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Enjoying an excellent heat in your patio is fulfilling, and the patio heater ensures you experience in all seasons. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best patio heater. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

Our recommended patio heaters:

AmazonBasics Commercial, Propane 46,000 BTU, Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels

If you are interested in a propane heater, this is a great option to consider without breaking the bank. Despite its low price it is a great looking steel construction with a powder coated finish. In fact, you can find it in various option to choose the one that matches the style of your patio best.

This propane heater is quite portable since it features two wheel on its base for smooth transportation to your desired location. While you might not have asked for it, this is a great option to have handy since you can take your gathering to any place you want for the day since this portable heater can keep you warm anywhere.

It is quite powerful that it can cover an area or around 18 feet in diameter around it making this a great portable solution with out having to invest a fortune. Overall, an excellent investment if you are interested in propane heaters, it can provide consistent heat with no worries and minimal investment. It definitely worth a closer look while researching as I would consider this the best patio heater for most occasions.

Hiland HLDS032-B Table Top Portable Heater

If you are interested in a great table top heater that can keep you warm without taking up much space, then this is your bet without breaking the bank. This portable heater allows for variable control and it uses propane tanks that weight 1lb. You can expect up to 2 or 3 hours of use for a single tank depending on your settings.

I prefere the stainless steel version of the heater but you can also find it in bronze and black color if your prefer. The heater is quite portable and 38″ tall, so if you plan to transport it often you will appreciate this small form factor and lightweight propane tank. Overall a great option to consider if you are looking for a portable tabletop heater for your patio. It can be found at a reasonable price so this is quite a budget friendly option that definitely worth a closer look.

Ener-G+ Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater

This is an excellent option for your patio or gazebo, as it’s a water resistant heater, designed for indoor and outdoor use. This hanging option uses infrared technology and runs on 120V. It is rated IPX4 and its design will nicely blend with any outdoor furniture. The unit features three individually activated infrared lamps allowing you to use it on three power settings. I like that they include a wireless remote control which is quite handy to have. 

This patio heater is made from premium quality materials and its certified for weatherproof protection, so if you are looking for an option that can withstand the test of time, this is a great candidate to consider. You can find it in two colors to choose from, and they are available in a reasonable price online. Definitely worth having a closer look at this option as its a great patio heater that is elegant, stylish and quiet. You can’t go wrong investing in one. 

Sundate Electric Outdoor Heater

This option from Sundate is a budget-friendly option that is ideal for outdoor use. This heater uses infrared technology to heat the space in front of the unit. I would consider this a great option for anyone you want to avoid heaters running on gas, and prefer an electric option to heat their patio. It’s water-proof and safe to use outdoor, while it can be wall mounted or free standing depending on your preference. 

This product features an stand and it’s very easy to assemble if you plan to use it as a free-standing solution. Moreover, you can opt to mount it on the wall allowing you to save some floor space if you prefer. The included remote control is quite handy, allowing you to remotely turn the heater on and off. Overall, this is a great solution for your patio, and its among the best wall mounted options you will find at this price range. If you like its design, make sure you include this option in your research. 

Wood Pellet Outdoor Patio Heater

I wanted to include this patio heater on this list for anyone that prefers a pellet heater. This option has a 72k BTU output and doesn’t need electricity, making this a great investment to consider. It has a heating radius of 10 feet so you can easily cover a wide area on your patio with a minimal investment. This product can hold up to 12 lbs of pellets which will allow the patio heater to run for up to 90 minutes. 

The unit is made for premium quality, heavy duty materials and it’s built to last for a lifetime. It’s very easy to use and features a dial on front that will allow you to choose the desired temperature for the stove. It’s easy to clean and even though it might seem a little pricier than its competitors, this is a great investment in the long run. If you are interested in a long lasting option, this pellet patio heater might have a higher price tag but it has great performance that justifies its price. 

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

This ceramic space heater is quite a popular choice and thanks to its attractive price, it definitely worth a place in your research. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. You can find this product in two variations to choose from, both look elegant and will nicely blend with your furniture. It’s very quiet and has you can adjust its heating output to your needs. It features a 1500 watt ceramic heating element that you can adjust from 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The unit also features overheat protection and a built-in timer that is very easy to setup. You can program the heater to shut off after the predefined time, one to seven hours ahead. Overall, this is a great option that can be used with a wireless remote control for maximum comfort. At its price range, this is among the best option you can find on the market, so make sure you check this one out before you make up your mind. 

Hiland HLI-1P Electric Parasol/Umbrella Patio Heater

This is a patio heater with a unique design and a reasonable price, so I would suggest you have a closer look at this one if you like a heater for your umbrella. This heater is design work with patio umbrellas and parasols, and they have a discreet look that will blend nicely with any umbrella. The unit features three burners that can be adjusted to your desired heat output. It will provide enough heat for a 15 square feet radius, allowing you to enjoy your evening and relax at your patio without compromises.

This heater is IP certified water proof and made from stainless steel, an option that can stand the test of time. If you are interested in a solution that worth investing into, this umbrella heater is an ideal candidate. Overall, it has variable output, it’s waterproof, and designed to work with any patio umbrella. If you like its design, make sure you include this in your research. 

FDW Standing Patio Heater

If you are looking for a propane freestanding heater, this is among the best choices you could consider for your patio. The unit is made from high quality stainless steel and will stand the test of time. It uses 20 lbs gas tanks that you place on its base, and has an auto shutoff tilt valve, and an auto shut off feature that makes it safe to use without worries. It’s ideal for your garden, patio and any outdoor area, and its freestanding design allows you to use the heater wherever you need it. 

