best rotomolded cooler

Best rotomolded cooler

When going out for outdoor activity, it is essential to have rotomolded coolers to store your drinks and food at a cool temperature. They act as a creative storage tool and also prevent your drinks from pollution from external factors.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best rotomolded cooler for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended rotomolded cooler:

REYLEO Ice Chest

This is a great product for anyone looking for a lightweight and portable option that can take it with them anywhere. Thanks to its compact size you can easily carry it with you onboard, car, or RV as it takes minimal space. This is a product that features excellent insulation plus it is built like a tank, with bear-resistant level construction.

If you need to keep your food and drinks cool and safe for days, this is a great option that has a 21-quart capacity. It can hold up to 30 cans and keep them cool for up to 5 days making it a great addition to any outdoor activity.

This model is available in four awesome colors to choose from and has some features like a fish ruler, bottle opener, and cup holder that many will appreciate. I personally like the fact that the lid is rated for 700lb weight capacity so you can use it as a seat without worries. Overall, this is a great compact option that definitely worth a closer look if you find that 21 quart is enough for your need.

Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler 

Ingloo is a well-known manufacturer when it comes to coolers and this model is a great budget-friendly option that worth considering. This model is quite compact and lightweight, with a 25-quart capacity. The cooler has excellent performance thanks to the insulated walls and the cool riser base, being able to keep drinks and food cool for days.

Thanks to the advanced technology from Igloo you can expect up to 5 days of ice retention due to the thicker foam and insulated lid. Overall, this is a budget-friendly option that can be found at a very attractive price online. If you are looking for a great value for money option and 25 quarts is enough for your needs, then this is a great option to start your research from.

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Premium Ice Chest

This ice chest is a great budget-friendly option that will allow you to keep ice for up to 4 days without breaking the bank. This is an ideal cooler for a wide variety of scenarios and perfect for campers on a limited budget. It is designed with a drain plug on the bottom that will allow you to drain water without clogging, and also features a rotating steel handle that is quite handy to have. The handle is made from heavy-duty stainless steel and will allow you to easily carry the ice chest thanks to its comfortable grip.

This cooler features latches that are ideal for sealing the chest and keep all the cold inside. This cooler can be found in two colors to choose from and typically found at a reasonable price online, so make sure you check this one out while researching. Overall, this is a great product at a great price, It is bear-resistant, and the polyurethane insulation works wonders. You can find it in two sizes to choose from, so you can easily pick the one that matches your cooling needs.

Cascade Mountain Tech 80-Quart Rotomolded Cooler

This is a well-built option from Cascade Mountain Tech, with enough room to hold 70 cans, and comes at a really attractive price. You can also opt for the 45-quart version that is also available, but I think that this 80-quart rotomolded cooler is a greater value for money option if you have enough room. This model has an extra thick insulated wall that is essential in order to keep food and beverage cool for quite some time. I like that it features heavy-duty latches that seal the cooler.

This model features rope handles on its side, and they are quite durable. They allow for great grip so you can effortlessly transport the cooler when needed. I would consider this a great investment for campers and outdoor enthusiasts as its capacity is ideal to store your food without taking up a lot of space. If you find that an 80-quart rotomolded cooler is right for your needs, this is a great option to include in your research.

Monoprice Emperor Cooler

I wanted to include this option from Monoprice as it’s among the cheapest coolers that worth investing in. You can find them in various colors and they are ideal for backpacking, fishing, or any outdoor activity. I like the fact that you can tie down the cooler in order to prevent it from sliding on your boat or truck, a feature you don’t usually find in this price range. It is securely sealed thanks to the rubber latches that can keep the cold inside for days.

Many will appreciate the bottle opener on its side which can be quite handy to have. It also features a drain system that will allow you to drain water for storage when not needed. You can find this model in three different sizes to choose the one that provides the right capacity for your need, all of them made with the same high-quality materials.

The handles on the side are essential for easy transporting it to your desired location, but keep in mind that it can be quite heavy when full. Overall, this is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts since it can be found at a really attractive price for its features. Make sure to check this one out while researching for your next rotomolded cooler, especially if you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Coleman Cooler | Heavy-Duty 70-Quart Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme is a high capacity option, ideal for every occasion. It can hold up to 100 cans at a time. With the have a seat lid, there is always a place to sit and relax with friends and family. The lid can hold up to 250 pounds. The lid also has a smooth texture, this EZ-clean lid wipes clean easily. Cleanup after the next barbecue will be a breeze.

The cooler also features no crush side handles. They have a positive stop for no-pinch carrying. Lift it in and out of the car without smashing your fingers. With the convenient built-in cup holders, cold drinks are never far away. The cup holders are 2 inches deep to help prevent spills. The Coleman Xtreme is a great choice to keep a lot of drinks cold during the next outdoor gathering.

