand, it might be quite difficult to match plastic ceiling fans with you furniture, so many people would opt for a wooden fan.

These are the most elegant choice for a patio, and can easily match with your wooden patio furniture, but you have to keep in mind that you need to take care of them as wood is a material that needs to be treated regularly if you leave in humid environments.

Last but not least, stainless steel and aluminum options might be more expensive to buy but they are built to last for many years, making them a great candidate for outdoors use. You can find them in various colors to match your decoration, plus they can easily be painted any color you like if you decide to change furniture in the future.

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