Best outdoor string lights


Decorating your garden, porch, or any outside space you want with lights and lamps can truly transform the area into a magical place. The most common type of outside lighting is outdoor string lights. They come in various colors, shapes, lengths, and many more. What’s more, they don’t require too much time to set up. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best outdoor string lights. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

Our recommended outdoor string lights:

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What area do you want to light?

Depending on how big the area that you’re purchasing the lights for is, you need to account for the length of the string. It’s always best to go for a longer wire in order to avoid running out of length before finishing up.

Another key point to consider is the climate of the area that you’re hanging up the lights in. If your garden or porch is constantly exposed to rain, snow, or any other harsh weather conditions, you might want to invest in stronger string lights or waterproof them yourself. Another way to go around this problem is to hang them underneath umbrellas or roofed spaces so that the lights won’t get destroyed.

How you want your lights to be powered?

There are many ways to power your outdoor string lights. If you’re using electrical ones, they need to be placed rather close to your house or near an electrical outlet. This, in turn, makes them harder to move in case you decide to decorate a different area. Moreover, if you’re looking for a more portable way of powering your lights, try using candles, batteries, or solar-powered alternatives – they are easier to move around and can be used further away from your house as they don’t require an electrical outlet to work.

Are you looking for functional or atmospheric lighting?

There are two main types to choose from — functional and atmospheric.

Functional lighting serves a specific purpose and is used to light up a certain part of your garden, porch, or any other space. For instance, this type of lighting is used to highlight sidewalks or paths in gardens or around ponds to ensure safety. What’s more, this light is brighter and whiter than other types of lighting, giving the best visibility.

Contrastingly, atmospheric lighting sets the mood and cozy atmosphere, often used for outside sitting areas or dinner tables under tents. These are warmer and more decorative, coming in various shapes and colors. Oftentimes, they are powered by candles, batteries, or electrical outlets since these methods provide the appropriate voltage.

Are you looking for any special functions?

Some products come with various functions, such as adjustable intensity, timers, or distance power switch. While these may cost you a little more, they are a good idea if you want to have more control over your lighting. For example, setting a timer can help you save energy in case you forget to turn your string lights off. Similarly, an intensity switch allows you to adjust the brightness, which comes in handy during late-night dinners or parties when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere.