Best outdoor led flood lights


Are you researching for a great outdoor floodlight? Our list of the most popular led flood lights in the market is here to help you with your research, so let’s dive in a see some great alternatives:

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Our recommended outdoor led lights:

AMMON LED Flood Light, 200W

This LED floodlight from Ammon is one of the most popular options today, and thanks to its attractive price it is a great alternative for anyone with a limited budget. The LED light is made of four high-quality chips that can provide 20,000 lumens while keeping the power consumption pretty low. As with any LED light, you can expect a very long lifespan that can reach up to 50.000 hours of use, so investing one an LED light ensures that it will be operating for many years compared to typical lamps. This model is also IP65 rated which means it is waterproof and dustproof so it is great for outdoor use in any environment. Its designs allow for easy and flexible installation since the included bracket is adjustable up to 180 degrees so you can mount it on the wall, ground, or ceiling and adjust its tilt so that it covers the area of interest. You only need to connect it to AC power and you are good to go, changing your typical lamps you will be conserving energy, covering a larger area due to its 120 degrees beam angle, while getting get great illumination thanks to its high lumens output. Overall this is a great option for anyone looking to cover a large area like basketball courts, gardens, or garages and the 200W model is ideal in most applications. If you feel you need more output you can always add more of the same model, or upgrade to the 400W model for double the light output. These models can accept voltage AC up to 265 volts, which means it is able to operate worldwide, both on 110V and 220v. These Ammon LED floodlights are the second brightest outdoor flood lights on our list, so if you think you’ll need a more powerful light you should consider their 400W alternative or even a 1000W one.

Onforu 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light

If you are looking for a bright LED light but think that 200W might be too much for your application, these 100W lights are your next best option on the market. They can provide a 120 degrees bean for great coverage and since they are LED lights you can expect less heat, lower energy consumption, and a long lifespan. Since they are rated IP66, these LED lights are ideal for outdoor use, able to withstand rain and snow. They are perfect for gardens, stadiums, and backyards, and the aluminum housing and tempered glass make these durable for any environment. They are pretty easy to install and come with a bracket that allows you to adjust the beam of light after you have installed them on your wall on the ceiling, up to 180 degrees. Overall a great LED light that comes in a two-pack at a relatively low price and 100W is plenty for most outdoor applications. I would consider this model the best lighting for the backyard, especially in its price range. The same light can also be found in 150W and 35W if you feel that 100W is not ideal for your place and looking for great alternatives without breaking the bank.

LEPOWER LED Security Light, 22W

The floodlight from Lepower is ideal for those looking for an easy to install floodlight that needs to cover a relatively smaller area. It can provide 2500 lumen which of course can not light up a basketball court, but it is ideal for entryways, stairs, and smaller garages. It is designed as a 2 light fixture and allows for adjusting the heads to different angles per your requirements. Rated at IP65, these backyard floodlights are waterproof for easy installation outdoors without having to worry about rain or snow and the long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours means you will have consistent performance throughout the years. To be honest, these are the best security floodlights you can buy for their price if you need adjustable fixtures for your garage, stairs, or entryways but a motion sensor is not essential. It comes with all the necessary nuts and screws for a straightforward installation, so they worth a closer look if 22W LED is enough for your application.

LEPOWER Security Lights, 28W with motion sensor

I’ve already suggested the Lepower 22W LED in this list, but I wanted to also include this model of Lepower as an alternative for anyone looking for lights with an integrated motion sensor. Like the previously mentioned model from Lepower, this LED floodlight is rated IP65 so it is perfect for placing it outdoors without worrying about extreme weather conditions. The long lifespan of 50000 hours means that you will get consistent power output for many years to come and the 180 degrees sensing angle making this ideal for any application that needs motion sensors. The two fixtures can be adjusted individually so you can target the light beam towards the point of interest while the motion sensor with its 49 feet range will provide illumination only when needed, lowering your energy consumption even further. The motion sensor is adjustable, so you can switch between 20 feet, 33 feet, and 49 feet range, making it perfect as a security light in a variety of locations. Overall I think these are the best outdoor motion sensor flood lights that can be found online at a really attractive price so it definitely worths a closer look.

Sunco Lighting 6 Pack PAR38 LED Bulbs

I wanted to include these Sunco Lighting LED bulbs in the list, for anyone already having fixtures and like to change to LED floodlights for better coverage and lower consumption using the existing PAR38 fixtures. They come in a pack of 6 bulbs and they are relatively cheap since they use your existing par38 in your basement, driveways, or garage. They are dimmable from 10% to 100% and flicker-free for maximum eye comfort. What is ideal of this pack is that the LED bulbs are motion activated and can provide 1050 lumens output, so by simply changing your E26 bulbs to these you instantly get motion-activated light in any location you choose. They are not waterproof but you can use them in damp locations if they are not directly exposed to rain. Moreover, they can easily be used indoors so changing your bulbs to LED can easily expand inside your home or office. Since they are “warm” lights at around 3000K, you will get a nice warm light instead of the “white” daylight you get from other LEDs making them great for a cozy atmosphere. They come with a 5 years warranty and a lifespan of 25000 hours, so if you are looking for the best halogen replacement bulbs, this one gets my vote unless you need waterproof light, where you will find more choices looking for IP rated fixtures.

Hyperikon Pro LED Stadium Light 1000W

This LED light from Hyperikon is a great option for anyone that needs to light a very large area thanks to its extremely high lumen output. The downside is that it has a relatively narrow beam of light of 60 degrees, so you might need to buy multiple units if you have a large stadium that you need to illuminate. It has a 45000 hours lifespan and it is rated IP67 so you expect it to withstand extreme weather conditions for many years to come. Comes with a long-lasting warranty and at an affordable price, so we think this is a great alternative for outdoor sports courts where thanks to its efficiency it will cut down your energy consumption without breaking the bank.

What to consider when buying outdoor led lights?

LED lights are a great investment in order to keep energy consumption are as low as possible. If you plan on installing led lights outdoors is handy to understand how they are rated. You’ll see for example models that are classified as “IP66”. These two numbers “66” are highlighting how well the enclosure of the light can handle extreme circumstances with their sealing. In this example, the first “6” refers to the sealing regarding dust particles, while the second “6” refers to the sealing as far as water resistance is concerned.

It is vital to purchase lights that provide good coverage, which is where the flood design comes in handy. Don’t misunderstand the watt the lights consume as for example, a 150watt LED even though it consumes 150Watt it is the equivalent of a 750W halogen bulb as far brightness is concerned. So essential they can be very bright yet consume 1/5 of the energy a regular halogen bulb would consume.

Since these LED lights are meant to be used outdoors they are generally strongly built and meant to withstand harsh weather conditions. So essential any of these alternatives will be durable enough to be placed outdoors in walkways, fields, and gyms. Look for products that come with a high IP rating in order to get the most durable enclosures. LED lights typically have a very high hours lifespan so it’s wise to invest in the best models right from the start as they will last for many years to come.

Make sure that the cord of the LED is long enough for the installation you intend to place it and look for extra features that may be useful to you like motion detection and timers. Pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. If you pick a model with tempered glass it might be a worthy purchase. Some models can be used with a remote control which will allow you to operate it remotely but also change the color of the light at will.


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