best pickleball bag

Best pickleball bag

Pickleball is a paddleball sport that resembles tennis. It’s a fun sport that is loved by players of any age and its popularity is steadily increasing globally and the gears needed for this game such as the balls, pickleball paddles, etc. are modestly priced. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best pickleball bag for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended pickleball bags:

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

If you are looking for a bag to keep your pickleball equipment safe and easy to carry, this option from Franklin Sports is a great candidate. This bag features a dual padded layer on the inside and has adjustable breathable straps so you can feel comfortable while carrying it.

You can easily carry up to six pickleball on the accessories pouch, plus allowing for some room for your personal stuff like a mobile phone, keys, or wallet. Thanks to its design it can easily hold up to 6 pickleball paddles while it features a weather-resistant zipper. Overall this is a great option that won’t break the bank and can be found in five color variations. If you are looking for the best bag in this price range, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Athletico Sling Bag

Another great alternative for anyone looking for a durable pickleball ball with a large capacity. This option has enough storage space to keep up to 6 pickleball paddles plus a secondary compartment that can fit your personal belongings. I like the fact that the bag itself is quite lightweight and also features a fence hook.

The bag has many padded compartments that will allow you to organize your items the way you prefer and features an adjustable strap and mesh back. Overall, this is a great option to consider especially if you are on a limited budget. It has plenty of room, has many hidden pockets, and made from durable polyester, so it will last for many years to come. Definitely worth investing in one and since it comes in four colors you can easily find the perfect match for your style.

ZOEA Pickleball Bag

I wanted to include this pickleball ball in the list since it is an affordable and lightweight option that can hold up to four paddles. Many people might opt for this smaller alternative since it has enough for personal items plus a water bottle holder for a great solution. Many people will also love the USB charging port that will allow them to place a battery pack inside the bag and easily charge their music player or phone.

This bag is built to last and I really appreciate the air mesh panel on the back that can keep you sweat-free when carrying it. The polyester fabric means that this bag can last for a lifetime and provide great water resistance.

If you are looking for a bag to protect your pickleball gear without breaking the bank this is a worthy candidate and since it has a large front compartment you can also carry all your stuff too. For its price, this is an excellent choice that is comfortable to carry thanks to its padded shoulder strap and can carry everything you need to the court.

DashSport Pickleball Sling Bag

This pickleball sling bag from Dashsport is among the cheapest options you will find on this list. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option this is the one to start your research from. Despite its low price this sling bag has enough room for 6 paddles and has plenty of room left.

I like the fact that they allow for a water bottle holder on the side plus the ball sleeve that is very handy to have. It also has compartments to store your wallet, phone, and any other personal items you wish to carry in an all-in-one-solution for the court. If you are on a limited budget this sling bag worth a closer look while researching.

Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

If you like duffle bags, this is a great option to consider as it will help you keep your gear organized without breaking the bank. This duffel bag is large enough to hold a few paddles and balls, but keep in mind that it doesn’t feature a solid bottom, something you can easily add if you prefer, with some DIY hacks. It will hold towels, water bottles, and your personal belongings without a problem, and also has a dedicated security pouch on the inside if you want easy access to your keys, wallet, or mobile.

It is spacious and for its price, this is a bargain, but be aware that it offers fewer features for organizing your gear than the rest of the bags. You simply have to place all your gear inside, with very little room for customization. Overall, this feels durable but don’t expect it to last for many years to come. Its low price makes this a great option if you don’t mind changing bags in the future, so it’s a great product to try but not really an investment in the long run. Make sure you check this one out, especially if you like its design and you are looking for a cheap and reliable option to get you through the season.

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack

The backpack from Onix is a well-designed option that will help you carry your gear to the court and allows for easy packing. The backpack features five zippered storage areas on the outside, something many will appreciate as you have easy access to them while on the go without having to dig into the backpack. The breathable mesh panels on the front and back are quite handy and will keep you cool while carrying the backpack.

It has plenty of space to pack your paddles, pickleball, and also room for water bottles and towels. While it’s not the larger bag on this list, I think that its compact size is something you will appreciate as it keeps its weight low and is easy to carry taking up so little space when placed upright. Overall, at this price range, I would consider this a great bag that ticks all the boxes when it comes to pickleball backpacks. If you like its design and fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in one.

Things to consider when looking for the best pickleball bag:

What is the benefit of a pickleball bag?

This bag will make it easier for players to carry their gear around and helps them in being organized, these bags consist of multiple compartments that make it convenient for players.

The different types of pickleball bags

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and functions. It has four main types, these are pickleball tote bags, sling bags, backpacks, and duffel bags.

Tote bags – These are small and light and modestly priced. They come in various colors and are favored among female players. It has a main compartment to hold paddles and balls and has pockets on its exterior.

Sling bags – These are light and portable. It has no separate compartments on the inside but has separate pockets on the outside.

Backpacks – These are easier to carry and are more organized. It has several compartments inside the bags and zipped pockets on its exterior.

Duffel bags – These bags are the most used since it has many compartments and has a larger storage capacity.

Now that we have established the benefit and the different types of pickleball bags, let’s discuss what are the factors to take into consideration when buying the product.

Factors to consider when buying a pickleball bag:

Type of bag – As mentioned above, there are 4 main types of pickleball bags, decide how much storage space you need and choose the type of bag to your liking.

Its interior space capacity – Perhaps the most important factor to consider, especially if you’re an avid player and consistently bring several paddles and balls to each game or training events.

Multiple compartments – Besides the storage capacity, multiple compartments are vital in pickleball bags since players are bound to carry plenty of gear. It also helps players in being more organized with their things.

Insulated pocket – This feature is ideal for storing snacks to keep players energized. Mesh pockets outside the bags are also ideal since it serves as storage for water bottles.

The material of the bag – Often overlooked, this factor is important to consider ensuring the bag’s durability. Polyester and nylon are common materials used for pickleball bags.

Nylon – More expensive, but more durable.

Polyester – Modestly priced, durable, impervious to weather conditions, and has lighter weight.

The bag’s carrying strap(s) – Since the bags will be used and carried often, the straps should also be considered. Extra padding on straps is always a good sign of a quality bag.

The bag’s stitching – Stitching also indicates how durable the bag is, it’s ideal to look for double-stitched bags since they are more durable and can handle a heavier load.


Finding a bag that’s tailored to your needs is easy if you know what factors to look out for. If it provides ample space and is comfortable to wear, that bag may be the perfect match for you.

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