Best Rain Shower Heads


A rain shower head is particularly crafted and also developed to provide the ideal shower experience to all its individuals. Selecting the ideal head is essential to obtain that recovery impact as well as making showering a terrific experience. The top quality of the showerhead is vital as sub-quality items might rust and also could not generate the preferred result.

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Our recommended rain showerheads:

MeSun 12’’ Square Rain Showerhead

This shower head from Mesun is one of the most popular choices in the market today and comes at a very attractive price so it is suitable for those on a low budget. It’s made from stainless steel and has a chrome finish that can easily blend in any bathroom decoration. Thanks to its stainless steel construction you can expect a corrosion free product that will last for many years to come. The square head is 12″ wide and it allows for a rain bath with full body coverage. This head also features an 11″ long arm that is made from durable brass, allowing you to adjust the best angle and height for your installation. It comes with a long-lasting warranty and at a relatively low price, so if you are after an elegant square head, this is the best square rain shower head you can find at this price range.

SparkPod Shower Head – High-Pressure Rain

This product from Sparkpod is among the cheapest shower heads you will find in our list, so for anyone with a limited budget, this is a great option to start our research. This model has a circular design that can be found either in chrome or a combination of chrome and black matte. This product features self-cleaning nozzles that will remove water deposits, so will always have full force for the shower head. It is quite easy to install, thanks to its tool-less design so you can easily upgrade your bathroom for a spa-like experience. Overall a great product and considering its relatively low price it is a great value for money option for anyone interested in upgrading their bathroom without breaking the bank.

Nearmoon 12 Inch Shower Head With 15 Inch Extension Arm

This is a great option for anyone that needs to cover a large bathroom area, as its 12″ head and 15″ extension arm allow you to position it wherever you need it. It is quite easy to install and contains 144 nozzles that allow a high flow of water like rain. It has a chrome, mirror-like finish that can complement any bathroom decoration and it is durable, made of stainless steel that thanks to its rust resistance you can enjoy it for many years to come. The 15″ arm is quite handy, so you can attach it on a wall and use the arm to control the area of your shower, providing great stability and no leaking. Overall a great wall mounted option, comes at a relatively low price and with a two years warranty so it is a viable option for anyone that prefers large heads and a fixed arm.

NearMoon 12″ Round Rain Shower Head

The model from Nearmoon has a round design that is ultra-thin, optimized for any water pressure. Made of stainless steel this is a durable, rust-resistant shower head that will allow for a long-lasting spa-like experience with no worries. It is quite easy to install and designed to work with any standard size arm. It features self-cleaning nozzles and a leak-proof design, and thanks to its elegant round shape design it can easily blend with any modern bathroom. Keep in mind that in this model the arm is not included, so if you don’t have a shower arm already you will have to buy one before installing this product. Overall a great option for its price, and for me, this is your best option when searching for the best option for low water pressure.

Derpras 16 Inch Square Rain Shower Head

I wanted to included this model in this list as this is the largest showerhead you can find for your bathroom. It features a square design that is 16 inches wide and has 324 spray nozzles to cover a large area. It can deliver a great rainfall and thanks to the technology implemented it can provide a consistent water flow even at lower water pressure. This product is made from stainless steel so you get a rust-resistant option that will stand the test of time. You can find it in various sizes, yet the 16″ head is ideal for anyone looking for a prominent addition to their bathroom.

Suguword 16 Inch Large Square Rain Showerhead

This is the second model in our list that features a 16 inches square design. Such large shower heads are ideal for anyone looking for great full body coverage in an easy to install option. The Suguword 16″ is made from stainless steel 304, features great rust resistance and great durability, while the mirror-like finish is great for any bathroom. You can find it at a very attractive price and also comes with 10 years warranty so if you are after a large option that is also durable, leakproof and rust resistant, this is a great option you should check out. Additionally, its water flow rate is ideal for anyone looking for the best eco-friendly head, saving up to 30% water.

What to Consider When Buying a Rain Shower Head?

Made to provide the experience of bathing in the rainfall, rain shower heads are commonly crafted to provide numerous setups from a drenching rainfall tornado to a water-conserving drip. If you have chrome faucets, a chrome head will certainly fit right in. An ugly-looking option could actually be destructive to your state of mind, and also it does not aid you emotionally in order to start your day so choose a design to match your bathroom.


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