Landworks Rotomolded Ice Cooler 45QT

The Landworks Rotomolded Cooler is a great option for camping or long days. With up to 10 days of ice retention, this model will keep drinks cold for a very long time, much longer than its competitors. It can hold up to 42.5L or about 48 cans. I like how tough it is, able to withstand some beating. 

These coolers have 3 inch thick insulated walls, an all-around UV protective shell, and a commercial grade 360-degree D-Seal freezer style 15mm gasket to keep the cold inside. Super duty nylon rope handles, dual built-in stainless steel lock plate bottle openers, and non-skid feet are all convenient features of this product. This is one of the top choices for long-lasting cold storage and definitely worth a closer look while researching.

Lifetime 90820 55 Quart High Performance Cooler

The Lifetime 55-quart is a tough, durable cooler. This product can definitely keep food and drinks safe while it can hold 55 quarts which is pretty handy. It has 7-day ice retention which means that it can keep cold enough for ice to not melt for up to 7 days. It is made out of heavy-duty polyethylene construction.

It closes with two rubber latches that are easily opened with one hand but will not accidentally open. The lid has a 300-pound capacity so you can double it as a seat if needed. The stainless steel bottle opener also has padlock compatibility that gives away to lock. Overall, a solid, reliable option for all outdoor adventures.

SuperHandy Ice Chest Rotomolded Enhanced Cooler 45QT

The super handy Ice Chest Rotomolded is a good cooler for all social gatherings. It is perfect for barbecues, tailgating, and outdoor activities. It holds up to 42.5 liters. It keeps ice frozen for up to 5 days. This model features 3 inch thick insulated walls, an all-around UV protective shell, and a commercial grade 360-degree D-Seal freezer style 15mm gasket to keep the cold inside. It also comes equipped with super duty nylon rope handles, dual built-in stainless steel lock plate bottle openers, and non-skid feet.

You can easily load it with dry ice, placed it in a freezer overnight, or simply filled with ice. The SuperHandy Ice Chest is a great choice to keep food and drinks cold during that next outdoor gathering or adventure.

Blue Coolers Ice Vault – 55 Quart

The Blue Coolers Ice Vault is the perfect ice chest for long outdoor adventures. This product can keep ice frozen for up to 10 days! It would be great for camping, traveling to the beach, outdoor activities, family barbecues or just keep drinks cold in your own backyard. This model has non-skid feet, a lockable lid, freezer style gasket, and a sure-grip handle. It is a large cooler holding up to 50 liters.

The roto-molded design helps ensure that the cooler is of a consistent thickness and free from any imperfections. It has a best in class durability and will hold up to the toughest weather and outdoor adventures. The Blue Coolers Ice Vault is ideal for any outdoor activity, protecting your food and drinks and keeping them cold for a long time.

Things to consider when looking for the best rotomolded cooler:


Size is an essential factor to put into consideration. They are different sizes in the market, such as 25, 45, and 150-quart designs. For the 25 quart designs, it can only hold a few bottles and is adequate for a few people. The 25-quart models are relatively cheap, light-weight, and more portable.

The 45-quart designs are more expensive, and their holding capacity is more significant. They can keep food and drinks cold for around five days while the 150-quart models are enormous and can hold a food capacity needed for a group for a maximum of 10 days.


The quality of the cooler is another factor you need to consider. Plastic rotomolded options dominate the market. They are useful as plastic does not rust and is equally keen to sustain heavyweights. However, some manufacturers compromise the quality of the plastic material by using low quality plastic.

Steel is also a material used, however, despite the steel being durable, it is heavy to carry, thus minimizing the portability of the product. Ordinary steel is not useful as it is prone to rust and will depreciate sooner, while stainless steel is durable as it is rust-free.

The type of handles

It is unreasonable to ignore the importance of the handles. Since this type of cooler is portable, you need an incredible grip that can sustain the weight and be comfortable for the user.

Most small coolers come with lid handles that only allow for one user. Others have shoulder straps that can allow you to carry them on your back. For larger models, their handles are siding handles to make room for many carriers and also ensure there is the distribution of the heavyweight.

The ability to retain ice

The ability of ice retention tends to vary depending on the design of the product. If you are going hiking for ten days, then you need a cooler that can retain ice for more than ten days. But if you require the cooler for only one hike, then you can opt for fewer days. It is essential to discuss with the manufacturer on the ice retention feature in order to avoid future disappointments.


Consider your purchasing power. Buy a product that is within your budget. You can conduct market surveys to investigate manufacturers that offer the rotomolded cooler at a competitive price.

Bottom Line

Settling for a cooler that fits your desired budget, functionality, and durability is hectic. If you are a first-time buyer, then you are unsure of what to look for. The buying guide above will adequately guide you to make a smart decision.

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