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A misting fan can be a great addition to your patio, and ideal for commercial uses too. They can help you tame the temperature and provide a gentle cooling breeze with a minimal investment. I would like to highlight some factors you need to consider when researching for the best outdoor misting fan for you, but first, let’s have a look at our recommended models:

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Our recommenced outdoor misting fans:

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Are you looking for a misting fan for your patio or interest in taking one with you while camping? This model from Lasko is definitely one you should be having a closer look. You can find it in different color variations to choose from and all are very affordable.

It features a powerful blower along with three misters that will help you reduce the temperature with a gentle water mist. This is ideal for hot days as you will be able to enjoy your patio or any outdoor activities with a personal cooler at easy reach. Overall, this is a durable option that can works as intended and thanks to its budget friendly price this definitely worth having a closer look.

NewAir, AF-520B, Outdoor Misting Oscillating Pedestal Fan

This outdoor misting fan from NewAir is among the cheapest option you can find in this list, so if you are looking for an affordable pedestal fan that worth investing in, look no further. This is quite a versatile option as the fan can be easily moved to where you need it. For example you might have a gathering on your deck and another day take it elsewhere on you yard while on a picnic.

It has adjustable height and angle so you can find the setting that works best for the specific place you need the fan placed. Moreover, you can choose between three speed settings so that you feel comfortable and enjoy hot summer days with the help of some mist. Overall, at this price range I consider this a great mist fan that can transform your summer experience. I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in a pedestal fan with misting capabilities.

iLIVING ILG8E18-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Waterproof Fan

If you are interested in installing a misting fan outdoors permanently, this model is a great option to consider without breaking the bank. In fact, this fan can be found at quite a reasonable price you I would highly suggest it to anyone looking for a value for money option. This misting fan is waterproof and designed for use in wet locations.

The 18″ is the best option since it will circulate enough air without being too loud. The fan has three different speed settings that you can cycle through with the built-pull chain. Overall, this is a great wall-mount option that can be found at a great price. Keep in mind that even thought this can be transformed into a misting fan quite easily, you need to buy the ILG-250 Mistinjg kit seperately, but definitely worth investing into. If you want a wall mounted option for outdoor use, this fan plus the misting kit is your best option at this price range.

Geek Aire Battery Operated Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan

This is another reasonably priced option you can find online, and a great option to consider if you are looking for a portable misting fan. The product is lightweight so you can easily transport it, making this ideal for camping and outdoor activities too. It runs on battery and weights only 7.1 lbs, so you can easily pack it with the rest of your gear without compromises. The fan can be used as a normal fan if you like, you just have to remove the detachable water pipe that is used for misting.

The fan is equipped with 3 nozzles that are used to spray a cool mist, which are replaceable, and once you attach the misting pipe you can control the amount of mist and adjust water pressure. It will run for around 2-3 hours on a single battery, but you can always buy more in order to extend the hours of operation. Moreover, you can run it from a power bank making this a versatile solution that worth considering. If you are looking for a portable misting fan, this is a great option that won’t break the bank. While it might not be the most powerful option on this list, the fact that it runs on batteries makes it unique.

Dynamic Collections Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

The misting fan from Dynamic Collections is a great alternative to consider if you are willing to spend a little more for an outdoor fan. It is pretty straight forward to use, just connect your garden hose and you can enjoy a cool mist in your patio. Even though it might be a little pricier than its competitors, this outdoor fan is well build and features all-weather paint in order to handle UV rays. It is designed to cover a area up to 500 square feet, ideal for any outdoor space you want to cool efficiently.

The fan features a 19″ head and it has 3 speed settings to choose from, able to cool down your patio with minimal effort. Moreover, the fan can be adjusted so that you choose the perfect height for your needs thanks to its telescoping neck. You can choose from 40″ to 51″ heights, allowing you to cover any possible scenario. Overall, this is a well built option that even thought it is a little pricey, it worth every penny you will invest. If you like its design, you can’t go wrong investing in one.

OPOLAR 10000mAh Battery Operated Cooling Misting Clip on Fan

This option from Opolar is a clip op misting fan that you can use with its built-in battery anywhere. Moreover, you can use its USB port to charge and power the fan so it is a versatile option that will provide a cool mist when outdoors. It is very easy to use, and clip on design allows you to easily place it wherever you need it. While it’s ideal for when on the go, this can also be a great addition to your office when not travelling.

The built-in 10000mAh battery will run the fan for 6-48 hours, depending on its speed settings, and by adding water you can easily generate a cool mist when needed. It has a 200ml capacity and its maximum airflow is 4.2 m/s. Overall, this is an easy to use misting fan that thanks to its compact size can be packed with the rest of your gear taking up minimal space. This is ideal for anyone into camping, hiking, or people that will like a portable battery operated solution that won’t break the bank.

Fan Misting Kit for DIY Cool Patio Breeze

I wanted to include this DIY kit in this list as many people would probably already have a fan they would upgrade for a small investment. This is re-assembled kit that you just have to add to your fan in order to let is produce mist. The kit is ideal for any outdoor fan and will work on any model with 12″ diameter or greater.

