Top 10 – best pressure mounted baby gates


As parents, it is not always possible for us to always keep an eye on our little ones. Their curious minds will eventually lead them into exploring and wandering outside of our radar. Therefore, parents opt for installing baby gates.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research, but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended pressure mounted baby gates:

Regalo Easy Step 38.5-Inch Walk Thru Baby Gate

If you are looking to child proof your home, this option from Regalo is a great one to consider without breaking the bank. The baby gate is adjustable so that is can work on opening between 29-34 inches, and 35-38.5 inches. Thanks to its pressure mount design you can easily set it up on any doorway and stairs that fit its dimensions.

These gates are made of steel which ensures their durability and come with everything you will need to install it. If you are looking for a baby gate that can be found at a reasonable price and like its design, this is a model that definitely worth having a closer look while researching.

Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

This product from Summer Infant is quite a popular choice since you can find it at four different sizes to accommodate for any doorway. You will find baby gates that are design for up to 52 inches stairs and doorway, making this a versatile option that can be found at a reasonable price. Moreover, the baby gates are available in five color variations so you will easily pick one that matches your room decoration.

I like the fact that this is a 36″ tall baby gate since plenty of models are quite shorter. This is a high quality baby gate and not only it is safe and secure but it also features an auto-close mechanism that is very handy. It is very easy to install and comes with everything you need in this set but you still need tools to mount it. Overall, this is an elegant solution that I would highly recommend. Their model with the bronze finish looks awesome.

Safety 1st Metal Baby Gate with Pressure Mount Fastening

This product from Safety 1st is another popular pressure mounted gate that is ideal for your doorway or bottom of the staircase. Despite their relatively low price, this baby gate features a 2 in 1 design that allows you to choose between pressure-mounted and hardware mounted mode. It is very easy to install especially if you go for the pressure mount mode and works as intended with minimal effort.

The gate can easily be adjusted by sliding left or right so that it can fit your door frame. Its mechanism locks the door in place when needed thanks to the handle lock mechanism that you baby won’t be able to operate until it grown older. Overall if you need a pressure mounted option this is among the best options at this price range. You can easily adapt it to any door frame so you can easily move it to different rooms when needed. Definitely worth checking this one out, especially if you are on a limited budget.

Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate

This product from Munchkin is designed to fit doors and stairs with 29.5-51.5″ width. It is a well built option that won’t break the bank, plus you are able to add extensions if you need to cover a wider space. This is an ideal option for staircases and wide opening as you can easily pick the width of the baby gates. The baby gate is very easy to install and features double locking system that will keep your baby safe. I like that this baby gate is taller than most models on the market, making this a versatile option to consider if you need to keep a part of your house separated.

This pressure mounted baby gate locks quite easily, you just have to push it an it locks automatically. Moreover, you can add locks for safety if you want to buy them separately. If you are looking for a budget friendly option that will allow you to limit access to a room, this option is a great value for money option to consider. Overall, it’s very easy to install and use, and thanks to the separately sold extensions you can customize it to fit any doorway and staircase. Definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind.

ALLAIBB Walk Through Baby Gate

This product from Allaibb is a great budget friendly way to ensure that you prevent access to specific areas in your home. It can be found on various sizes to choose from, making this ideal for narrow doors, living rooms, staircases, or any doorway in your house. The baby gate features a dual locking mechanism that will prevent kids to open it, while its quite easy for an adult to open it even single handed. It is very easy to install, and you won’t have to drill your walls are it will be pressure mounted wherever you wish.

The product feels sturdy and durable, and features auto-closing design which can be handy. This is a great solution that since it is lightweight you can also change its placement in the house when needed, without the need to buy more baby gates. For its price, this is a well built product that works as intended, so any budget conscious buyers should consider having a closer look at this model before they make up their mind.

Toddleroo by North States 38.1″ Wide Essential Walk Thru Gate

The Toddleroo by North State wide essential walk-thru gate is ideal for securing hallways or doorways. The essential walk-thru gate is built from long-lasting, kid-tough metal. It has vertical bars that make it difficult to climb, keeping children safe. This baby gate is very easy to install. It pressure mounts easily using tension knobs to secure the gate in place. This helps it stay safe and secure without any lasting wall damage. The nice, white finish makes the gate fit in with any home decor. It will not be an eyesore regardless of the room.

The gate features an easy-grip handle that opens effortlessly with one hand. Conveniently, the gate can swing in either direction. If desired, there is a handy stopper that can keep the gate swinging in only one direction. The Toddleroo by North State wide essential walk-thru gate is a great choice to keep babies, children, and even pets safe.

Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

The Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a great choice for most openings. It can be used between doorways and stairways. It is easy to install this baby gate using the no drill doorway mount for in-between doorways. It can also be mounted at the top of the stairs using a few screws and a drill. This makes it extra secure to help ensure safety.

The gate can be opened with just one hand. For added convenience, this gate has an auto-close feature that gently closes the door. This gate has a bronze finish for a modern yet classic look. This gate provides peace of mind, safely securing your babies, children, or pets. The Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is a smart choice for a stylish, convenient and safe baby gate.

BABELIO 26-40 Inch Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate

The BABELIO 26-40 Inch Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate is perfect for many different areas. It can be used in multiple areas such as a narrow bathroom door or a wide doorway and staircase. It is ideal for use with toddlers and small pets. This gate has a pressure mount design that is quick to set up. No additional tools and required for installation and it will not damage the wall.

For added hands-free convenience and safety, the gate has an auto-close feature. It will gently close behind the person walking through. It also has a hold-open feature that allows the gate to remain open when needed. This gate only swings one direction to avoid the danger of swinging over stairs. The BABELIO 26-40 Inch Extra Wide Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate is a safe, versatile choice for toddlers and pets.

Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate

The Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate is a nice choice for a baby gate. The gate features a durable bamboo frame and recycled plastic panels. This makes this gate eco-friendly because it is made out of recycled materials and renewable resources. The gate also includes non-marring bumpers to protect the woodwork and other doorways. The gate will not leave any lasting marks.

This pressure-mounted gate requires no hardware or tools to install and sets up easily in doorways. This gate can help create a safe area for babies and pets. It can be used in hallways, doorways, and at the bottom of the stairs. With the see-through mesh design, the gate will not block the view of the house. It also allows airflow, unlike a solid barrier. The Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Next Bamboo Gate is an eco-friendly, reliable gate.

Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift, Lock and Swing Gate

The Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift, Lock and Swing Gate is a versatile gate for every home. The gate can be mounted with hardware or a pressure mount. With the pressure mount, it can be used in doorways, hallways, and the bottom of stairs. The hardware mount can be used for areas that need more security like the top of the stairs.

The gate can be set to swing open both ways or only one way. It also features one hand, top release handle. It is a complete-control top handle that lets you lock, release, and adjust as needed. The SecureTech indicator confirms that everything is locked into the proper position. The Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift, Lock and Swing Gate is suitable for nearly every walkway in the home to keep children and pets safe.

Things to consider when buying pressure mounted baby gates:

Why Should You Purchase Pressured Mounted Baby Gates?

There are different types of baby safety gates, from hardware-mounted to pressured mounted baby gates, but why is the latter extremely popular amongst parents? It is because this type of gate is portable and easy to install, made convenient for all parents.

But before buying the gate, what are the considerations parents should make?

┬ĚThe size of the gap you want to block or cover – Different homes, different sizes, make sure to measure the areas or gaps you want to install a baby gate in. 

┬ĚThe height and size of your little one – An important factor to consider, since if your child is bigger than the gate, it will be rendered ineffective. Because they can easily climb over it. It is ideal to ensure that your little is no more than ⅔ of the gate’s height.

After ensuring the needed measurements are taken, it is also important to know what features of the gate should have. Read on to find out more.

The Features To Look For

1.Its unlocking mechanism – Make sure that the gate has a one-hand unlocking mechanism so adults can easily unlock the gate.

2.The gate’s height – To make sure your child will not easily climb over the gate; it is recommended to buy a gate that’s 3/4 of your child’s height.

3.Installation – Pressured mounted baby gates are held in an opening (usually by pressure against door frames). Saving the parent’s, the hassle of doing labor and saving them time.

4.Portability – If you are looking for a gate that can be easily brought and installed anywhere, hard-ware mounted gates are not recommended.

5.If the gate is easily accessible – Determine if the gates can be easily swung open, because this can prove to be a problem both to the parents and child, if you need to move a gate many times during the day, it might be better to remove it completely.

6.The gate’s overall size – Most baby gates can block an average-sized doorway if you are looking for a gate that can cover a larger area, a gate with interlocking sections is recommended.

7.Slat spacing – The vertical slats of the gate should not exceed 3 inches apart, because a child’s head may get trapped in between vertical slats with larger gaps.

Where Should You Place A Pressure Mounted Baby Gate?

It is recommended that this type of gates should be installed between rooms and flat areas such as the kitchen entrance. This gate is not ideal for using on top of a stairway. Because it may fall over when not properly installed and not fitted well into the wall and it may leave marks on the wall.


Pressured mounted baby gates are the ideal gate for those parents who are constantly on the go, we hope this guide answered some of your questions regarding the product.