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Sleep is essential for our health. However, to get that good sleep, you need the right pillow. A good pillow does make not only your sleeping comfortable but also checks on your body alignment to maintain a balance of your body structures. A suitable type of pillow should maintain a healthy body balance by keeping the neck and shoulder positions perfectly aligned to prevent neck and backaches. I would like to highlight some alternatives you need to consider when researching for your next pillow, but don’t forget to check out buyer’s guide for more information. So let’s dive in:

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What to consider when looking for a pillow for a side sleeper?

A large percentage of people sleep on their side, and this is one of the best ways to ensure you have quality sleep. Sleeping on your side has a lot of advantages such as reducing snoring, chronic pains, and low back pains. Buying the best pillow can be a hard task. There are many manufacturers that produce similar pillows and have invested heavily in the advertisement, which makes it pretty hard for you to decide the best product. That should, however, not be a problem. We are going to take you through the vital factors you should consider when buying pillows for side sleepers.

Factors to consider before buying pillows for side sleepers

Knee support

Knee support is a vital factor to consider when sleeping, especially if you are a side sleeper. The knee support has a direct connection with the spine, and thus, having good knee support will eliminate the causes of chronic pains and low back pains. Full- body pillows are best for offering knee support because they run all through and provide extended support up to the stomach. 

The material used to make the pillow

Materials used to make pillows always dictate who should use the pillow and how it should be best used for maximum advantage. Pillow stuffing materials differ a lot with use, and you should, therefore, be keen when buying.

Soft pillows are excellent for comfortability and should, therefore, be bought when the primary need is comfort. Some of the other materials are best suited for support. Deciding which one to take is entirely dependent.

There are different types of pillows for side sleepers. These are created to suit individual preferences and provide a diverse range to choose from. The types include;

Buckwheat. It is a type of pillow for side sleepers. The pillow is filled with buckwheat, which is malleable and will conform to your body shape. The buckwheat material is quite popular and has helped a lot of people deal with various back and chronic pains.

The hulls are breathable and do not collapse under your head. This ensures a perfectly comfortable sleep. The breathability serves to keep the pillow cool to prevent night sweats.

Latex. They have a perfectly enhanced cooling ability that will guarantee you a comfortable night’s sleep. If you experience heat retention problems with your pillows, then this is what you should get.

Latex foams are also more responsive and lack similar contouring as memory foam. They are excellent for people who move a lot when sleeping.

Memory foam. Memory foam pillows come in two distinct types. Shredded foam-the primary materials used to feel up this type of pillow are small shreds of foam. The shred foams are then arranged nicely to fill up the pillow. The pillow offers unique contouring and support. Unfortunately, it retains a lot of heat. Molded foam- provides better contouring than the shredded foam. It, however, retains much more heat. Molded foam is filled with a single piece of foam.

Cotton. The cotton pillow is filled with cotton. It offers the least support as cotton tends to fall under the weight of the head; it does not maintain the proper shape.

Medical conditions

As mentioned above, pillows have a significant effect on the spine and the general body alignment. Therefore, when buying pillows for side sleepers, you should consider your medical condition or that of the person you’re buying for.

Types of pillows for side sleepers

There are different types of pillows that serve to correct different medical conditions and improve the health of the user. They include;

Oxygen promoting pillows – if you want to promote the oxygen intake in your body, you’ll definitely find this vital for you. Oxygen enhancing pillows can boost your body oxygen content by about 29%, which is a very significant improvement.

Anti-snore pillows– do you want to eliminate the discomfort that comes with snoring people around you at night? Then this is the perfect pillow you should get them. These pillows have a relieving effect on the neck that helps do away with the snoring.

Cervical pillows – for a perfect and enhanced cushioning of your lower body, you will need this type of pillow. They are available in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and materials used to make them.

Cool pillows – perfect for people who experience night sweats. Suitable for women who have reached menopause stage and experience sweaty nights more often.

Water based pillows – these are customized to offer a specific level of density, support, and comfort, these types of pillows are recommended mainly by therapists because of their customized support level.

Who will be using the side sleepers’ pillow?

Different people have different sleeping preferences. You should, therefore, consider this when deciding which side sleepers’ pillow to buy.

Side pillows are suitable for people with medical conditions like pregnant women. They certainly prefer sleeping on their side. Hence a full body side sleepers’ pillow is the best alternative. Full-body pillows offer the best support; unfortunately, not every other person would prefer this type.

For those people who don’t often move when sleeping, regular memory pillows for side sleepers will suit them best. Latex pillows will favor those people that prefer Porsche, fun, and sensational night sleep.

In conclusion, deciding which pillow you should buy for a side sleeper can be a challenging task. We have narrowed down and explained the key aspects you need to consider before deciding what to buy. We hope it will enable you to get the best pillows for side sleepers.

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