Top 10 – best punching bags for kids


Punching bags for kids comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and preferences. It can also be a costly purchase if you opt for quality and durability. However, it can become a daunting task shopping for one that will serve your kids well.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research, but first, let’s have a look at the best punching bags for kids on the market.

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Our recommended punching bags for kids:

Big Time Toys Standing Inflatable Punching Bag for Kids

If you are looking for a punching bag that won’t break the bank, this option from Big Time Toys is a great candidate to consider. This is an inflatable punching bag that is ideal for active kids and can provide countless hours of fun. It is around 4 feet tall and made from heavy duty material than needs to be air-inflated.

It features a base that you have to fill with some weight, either water, sand, rice, or whichever material you prefer. This will allow you to control and adjust the speed of its bounce, so you might need some testing in order to come up with the one that suits you.

This is a great punching bag that can help your kids release their energy and relieve stress, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. If you are looking for a great physical activity prop this is a great option at a great price. Definitely worth having a closer look while researching.

ToyVelt Punching Bag For Kids Boxing Set

This option from ToyVelt is a great option for kids that love boxing. It is a great way to keep kids healthy and active with an inflatable punching bag that takes up minimal space. This model features a sturdy freestanding base with an inflatable punching bag on top. Thanks to its spring mechanism your kid can practice as with every punch the bag will bounce back.

The set also comes with boxing gloves which is very handy. You can adjust the base to your preferred height, between 30 and 43″, so that you kids will feel comfortable and confident to hit. A great solution that won’t break the bank, ideal for both indoor and outdoor, definitely worth considering. If you like this design with the freestanding base, this product is your best bet at this price range.

Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set

I wanted to include this option from Ringside on the list for parents looking for a punching bag they can easily hang. This product comes with a pair of gloves that and a slip-on gear, making this a great set for any boxing enthusiasts.

This is a great bundle at a great price that is ideal for kids around 2-5 years old that want to make their first steps into boxing, or just want a punching bag to exercise. After all this is a great way to release their energy. You can find the set in three different colors to choose from and comes at a reasonable price that makes it a budget friendly option.

RDX Kids Punch Bag Unfilled Set

The kid’s punch bag from RDX is a great option that any kid into kick boxing and Muay Thai would love. Thanks to its size this is ideal for junior that want to get into such sports and thanks to its attractive pricing you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. It features an unfilled punching bag that you can fill with shredded textile material and you are good to go.

The punching bag has steel chains on top that will allow you to attach it securely, and you can find it in two colors to choose from. It comes with two gloves too so your kid will have everything at hand to start practicing right away. Overall, it seems like a durable option that is hand-stitched and combined with the gloves you can expect great durability for this price. Definitely worth considering if you like its design and looking for a complete set for your little one.

Inflatable Kids Punching Bag – Free Standing Ninja

I wanted to include this punching bag in the list as a perfect birthday present or Christmas gift that any kid would love. This is a great option at a great price, that will allow your little one to practice their punching a release energy without breaking the bank. If you have limited space this is ideal as it has small footprint and you just need to fill it for extra stability.

You can use water or sand for the base, both option are vital but I would probably go for sand. The top part is easy to inflate so you can start with minimal effort right away. I like that the punching bag feels soft and won’t hurt your kid’s hands, plus the base help bounce back after hit. Overall such a punching bag makes practicing a breeze, so if you are looking for a great preset, this one gets my vote, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Whoobli Punching Bag for Kids

This is an excellent punching bag for kids around 3-8 years old, and its reasonable price makes this a great option for budget-conscious parents. It even comes with a pump, so you set it up right away in seconds. The set features a pair of gloves, and a round base with a carry handle. You can add sand or water on the base in order to improve stability, making this a great solution that can be a great addition to any game room.

The base can be adjusted in order to accommodate for different user’s height, ranging from 34 up to 44 inches. This makes it a versatile choice since you can use the punching bag for training kids with different height, or adjust it as your kid grows taller. I would consider this a great option to help release stress and improve hand-eye coordination with such a small investment. Overall, this product it well made and comes with everything you need to get started right away. Definitely worth having a closer look at this option while researching for a punching bag for kids.

Tech Tools Punching Bag for Kids

This punching bag from Tech Tools is a great way for kids to stay active and release their energy. Despite its low price, this is an excellent set to consider at it comes with a premium quality base so you can set up your freestanding punching bag anywhere you wish. It is very straightforward to setup and it it’s a great way to train eye-hand coordination and exercise at the comfort of your home.

The height stand is adjustable, from 31 to 42 inches, so it can accommodate kids around 4 to 12 years old. This is quite a handy feature that will allow you to adjust the freestanding punching bag to your desired height and invest in an option you can still use as your kid grows. The bag is string mounted so it will bounce back every time you hit, allowing for a great workout with minimal investment. Overall, this is a well built option with a heavy duty base. It’s easy to setup and use, and its reasonable price makes it ideal for parents with a limited budget.

Rovtop Kids Punching Bag for Kids 

If you are looking for a punching bag for older kids, this option from Rovtop is a great candidate to consider including in your research. This is a well made option that features durable stitching line and high quality pvc, better built than most options at this price range. It comes with a base that adds a lot to its stability as it comes four runner suctions cups on the bottom that prevent sliding on the floor. The package includes everything you need to get started, featuring a pump and a pair of gloves too.

