Best rain barrels


Harvesting rainwater is essential to keep you prepared for all seasons. Rain barrels are vital to your garden and backyard, irrespective of the climate season. You can use barrels in both the spring and winter seasons. Are you a beginner in harvesting rainwater? Chances are, you are likely to experience a lot of difficulties when determining the barrels that suit your requirements. Finding the best brands and high-quality barrels is also a big challenge. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best rain barrels. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

Our recommended rain barrels:

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Things to consider when buying a rain barrel:

Ensure the barrel is pets and kids’ proof

Barrels are developed in an exciting manner making a small kid be curious about what is inside or want to play with it. The same case applies to domestic animals and home pets. To prevent the risk of drowning, ensure that you buy a barrel with a flat back. This way, a child or a pet will find it hard to climb. Also, when storing the tool, make you it’s leaning against the fence or the wall.

Overflow valve

The overflow valve enhances the mechanism of regulating the amount of rainwater entering the barrel. The lid should be able to kick in immediately after the rain has reached the required capacity. For optimal operation, ensure it has dual run-off ports.

Use a mesh screen sieve.

A mesh screen sieve will enable you to keep the remainder away. Wandering insects and hard rains can push the residue into the rain barrel, thus contaminating the clean water. Residues can even damage the inner parts of the barrels causing blockages.

Check the connectivity of the barrel with other barrels

When adjusting your yard, probably after adding more blossoms or vegetables, you require sufficient water flow. Consider choosing a rain barrel with a hard part to enable you to connect with another barrel to increase the water supply.


Materials used when making a barrel enhance its durability. Remember, a rain barrel is stored outside, thus being exposed to all kinds of weather from frosting ice to extreme rains to the blazing sun. You can opt to go for wood made products, but they are heavy-duty. Go for plastic made barrels such s pitch to guarantee you maximum durability because their chances of cracking or rotting are meager.

Request for a warranty

You know your money value, and you can’t risk spending it on anything. Warranties are crucial in protecting technical defects for the manufacturers or from the materials used. Warranties should also cover shipping and replacement costs. Ensure you read through instructions dictating how to install successfully and maintaining. Keep in mind that it is not the responsibility of the manufactures to cover installation and maintenance damages.

Consequently, investing in high-quality rain barrels means you will save money in the future. Remember, a saved penny is an earned penny. Always do in-depth research before making purchasing decisions. Websites are all over explaining the best places to buy quality barrels as well as useful guides on installation and maintenance.