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There are a lot of washing machines on the market but most of them are relatively loud especially if you don’t have a dedicated room for your laundry. We’ve compiled a list of the best quiet washing machines on the market that we think will help you have a quiet home but also get your clothes washed. Thanks to evolution in technology today washing machines feature better insulation and some of the also implement pulsing technology that helps remove stains while also keeping the noise down.

The traditional washing machines are based on washing cycles that are made by their spinner or agitator. Today’s quietest washing machines feature pulsating technology that can clean efficiently with the use of vibrations instead of spinning. We’ve included in out list many well-known brands like Bosch, Miele, LG, and Samsung but also feature some less known alternative that can stand by them in a test. Let’s have a look at the models that have the lowest dB level output and help you pick one that is suitable to your load of clothes.




  • Overall Height: 44
  • Overall Depth: 27
  • Overall Width: 27
  • Number of Cycles: 13
  • Features: Auto Balance Suspension System


Avanti TLW09W

  • Stainless Steel Wash Tub
  • Pulsating Bottom Eliminates the Need for an Agitator
  • Electronic Controls with LED Status Indicators for Each Cycle
  • Multiple Pre-Programmed Automatic Wash Cycles
  • Top Loading



Black & Decker BPWM09W

  • MULTI-SETTING OPTIONS- The BLACK+DECKER Washing Machine features an easy to use LED digital display panel with cycle status lights, a transparent top lid, an easy viewing window and a 5-cycle selection for your specific laundry wash load needs: Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid and Soak
  • LIGHTWEIGHT LOAD CAPACITY- The BLACK+DECKER Portable Washer is an easy to store and movable solution to wash a light load of dirty clothes in small apartment spaces. Connects to your kitchen faucet with INCLUDED drain hose and quick connect sink adapter. Featuring a .9 cubic feet tub that holds up to 6.6 lbs. of laundry, this washer is only for use with cold water. It has a built-in lint-filter that does not need to be replaced and only needs to be cleaned approximately once a month. This washer is designed for high efficiency (HE) liquid detergent, (HE) powder detergent or (HE) detergent sheets ONLY.
  • TIMER AND WATER CONTROL- The BPWM09W Portable Washing System features a 3 water level choice (high, medium and low). With a gentle cycle, the entire time to complete the load is 52 minutes


Haier HLP21N

  • Portable washer with 1-cubic-foot stainless-steel tub for loads up to 6 pounds
  • 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles; electronic controls with LED indicators
  • Quiet operation; cycle-status lights; end-of-cycle signal; adjustable leveling leg
  • Smooth-rolling casters; easy-installation kit with quick-connect sink adapter included
  • Measures approximately 17-1/4 by 17-3/5 by 30 inches. Note: If you hear a thumping sound, then the wash load may be unbalanced. Pause the washer and redistribute items in the wash basket


Haier HLP24E

  • 800 RPM Maximum Spin Speed
  • Clear plastic window with Hinged Lid, Product Dimensions – 20.1(D)x 35.5(H) x 19.7(W) inches
  • Electronic Control – LED Display
  • 4 Wash Cycles; 2 Special Options – Rinse & Spin, Spin Only; 4 Water Levels
  • Single Water Hose Connection; Quick Connect Sink Adapter Included


Panda Compact Washer

  • customer service
  • Large See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, 3D waterfall, Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows
  • Lager size 2.0cu.ft, Electronic Touchpad controls and LED display, Delay start available, upgraded with an extra Control Lock option, 2 built-in rollers increase mobility for easy move around
  • 6 Washing Program provides flexible washing options: Normal, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, Delicate and Spin Only, Upgraded with an Extra Rinse Function



  • 5.0 Cu. Ft. NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum
  • 8 Wash Cycles / 14 Wash Options / 5 Temperatures
  • Matching Dryer Model DLE7200WE
  • Dimensions (WHD): 27 X 44.5 X 28 3/8″


Whirlpool WTW7000DW


  • Adaptive Wash Technology With Active Bloom Wash Action
  • Estimated Time Remaining LED Display
  • Intuitive Touch Controls With Memory
  • Dimensions (WHD): 27 1/2″ X 40 1/4″ X 28″



Bosch WAW285H2UC


  • 24″ compact washer by Bosch comes with 2.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • Energy Star for energy efficiency.
  • It also features an internal water heater, 1400 rpm maximum spin speed, stainless steel drum, Home Connect, and SpeedPerfect.


Miele W3038


  • Miele W 3048 24″ Front Load Washer
  • Works with Miele Dryer T8033C
  • Using WT407 Stacking Kit you can stack it with the Dryer securely



What to consider when buying a washing machine?

Most of us would like to keep the washing machine on the main floor of the house but until known the washing machines were so loud that we had to move them as far away as possible. While technology advances we can buy some of the quietest washing machines that produced up to date but we may advise you that you shouldn’t expect miracles. If you have the chance to have a dedicated place for your laundry we would still advise you to keep the washing machines there.

There are models that are so quiet that you can place them in your main floor for convenience and the quiet washing machines mentioned in our article are some of those but still keep in mind that they are not silent. That been said having a washing machine based on pulse technology will lead to far fewer decibel levels compared to regular washing machines so if you have the budget then they are a worthy investment to your home.

The washing machines are divided into front-loading washers and top loading washers. As their names suggest front loading machines load the clothes from their front side and they are the most common type of the two. Obviously, the choice is yours us sometimes a top loading machine may provide more convenience since most of their other attributes are the same.

If I had to buy a washing machine now I would opt for a front loading to be honest but we’ll leave that up to your preference. Keep in mind that apart from their design it is vital to pick a washing machine that consumes as low electricity and water as possible. Obviously larger capacity models will consume more power and need more water to clean their load. On the other hand, a larger capacity washing machine will have to run less washing cycles to clean the same amount of clothes compared to a smaller one so we would advise you to pick one that has a large drum that can accommodate your washing habits.

If your budget allows it you should go for an A+++ washing machine and in case you have lots of different clothes having different wash modes can be handy to take your time to pick the right model for your investment. The best models out there are made from companies likes Bosch, Siemens, Neff, LG, and Samsung. It is advisable to keep one from a reputable manufacturer so that you are safe to find replacement parts if needed along with a long warranty.


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