Best portable oxygen concentrators


Over the years the oxygen therapy landscape has been changing as technology advances. The portable oxygen concentrators are devices that help patients by providing them with higher levels of oxygen compared to the ambient air, so it’s essentially a home oxygen concentrator but is a small, portable size.

Even though this technology is quite new, we can already see huge leaps in technology that now enables patients with chronic lung diseases to enjoy a better quality of life and stay active. Such devices work on the same principals as the stationary oxygen concentrators, but having a smaller device that is battery operated can be liberating.

Today we will discuss the main brands that manufacture portable models, share the top ten lists of the best portable oxygen concentrators on online marketplaces and through our buyers guide and recommendations we will help you do some research in order to pick a new device for your needs.

Most patients don’t know the alternatives that are available so if you need to move from a stationary unit to a portable one have a look at the following best sellers list. Those units are the most trusted ones, with thousands of satisfied buyers that once were in a search like you.

You can’t go wrong with any of these but feel free to read their reviews as buyers can provide a wealth of information for your research. If you have to time have a look at the section that follows where we will highlight our recommendations but also include a buyers guide for you to conclude everything you need in order to make an educated purchase.

Top rated brands


The Respironics products are known for their excellent battery life and have received excellent reviews from buyers but as you can imagine quality comes at a price. Their products are aimed at high budgets but we can assure you that they worth every penny. If you think that when it comes to your health, money is not an object, then we encourage you to have a look at SimplyGo and Simply Go Mini.

HouseHold Server

HouseHolde Server offers a variety of products that can cover your needs. Their oxygen concentrators come in a portable form factor that is battery operated, but they also include products that can be powered from a car battery or even a larger 3L model. Their car battery-powered model is a good option if you want to use a trolley too.


To be honest, Yuwell models offer a great design that can easily suit your lifestyle thanks to their modern look. Their entry model is YU300 while their larger capacity model is YU500. For those looking for a portable and quiet oxygen concentrator can have a look at their flagship model. 


Denshine offers an oxygen concentrator that can continuously work 24 hours but also a larger 6L model that runs on 110V. Both models have excellent reviews, although if you look for the smallest portable oxygen concentrator you may have to look for another brand.


One of the smallest concentrators in the market is the entry-level model of Vinmax. This model includes a bacteria filter and intelligent controls making this concentrator an attractive choice for a great price. If you look for a 6L intelligent concentrator Vinmax has you covered with their larger model also at a very attractive price. 


One of the cheapest oxygen concentrators of the market is the Vogvigo one. But don’t that fool you as it packs all the features you will find at various higher priced models. If the budget is limited then look no further as this one is also one of the quietest models you can buy.


The Zorvo 1L portable concentrator is one of the smallest you can find on the market. Its price is easy to justify and its small size make this one ideal for those that want extra portability.  On the other hand, Zorvo also makes models of larger capacity up to 6L ones yet they are still easy to carry due to their small size. 


We had to include Bainuo model into the list as their 1L machine is the absolute cheapest we could find. As you can imagine the cheapest model of the market is in high demand so don’t be discouraged if it’s out of stock. It’s an excellent choice for those on a budget but who has to hurry when you see them back in stock. 

What to consider when research for the best portable Oxygen Concentrators?

Price Range:

Portable Oxygen concentrators are generally not cheap so it’s better to pick wisely and order a model that suits your need right from the beginning. Set your budget from the start but keep in mind that it may be a better solution if you buy a used unit in case your budget is really limited.

Oxygen Generating Capacity:

It is vital to pick a model that suits your medical needs. In most cases the flow is described as liters per minute (lpm) but since the latest technology offers also pulse mode you may see that in the description of the machines. This setting means that the oxygen is delivered each time the patient takes a breath and can be adjusted to your needs.

FAA Approved Oxygen Concentrators:

It is of high importance to get an FFA approved unit if you are planning to travel via airplane. Generally speaking, FFA approved units are the safest and most reliable units anyway for you may opt for one from the beginning.


You can find models that weight a lot more than the others. Be careful with your choice as larger and heavier models are generally aimed to be used for 24 hours while smaller ones are ideal for daytime use.

Battery Life:

Most models can be powered by your wallet outlet but there are also a lot of models that can be powered by your car battery or batteries. If you decide on a battery powered unit keep in mind that there are batteries that can last only a few hours at max. It is advisable to pick a model with higher capacity batteries so as to be future proof. If your device is used a lot while traveling you should better opt for a larger battery anyway, but also buy spare batteries if you can.


Most of the models come with particle filters that are removing dust particles from your oxygen supply. However, if the patient has a weak immune system it may be better to look for models that also feature antibacterial filters.

Noise Levels:

Although most portable units are very quiet it is advisable to check the decibels levels of the products you are interested in, especially if you want to use the unit in a noise sensitive area.


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