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Like with all competitive sports, golfers must train to lead on the game. Putting mats is an excellent option for any player in every skill level. Whether you want to practice, you are working on the game or just looking for the fun activity that you will involve your friends, then putting mats is the way to go.

These devices can be used indoors and outdoors. Regardless of the weather outside, essentially, you can putting. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for you. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended putting mats:

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

If you are interested in practicing putting but not sure where to start your research from, this is a great candidate to consider. This option from Putt-A-Bout is well made and while it can not replace actual practice on the green, it’s a great option for home. It will allow you to practice at your own pace, and thanks to its low price this is a great option for practicing during colder months.

You can easily set it up in no time, and also roll it up for storage without a sweat. I feel like it for its price, this is a great product that will not only allow you to train at home but also provide countless hours of fun for any avid golfer.

Overall, this is a high quality product that can be found at a great price. It measures 3×9 and features three holes. If you like its design you can’t go wrong with this one, so I would highly recommend having a closer look at this product while researching.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

Another great product that deserves a closer look if you are interested in a value for money putting mat. This is a high quality mat that can be found at a budget friendly price, so if you want to improve your technique this is a great option. Many avid golfers will appreciate the ball return function making this a great stress reliever.

Having such a tool at home or office can provide a lot of fun and get you more consistency if you train occasionally. Its design with up-slope and ball return will allow you to keep putting and focus on your strokes without interruptions. It measures 9×16.25 and I find it ideal for home or office use as It will complement a golf net nicely. You should definitely consider having a closer look at this one as this is a great value for money option that will allow you to take your game to the next level.

Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat, 3 x 11-Feet, Green

If you want a good sized putting mat for indoor use, this is an excellent choice to include in your research. Thanks to its attractive price, this is a great option budget-conscious buyers than are not interested in investing in pricier options. I would consider this ideal for beginners and casual players and a great gift for golf lovers. The holes are movable, allowing you to place them wherever you like and create different scenarios for practicing. 

This product is made from premium quality materials and it remains flat when set up. It measures 11×3 and its size is ideal for practicing various angles. If you have the place to accommodate it, it’s a great addition to any game room or office. With such a small investment you will be able to practice on a great putting surface. Definitely worth having a closer look while researching, especially if you are on a limited budget.

Things to consider when buying a putting mat:

Many putting mats are available in reasonable sizes so that the golfers can place them in any part in the living room and get the correct golfing experience. When you’re doing this, you can roll up the mats and store them in an area that won’t hurt you or the room. Finding a great putting mats is important because it offers the best experience and makes you a better player.

If you enjoy playing golf and don’t have the time or money to take as many professional lessons as you want, A putting mat can have a serious impact on your golf score. Even if you can afford professional lessons and have time to play golf every day, exercise at home or in the office will still improve your golf skills. Putting mats help players who want to improve their game, because hits can be twice as much as in the results table. Here is a simple guide for buying putting mats


Size is an essential factor to consider when buying putting mats. You must make the decision based on the availability of the storage space and decide whether you want to keep it permanently open or roll it when you are not using them.

Fortunately, they come in different shapes and sizes to fit most areas. From modest 6-inch mats to large 20-inch mats, there are many options. Just ensure there is enough room to place the mat, without becoming cramped or congested.

Stimp rating

If you commit to the putting mats to train and practice seriously, you should consider stimp rating. Essentially, the stimp rating is the indication of the speed of the surface and how it compares to any ordinary golf course.

Most of the golf courses in the country have a stimp rating of 11-13. Therefore, you should look for putting anywhere in or near the area to train effectively.

Training aid

When buying the putting mats, you need to consider the training aid. This is important for those looking to improve the game. Some mats have alignment marks to improve positioning and stroke. The grid lines assist in aligning the ball with a hole so you can maintain the consistency of the square, putting face.


Everyone who wants to buy the putting mats, he or she must look for one which lasts longer. When you buy a new putting mat, you need to make sure it lasts more than some practice around before the end of the course. Materials like PET resin is the example of a material type to look for when looking for durability.


The thickness of the putting mat is also essential when you want to buy one. Thicker mats provide a roll ball throw that mimics real playing conditions. Also, the thicker mats are more durable than others. During training, you can look for the thick mats of at least 3 inches.


The budget is crucial when buying the putting mats. You need to find the putting mats priced from $30 to $120. If you are looking for a casual gaming mat, there is no reason to choose the high-end mat. Anything between $30 and $60 would work correctly for you. However, if you are looking for a mat that you can seriously train with, you can choose for one, which is between $80 and $100.


The mat has a very smooth surface that looks like natural grass addition, there are mats with inclines and contours,, making it the perfect place to play golf. There are several mats that are also equipped with a lake and a sand trap, while other types have inclines. Several putting mats also have all three feature design.

Type of the putting mat

If you want to get the most out of your workouts, you can spend more expensive versions of these mats. There are mats that will run on electricity, while others are battery-powered. Electrical versions are highly recommended because they can be changed depending on the selected measurement.


You need to put a mat that has a turf that looks natural, and most manufacturers are trying to produce something similar to natural, natural grass on golf courses. To verify this, check the matte response on the Bentgrass itself and verify that the comparison has been made. It must be very durable and easy to maintain.


When looking for putting mats on the market, you should also consider buying portable mats, as they are very practical, especially if you want them everywhere. This way you can train wherever you are. It is also ideal for people who usually have busy schedules and cannot find enough time to visit the golf course and practice their rates.


A putting mat is a wonderful thing for golf lovers. Over time, you will see that you are gradually improving, even if you do not spend much time on the golf course, and when you do this, your friends will be impressed. This is an amazing thing to have!

In conclusion, putting mats are crucial when it comes to playing golf. If you get the right mat, your playing technique will be improved. When buying the putting mats go for the one which can meet your needs.

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