Top 10 – Best Probiotics For Women


Probiotics products are quite popular since they aim to balance good and bad bacteria in our digestive system. Aiming for a healthier life, these can be a great option for anyone that can not find probiotics for food sources and need to research for supplements. I will like to highlight things you need to consider when looking for your next purchase, along with our list of the best products for women that can be found on the market. So let’s see some alternatives:

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Our recommended probiotics for women:

Physician’s CHOICE – Acidophilus Probiotic

This formula from Physician’s Choice is quite a popular option and comes at a very attractive price. It is 3rd party tested containing 60 billion CFU. The package lists 10 strains and comes as 30 capsules. You don’t to keep it in the refrigeration since the protective bottle can keep microorganisms alive. Apart from the 10 strains listed, it contains organic jerusalem artichoke root and chicoky root powder blend. Overall a great product at a great price, so if you want too support your digestive system this is a recommended product to try and see if it fits your needs.

Garden of Life

This product from Garden of Life is another popular choice that many prefer in the form of 30 capsules. It is a dairy free, gluten free and soy free product that is also suitable for vegetarians. The package contains 50 billions CFU and lists 16 probiotics with Lactobaccilus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria among them. The Dr. Formulated probiotics may be a little pricier than it competitors but definitely worth a closer look to see if it is the right choice for you.

Physician’s CHOICE – D-Mannose & Cranberry

Another great product from Physician’s Choice, its formula is ideal for women and comes at a relatively low price. The package lists 7 probiotic strains and organic probiotic blend that aims to support your digestive system. Among the list you can see it contains D-Mannose and cranberry extract for antioxidants and to support urinary tract health. It comes in a protective packaging that keeps moisture light and oxygen out so that it won’t need to be refrigerated. This products worth a closer look if you are looking for the probiotics for women in capsule form.

MaryRuth Organics

The product from Mary Ruth Organics is a great alternative for women at a relatively low price. Its formula also contains nutrient complex than can help with skin hair and nail health as it boosts collagen production. The package lists 63 billion CFU and it is also suitable for vegans. The bottle contains 60 capsules for 2 daily servings, which might be cumbersome since most alternatives on the market focus on one serving. It is sugar-free, dairy free gluten free, soya free and nut free. If you are looking for an all-around option this is one to consider since it contains both probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants at an attractive price.

MAV Nutrition

MAV nutrution came up with a formula that can minimize gas and bloating. It is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that help balance good and bad bacteria for a healthy digestion. The bottle comes with 60 capsules for 2 servings per day and lists 20 billions live cells of lcatobacillus acidophilus and bidifobacterium lactis among others, 7 strains in total. This is a great option to consider especially if you are on a low budget since it can be found for a low price online.

Viva Naturals

This product is created with women in mind, listing 20 strains on its package that that promote female digestive system and vaginal health. It contains 50 billion CFU and strains like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, for great gut support. It also contains cranberry extract which can be good for your urinary tract health. The product doesn’t need refrigeration since it can keep bacteria alive thanks to its patented bottle. Viva natural come up with a high quality product that it is also GMP certified and third party tested, so you should consider having a closer look at this one while researching.

Nutrition Essentials

Nutrition essentials has this product which is the most budget friendly option in our list. This is a gluten free, 100% natural formula that is third party tested for quality. It doesn’t require refrigeration and comes with 30 billion CFU. The bottle contains 60 capsules for 2 servings per day for supporting your digestive system. If you are after a 100% organic, with no chemical and preservatives, this is a great budget option you should consider while researching, especially if you can find it at a low price.


I wanted to include this option in our list as it is quite a popular product from a trusted brand. You can find it at relatively low price online which makes it a viable budget friendly option too. The product is dairy and gluten free, while it needs no refrigeration. It comes in the form of capsules and it is third party tested and certified. The package lists 40 billion CFU and 4 strains that can help you support a healthier digestive system and immune health. Overall a great alternative from a trusted brand, often found at discounted price especially when ordered in bulk. If you found this product suits your needs, it is among the most budget friendly options when it comes to probiotics on the market.


The women’s probiotics formula from Omnirecipes is quite a promising alternative on the market. The package lists 50 billions CFU and 16 strains, all supporting a healthier digestive system. The formula is GMP certified, 100% natural and vegan friendly. This product doesn’t contain diary, gluten or soya. Usually found at a relatively low price, so it is a worthy candidate that you can consider while researching for the right probiotics formula for you. It comes as 30 capsules for 2 servings and also contains cranberry extract.

1MD BiomeMD

Last but not least, the BiomeMD from 1MD. This is a product that lists 16 strains and 62 billions CFU specifically design with female digestive system in mind. The formula contains both prebiotics and probiotics which aim to support immune system, vaginal and urinary health. It is a shellfish-free, soy-free and gluten free product that comes in capsule form. The bottle contains 30 capsules for 1 serving per pay for adults. Keep in mind this product contains lactose, which rules this out for people with allergies to milk and diary products.

What to consider when looking for probiotics supplements?

When choosing probiotics it involves some trial and error. It can take some time until you find a product that works for you. You are advised to opt for a different product to try until you notice its benefits on your health. You should ask your physician to recommend products suitable for you. 

There are plenty of probiotic supplements on the market, but you should also sources of probiotics in your diet. Wheat, garlic, asparagus, onions among others great dietary sources which can support your own beneficial bacteria. Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and miso are ideal for anyone who doesn’t prefer probiotic supplements. 

When choosing a probiotic supplement make sure it contains alive and active bacterial cultures and colony forming units of the most researched probiotics. They will boost your immunity and help you balance good bacteria along with the bad. Probiotics are good bacteria similar to those found in your body, so these supplements will help you when you need a proper balance view to immune dysfunction or infections.

Probiotics can help prevent and treat conditions like mastitis or urinary tract infections, while lactobacillus is great preventing and treating bacterial vaginosis. Moreover, it will improve absorption of calcium magnesium and iron in your body. 

You can find them in many forms, drinks, pills or powders. Pills might be the most popular and convenient form, but make sure you check with your doctor which is better for your digestive system. In some cases oral supplements might not be beneficial. If you are pregnant or face serious health conditions, you should consult your doctor before adding probiotic supplements in your diet. The same applies to anyone with food allergies.

Make sure to avoid products from unknown brands. Products from reputable brands will have been tested and evaluated through third party organizations before it hits the shelves. The number of live organisms and the exact strains should always be listed on the package. When it comes down to colony forming units, you should be looking for products that contain billions of them.