The unit has an output of 41k BTU and it will easily transform your patio during fall and winter nights with such a small investment. It is easy to assemble and has an awesome finish that allow it to blend nicely with any outdoor furniture. Overall, this is a high quality option that you can find at a reasonable price. It ticks all the features you would look for when you look for a gas patio heater, so definitely worth including in your research. 

Dr. Infrared Heater 1500W

The Dr. Infrared heater 1500W is a great choice for many different spaces. It is a carbon infrared heater that produces clean, instant, and odorless infrared heat. This will help provide you with maximum comfort for any winter activities. It offers three heat output settings at 900W, 1200W, and 1500W.

This heater is as easy as plug and go. It uses any 120V plug. This heater can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It comes with mounting brackets and remote control for easy installation and use. The heater itself is made with durable and weatherproof aluminum. If the heater is installed outside, there is no worry about it breaking down in the elements.

If any space indoors or outdoors needs to be heated then this heater is a good choice. The Dr. Infrared heater is the perfect option for a patio, garage, or any other area that could use a heat source.

Sunjoy A306006403 Avanti Heater

The Sunjoy Avanti Heater is a great choice for a large outdoor heater. It has a heat output of 47,000 BTUs. To operate, the heater requires a standard 20-pound propane gas cylinder. It has standard fittings which make for easy connection and use. The heater has an easy on igniter button. It also comes with a variable-heat control knob which allows for low to high-temperature control.

For convenience, the heater has wheels on the side that allow it to be easily tipped and moved. It is made out of steel with a powdered coated finish. This makes the heater very durable. It will withstand salty air and harsh sun. This heater also heats up in minutes providing fast, convenient, and easy heat.

The Sunjoy Avanti standing patio heater is a powerful outdoor heater. It is a great choice for warming a patio, deck, or any other outdoor area in need of heat.

Things to consider when buying a patio heater:

Your patio can be a great place to hangout during colder months, as with the aid of a patio heater you can transform an icy day into a cozy atmosphere for friends and family. There are plenty of different styles of patio heaters that can help you create a great outdoor living space without breaking the bank. The heater comes in various designs, sizes, and power-fuel. The models are either fueled by gas, propane, and electricity. However, the selection process is not straightforward, and you need to observe the following factors before purchasing one.


The cost of the heater varies depending on the size, design, and material. There is various price allocation that can suit your budget. However, ensure the price does not compromise the functionality and preference of the heater. Generally, natural gas heaters tend to be cheaper than other forms of heaters. 


Stainless steel and high quality resin are the best materials that will ensure your heater lasts longer. Since the patio heater is used for external purposes where there are windy and rainy atmospheres, you need a material that can withstand such harsh conditions. Also, the insulating materials should be safe to prevent short-circuiting.

Size of your patio

If your patio is small, you don’t need a large heater and vice versa. The size of the heater you purchase should have the capability to heat your patio adequately. If you buy a large heater for a smaller space, then the heat levels will be so high and uncomfortable.


Since you are buying the heater for external use, you can select beautiful designs. The designs will add heat to your patio and bring ambiance to your space. Thus attractive designs bring out sophistication in your area in an incredible way. You can select a model that rhymes with the interior of your patio.

You can find a wide range of patio heaters so choosing the right one for your location is something to consider. It is vital to measure the available space you have as some of the models can be quite tall, so make sure you have enough clearance around and above the heater in order to reduce the chance of a fire hazard.

The most popular option on the market is that of free-standing heaters that are commonly found in commercial spaces like coffee shops and restaurants. Such patio heaters are a great option to consider if you have enough ceiling clearance as the are quite stable and able to output a lot of heat around them.

If you have a small patio or outdoor space to cover you can look for tabletop or hanging heaters that can be installed and cover smaller areas easily. Last but not least, you can find wall mounted heaters that can be installed quite easily and at a small cost. Overall, it comes down to personal preference but I must say that free-standing options are the most cost-effective, versatile options while being able to cover very large areas.

Source of energy

The source of energy should be easily accessible and affordable. If you have access to electricity, then you can opt for an electric heater. Although electricity heaters require high maintenance costs and in most cases, they are not portable since they need to be in proximity to electricity sources.

Electric heaters can be found quite cheap, so if you are on a limited budget you better start your research from them. They offer a great solution for people that don’t want to buy fuel as they can be set and forget on an dedicated outlet. Keep in mind that while they are not the most mobile option, if you install them correctly they are among the safest options for heating compared to propane and natural gas as a source.

Propane heaters are easy to install. It is possible to quickly refill their tanks once the source is at low levels. The propane heaters are probably the most common type of heater you will find in the market since they don’t need to be connected to walls or wires, making them the most portable option for your patio.

You probably can find propane at most gas stations, so if you have access to this source, going for a propane heater is a cost effective way to heat your outdoor space. Keep in mind that propane heaters are only meant to be used outdoors, so investing in a propane heater is meant only for well ventilated areas and you won’t be able to use such a heater indoors.

While gas heaters are very costly to install, and their maintenance costs are meager. The heaters are non-portable as you need to connect with the gas source. If you already have access to natural gas line in your home, then this might be a great option to consider adding to your patio. On the other hand, gas heater require professional installation and maintenance, so make sure you allow part of your budget for such services.


Safety is a crucial aspect of all heaters. In the patio heaters, you need to be extremely careful since their installation area is prone to strong winds. The system you select to warm your space should be well installed to prevent accidents.

The heater you select should be firm, and your patio should have the capacity to accommodate the system safely. In your selection process, it is critical to seek professional help to ensure your choice does not pose any risk to your loved ones.

Final words

In the winters, when the temperature is extremely low, this type of heater comes in handy. You can still enjoy your space to relax with your loved ones with the assistance of the heater. The above buying guide will ensure you purchase the best heater that suits your needs.

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