It is designed to be connected directly to a faucet, garden timer or any garden connector with the included 3/4″ threaded to 1/4″ barb. It works as intended and won’t leak as the connector features great sealing. The kit features removable brass nozzles that can provide a great misting effect, able to cool down your patio and create a cool space to rest. Overall, this is a great solution that is easy to install, so if you already have a fan looking for a way to upgrade it without spending a fortune you should consider having a closer look at this option.

RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Bucket Top Misting Fan Kit

This misting fan kit is ideal for anyone already investing in products from Ryobi as its runs on the company’s batteries. While its pricier than alternatives on this list, if you already have batteries from Ryobi, this might be a great investment to consider in the long run. It is quite compact so you can easily move it around your garden, patio or camping tent in order to get max air flow where needed. The product is well built, like most products from Ryobi, so expect it to last for quite some time.

If you are looking for a portable misting fan that can run on batteries, this is a great option that can take recreational activities on the next level of comfort. It uses two brass nozzles to release a cooling mist and features a handy switch to choose between two speed settings. Its designs allows you to place it over a five gallon bucket to draw water from, but you can also choose to connect it to your standard garden hose. Overall, this is quite a versatile option that worth having a closer look while researching. If you already have invested in batteries from the company this is a great option to consider as it will be able to run for plenty of hours without investing in another power solution.

HOMENOTE Outdoor Misting Fan Kit

This misting fan kit will allow you to transform your old fan into a great tool that can cool your patio during hot days. The kit comes pre-assembled so your just need to follow some easy steps in order to attach it your previous fan and connect it to the garden hose. It is very easy to setup in a matter of minutes, allowing for a cool mist in your yard with minimal investment. The kit includes everything you need to set it up, including a brass faucet connect and a 19.6 feet misting line.

This is a well built option that deserves its asking price as it has a sealed connector that prevents leaking, and galvanized brass nozzles and adapter. Moreover, the tubing is treated for UV protection, so you won’t have to worry about scorching sun if you place it outdoors. The size of the kit will allow you to install it in plenty of models, from a small 12″ desktop fan, to a larger patio fan, without worries. Overall, this is a great option to consider if you want to save some money going the DIY way. It works great and cost way less that investing in a brand new misting fan, so I would advise you to check this one out before you make up your mind.

Canary Products Intelligent Cool Mist Standing Humidifier

Last but not least, this option is a great standing misting fan that transform you patio without breaking the bank. The fan is intended for indoor use so don’t except to withstand extreme weather conditions, but as long as you store it when not in use, this might be a great solution to consider. The fan features a timer, something many will appreciate, along with three operating modes to choose from. You can use the included remote control and switch between settings, a feature you don’t usually find in outdoor misting fans.

The fan has a 3L capacity and runs on 110V. You can also switch between three levels on its mist function, plus it can work on its own without fan operation if you prefer. Overall, this is an easy to install option that worth its asking price. Its ideal for indoors use, so if you want a standing fan that you can occasionally move to your patio this is a great candidate to consider having a closer look.

Things to consider when buying an outdoor misting fan:

In hot summers, the temperatures can be unbearable in your yard. Relaxing in such abnormally high temperatures becomes impossible. The good news is you can purchase an outdoor misting fan to lower the temperatures. However, you need to consider the following factors before selecting one.

The size of your yard is a significant factor to consider when buying a fan. You need to make sure that the fan you pick has the required capacity to cool your yard adequately. If you purchase a small fan for large space, you will not achieve the desired results. On the other hand, if your fan is massive for a small space, your yard will be abnormally misty.

They are two different water storage capabilities in the market. The first one has a water reservoir, and you need to fill up with water frequently while the second one is tankless, so you will need to connect to your fan to your garden hose. The main advantage of misting fans that feature a reservoir is that they are portable and easier to place around your yard. A tankless option will allow for effortless operation but you will need to be near a water source at all times. Taking into consideration their portability you can easily pick the best option for your needs.

The quality of the outdoor misting fan is a significant determinant of functionality and durability. If you want something that will have long-term usage, it is wise to invest in a higher quality option. Although high quality comes with a hefty price tag, these misting fans are an investment that will cool your yard for many years to come. I would advise you to avoid cheap solution as you will be spending

Since you are buying for outdoor usage, consider buying a weather-resistant one. Fans made with plastic are cheap, but winds and rains will destroy them. Metal fan models are relatively expensive but can withstand unfavorable external conditions. But for effectiveness you need to ensure there is proper maintenance.

Additional features

Some of the designs have incredible additional features. You can get one with insect repellant features. This is an incredible feature as it ensures your garden does not have mosquito infestation.

Additionally, you can select from a variety of designs. You can purchase either a high or low fan. Other fans also have adjustable features, such as height and speed. It means you can adjust the speed to suit your needs.


In the purchasing decision, you need to review your buying power. How much money are you willing to part with for the fan. Buy according to your budget and prevent overstraining your financial capabilities. It is essential to do market research and find sellers with competitive prices.

Bottom Line

Misting fans come in handy in creating favorable outdoor temperatures. The buying decision depends on various factors. You should carefully consider each element to ensure the fan you buy is useful to your needs. They are multiple designs in the market to select from to suit each outdoor space.

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