This freestanding option can be adjusted in height so as to accommodate different users, and ranges from 41 inches up to 53. This makes it ideal for older kids, and probably your best bet for kids around 10-12 years old. I would consider this a great value for money option that can be used for many years to come as your kid grows. It’s great for cardiovascular training, improve eye-hand coordination and help kids release their energy and stay fit. This is an excellent birthday gift that promotes healthy lifestyle and won’t break the bank. Definitely worth having a closer look before you commit on a specific punching bag.

C CRYSTAL LEMON Fitness Punching Bag for Kids

This option is an ideal investment for anyone looking for an inflatable alternative. This punching bag is made from PVC plastic that adds a lot point in durability. This is a great way to release energy and stay fit without breaking the bank. It helps build confidence and can be a lot of fun to train with both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily transport it if needed and set it up on your desired location in a matter of seconds.

This unit has a durable base that you can fill with sand or water. This is help you improve its stability and avoid sliding on the floor while hitting. Overall, this is an ideal option for travelling as its very easy to setup and takes minimal space. If you are looking for a freestanding option that will allow your kids to train anywhere, you can’t go wrong investing in this inflatable punching bag.

J&A’s Inflatable Dudes T-Rex Dinosaur 47 Inches

Last but not least, this inflatable option from J&A that can be found at a reasonable price online. J&A has plenty of inflatable products on the market, so it’s wise to check them out before you make up your mind. This specific model is themed around T-Rex dinosaur, but you can also choose from a wide variety of inflatable punching bags, all of them ideal for budget-conscious parents. It is straightforward to use, you just need to inflate the punching bag from the dedicated valves, and you do so by inflating this in two stages from two different valves.

It’s 47″ height makes it ideal for kids aroun 3-8 years old and the PVC material means it can withstand some beating and will serve you for quite some time. Moreover, its low price makes this a great investment that won’t break the bank. Overall, I think this is a great option to consider if you are on a limited budget, looking for a way to have fun and train in the comfort of your home. While it’s not the best punching bag on this list, I think that its price makes it a worthy investment that definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind. It’s a cheap way to release energy and and have fun instead on watching TV or play videogames.

Things to consider when buying a punching bag:

The main thing parents should keep in mind, is that a punching bag isn’t a subtle toy and so before your kids throw any punches and kicks, their health and safety should be a strong consideration on the parents part. Kicking and punching air is not the same as kicking and punching a physical object. With that said, here are a few things to check before making your purchase:

Health & Safety. It might sound counter-intuitive, but the wellbeing of your kids should be the order of the day before you gift your children with a punching bag. The injuries involved can have long-term implications on their bodies. Even though you won’t purchase a professional punching bag that’s big and heavy, it is advised to have your children put on wrist wraps and gloves as an extra layer of protection for their hands. And put on ankle pads to protect their feet. It’s also advised that parents should have their kids go through some training or if they can afford it, get a professional trainer to show your kids the correct way to punch and kick the bag. If that is not the case, they run the risk of breaking their wrists and ankles.

In addition to the safety precautions, parents should be present at all times since children can get overly excited very quickly and turn their attention to kicking and punching each other.

Size & Mass. If you consider buying a standing bag, make sure it has adjustable height levels to accommodate the different heights of your kids. The heavier the bag the more difficult it will be for your kids to punch and kick. To alleviate this, get one that’s about 70 lb, child friendly and that will move easily when punched and kicked as to keep the ease of use and fun factor intact.

Skill Level. Active kids that run around every day are better primed for showing off their kicking and punching skills on the punching bag. If your kids aren’t as active, it is advised that they warm up first before they resort to kicking and punching. A punching bag for kids is a great tool for a good cardio workout, but to avoid any sudden interruptions in the middle of their fun, make sure they are well prepared, to not only give the bag a workout but doing so without a sweat.

Quality & Durability. This is where the rubber hits the road. A durable punching bag will provide hours of fun without interruptions. If you buy right, you eliminate the need for untimely repairs and replacement. The buy once buy right strategy will let your children become more familiar with every inch of the punching bag which will aid them to become fitter and more disciplined individuals. Because they know the tool’s form and shape and how it absorbs their kicks and punches. The heavier the bag the better quality and durable it is. By knowing your children’s fitness levels, this decision should be easy.

Costs. The cost of a punching bag isn’t necessarily going to decide which one to buy for your children, but it will probably come down to what you as a parent want to accomplish by getting your kids one: Does your kid have aspirations of becoming a heavyweight champion someday? In that case, a more professional, heavy and expensive one will do. Does your child want to become an athlete who wants to compete in the Common Wealth Games someday? In that case, a more budget-friendly punching bag will do.

The costs of buying a punching bag varies dramatically. But if you know your purpose for buying, you will buy the right one and also pay the right price.

Conclusion. A punching bag can be an extremely efficient tool your children can use to get rid of and vent some anger on. If you can’t get your kids to eat healthy, then at least a punching bag will get them kicking and punching in no time. Because it’s fun and exciting, the two main characteristics children can relate with.