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Smartphones are a part of our life but not every smartphone can withstand dust, water or drops. These are where rugged smartphones shine! We’ve gathered the most popular rugged phones in the market to help you with your research so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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What to consider when buying a rugged smartphone?

Anyone that has a demanding job or enjoy life outdoors will greatly appreciate any of these rugged smartphones. They meet military standards when it comes to anti-shocking, water, and dust resistance but also can withstand extreme temperatures. They are the loyal partner you can take with you in any of your adventures and a great investment for sure.

Depending on your preferences you can find models that feature processing power and memory storage that matches your requirements. Most models feature a camera, while some even have a second camera or even thermal cameras installed. It all comes down to your budget but try to pick a model that has enough internal storage for your needs and the most ram you can afford. All models are waterproof and some even remain waterproof until 2-3 meters of salt water for up to 30 minutes.

It is vital to pick a model that has a large battery as in most cases the battery is not removable. A high capacity battery will help you stay productive for daily use and most models can recharge fast.

All phones are rated based on the sealing effectiveness of their enclosures. The best-rugged smartphones are rated IP68, where the two number indicate the protection they can provide. In this case “6” refers to the scale the device is sealed against particles like dust, and in this case, “6” is the maximum which means total protection against dust. The second number “8” refers to water protection which in most cases “8” is the highest rating of water protection you will see on these rugged smartphones.

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