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If you feel pain on your neck, shoulders or back it may be from bad posture as it has a negative impact on the shape of your body. A posture brace can help you improve your posture and reinforce your muscles in order to get a straight posture. We’ve gathered the best posture braces you can find in the market in our top-ten list to help you in your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended posture braces:

Truweo Posture Corrector For Men And Women

This product from Truweo is among the most popular choices in the market today, and thanks to its attractive price, it is also a great budget-friendly option. It is low-profile and discreet so you can easily wear it at work or home, under your clothes and no one will notice. You can find it in three different sizes to choose from and it is made from breathable fabric that is lightweight and made of washable material. Overall a great option that can help you built muscle memory and correct your posture by wearing it a few minutes per day, so you should take a closer look at this one while researching.

Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector

This product from Flexguard Support is another budget-friendly option for anyone looking for an adjustable support brace. It can help you improve your posture and provide lumbar support for both men and women. It is made of durable material, yet it is comfortable to wear thanks to the cushioned straps. Overall a great option for anyone one looking to train their muscles and spine with the aid of shoulder and waistbands for greater support. You will find the posture corrector in four sizes to choose from, yet it is fully adjustable for gentle support. It will help your muscles and spine return to their natural alignment, if only it was a lower-profile one to easily hide under clothes for use while outdoors.

Andego Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men

Last but not least, the product from Andego is among the sleeker designs you will find when it comes to posture braces. It features detachable armpit pads and it is adjustable so you can fit it around your chest. This is a unisex posture brace that can fit chest ranging from 28″ to 48″, and ideal for anyone that plans to wear it every day, under their clothes thanks to its low-profile design. Overall a great product for its price that can easily be hidden under clothes and remain unnoticed, making it ideal for use at home or work every day. I would suggest you get a closer look at this one since this is an option that you would be comfortable to wear for the most part of the day and eventually be a better investment compared to posture bracers you would most likely hide in the closet.

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What to consider when buying a posture brace?

The design on posture brace support help you improve your posture in the long run, but if they feel uncomfortable to wear or even worst hurt you they are not going to be effective. Since everybody is different you need to get a posture brace which feels comfortable to you for your body shape. Some braces are unisex while other braces may be designed for larger bodies, so make sure you pick one that it is designed for your body type. These posture braces are designed so as to help you stand straight up and strength your muscles so that it eventually results in no hunching, slouching or rolling your shoulders forward.

Most of the posture braces are hypoallergic but make sure you check their manual before using them. They are designed so as to reduce movement in order to strengthen your core and prevent you from slouching but still need to be made from a material that you are comfortable wearing since you need to wear them for long periods of time. Posture correctors are aimed both for men and women and are adjustable to your chest circumference.

Most common braces are made of latex but keep in mind that latex as a material is not breathable. If you need to wear it a longer period of time it is advisable to pick a bracer made of breathable material. Moreover, you have to look for a posture brace that is of low profile so as to wear it under your shirt or sweater during the day. A discreet design will let you wear it a lot easier when going out. There are posture corrector bras that are specially designed with women in mind so that they feel comfortable to wear and their low profile makes then ideal if you want to wear them at work.

There are correctors that focus only on the lower back, but a posture corrector like the ones mentioned in this article are designed to work on your upper back and neck. A posture improving brace will help people with rounded shoulders and you will clearly see the benefits after some period of time compared to your previous posture.

Correctors for Kids and Teenagers

Keep in mind that kids will more likely need smaller braces, as some of these models might not be able to adjust in a kid’s chest circumference. It is advisable to read the instructions before purchasing a corrector for kids. As far as teenagers are concerned, most correction vests can be easily adjusted to their preference, yet no need to pick a product that is slim enough to be worn under clothes and allow them to move freely. Try to pick a correction harness that feels comfortable even in your sleep, as you want to wear it as often as possible.

Choose a posture brace that it’s easy to wear and also easy to remove on your own. It takes a little practice but a vest design may be a good purchase although it may feel awkward at first. Keep in mind that the main problem for bad posture is weakened muscles so you can benefit from the braces if you are able to use them as often as possible in order to get a stronger core for your body. It is also vital to incorporate posture correcting exercises in your daily routines to strengthen your muscles.

Alternatives – Magnetic Trainers and Pillows

Although the products highlighted in the articles have some excellent reviews, if you are not quite sure about getting a brace yet you can try some alternatives in order to improve your posture. For example, if you don’t like the idea of wearing a harness all day long you can opt for a posture pillow for your office chair which will help you recover for lower back pain.

Another alternative to brace is to try a wearable, magnetic posture trainer. These electronic gadgets have a sensor that attaches to your lower or upper back. They can be controlled by your IOS or Android device and vibrate when the sensor detects that you are in an uncomfortable position. It is your personal posture trainer that will help you get better posture with daily training.

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