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Purchasing portable soccer goals can be a very useful option for various practitioners of the sport, for your backyard sessions or for your club, and can also be tailored for various needs. Different types of goals will help you enhance different abilities. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best portable soccer goals. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended portable soccer goals:

GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal – Two Portable Soccer Nets 

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Are you looking for a soccer goal option that you can take with you anywhere? If you don’t know where to start your research, this option from Golme Pro is a great candidate to consider, plus it comes at a very attractive price. The set comes with a great bag that allows you to carry the soccer nets anywhere you want, and with a simple twist you can easily set them up in no time.

You can find the soccer goals in various sizes to choose from, so you can easily match the right size to your kids skill and age. Overall, this is a great option for anyone and can provide countless hours of fun. Ideal for any backyard, park or beach, with the help of the carrying bag you can take them anywhere. Definitely worth having a closer look while researching, especially if you are interested in a value for money option.

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

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Another great option when it comes to portable soccer goal, this time from Franklin Sports. This is a great soccer goal that comes with a awesome carry bag so you can take it with you anywhere. This is a quite sturdy soccer goal that comes with four ground stakes that are made from galvanized steel. You can easily secure it for improved stability yet its very easy to disassemble for storage.

It is water resistant so you can use it outdoors with no worries, just pick the right size for your needs and you are good to go. You can find it in 12×6, 4×3, 6.6×3.3 and 9×5.6 variations and all at a reasonable price. Overall, this is a great portable soccer goal that would highly recommend for anyone looking to practice outdoors. Made from a well known manufacturer and comes with a long lasting warranty, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Things to consider when buying portable soccer goals:

Pop up training goal:

This is a great, affordable and sometimes even foldable option, if the intent is to simulate that match feeling. The curved design on these compact goals, makes for an upgraded experience in place for using two cones, because the ball won’t fly away when you score, and it feels so much more satisfying to see the ball roll against the net when you do (this feature is only applicable for the curved design, so I would only recommend the square ones for very young children). I would strongly recommend this goal if your focus is on building team work, as it will augment your understanding of the game, because it rewards playing your way through situations rather than shooting from distance. It could still be useful even if you’re playing alone, if your goal is to increase your passing and shooting accuracy.

Rebounder net:

The last point brings us to the rebounder. As the name implies, it is indeed a net which will bounce the ball back to you when you shoot at it. It could technically be used as a replacement for a goal, but the general purpose is to either practice volleys by passing the ball at the rebounder and then volley it towards another goal when the ball comes back to you, or practice your accuracy as well as power. There are very affordable yet low-quality ones, which can primarily be used to help your volley-game, but the larger albeit way more expensive, can be used for various purposes if you’re creative (just search how people are using it on Youtube). It’s the perfect option for solo play, but also useful for clubs to use.

Standard goal:

If you’re looking to invest your money into a goal suitable for a more professional feeling, practice your goalkeeping skills or simply want to experience that amazing feeling of striking the ball into the net, there are numerous factors to consider. The most critical one being that the posts needs to be made out of steel, if you’re looking for a heavily used long-term investment, but plastic ones will probably be enough for a small child or someone who won’t be using the goals very often.

Do you have enough weights or sandbags to keep the goal from blowing away? Be certain that the goal will meet your requirements, because anything you spend a lot of money on should be seen as an investment, so thoroughly review your options and make sure you’re making the right decision.

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