Top 10 – Best outdoor led flood lights


Are you researching for a great outdoor flood light? Our list of the most popular led flood lights in the market is here to help you with your research, so let’s dive in a see some great alternatives:

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What to consider when buying outdoor led lights?

LED lights are a great investment in order to keep energy consumption are as low as possible. If you plan on installing led lights outdoors is handy to understand how they are rated. You’ll see for example models that are classified as “IP66”. This two numbers “66” are highlighting how well the enclosure of the light can handle extreme circumstances with their sealing. In this example, the first “6” refers to the sealing regarding dust particles, while the second “6” refers to the sealing as far as water resistance is concerned.

It is vital to purchase lights that provide good coverage, which is where the flood design comes in handy. Don’t misunderstand the watt the lights consume as for example, a 150watt LED even though it consumes 150Watt it is the equivalent of a 750W halogen bulb as fas a brightness is concerned. So essential they can be very bright yet consumption 1/5 of the energy a regular halogen bulb would consume.

Since these LED lights are meant to be used outdoors they are generally strongly built and meant to withstand harsh weather conditions. So essential any of these alternatives will be durable enough to be placed outdoors in walkways, fields, and gyms. Look for products that come with a high IP rating in order to get the most durable enclosures. LED lights typically have very high hours lifespan so it’s wise to invest in the best models right from the start as they will last for many years to come.

Make sure that the cord of the LED is long enough for the installation you intend to place it and look for extra features that may be useful to you like motion detection and timers. Pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long lasting warranty. If you pick a model with tempered glass it might be a worthy purchase. Some models can be used with a remote control which will allow you to operate it remotely but also change the color of the light at will.

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