Top 10 – Best scuba gear packages


If you haven’t invested in your scuba diving gear yet, here are some ideas that will make you take the next step. We’ve gathered the most popular packages for scuba diving gear to help you choose so let’s have a look at the alternatives on the market:

Bestseller No. 1
Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD i300 Dive Computer Titan / ABS Regulator Set
  • Titan Scuba Regulator Uses a balanced-diaphragm mechanism resulting in ease-of-breathing and consistent performance while environmentally protecting the internal parts
  • Knife is sold separately
  • Aqualung i300C Computer Air and Nitrox modes for a range of dive situations with Effortless operation with bluetooth
  • Pro HD BCD wrap-around jacket with weight integration, will hold up to the rigors of salt and chlorine and retain its good looks
  • ABS Octopus The ABS Octopus combines good breathing performance with the benefits of a low profile body style
Bestseller No. 2
SEAC Smart BCD Scuba Regulator Dive Gear Package, Medium
  • Package includes: SEAC smart BC with integrated weight release system BCD
  • SEAC p-synchro first stage and second stage regulator, yoke
  • SEAC synchro octo backup second stage with Yellow hose to be seen in an emergency
  • SEAC analog 2 gauge console, 5000 PSI pressure gauge, depth gauge to 260 feet, nitrox compatible to 40%
  • SEAC padded regulator bag, fully padded, carry handle, heavy duty zipper, additional accessory pocket, dimensions: 12" x 11" x 4"
Bestseller No. 3
Cressi Sub Start Equipment for Scuba Diving, made in Italy
  • Cressi is a REAL diving, snorkeling and swimming Italian brand, since 1946.
  • o Complete reliable Cressi equipment perfect for enjoy diving experience.
  • o All the devices are made in Italy with high-tech and long lasting material.
  • o In the box: Start BCD, AC2 1st stage INT, XS2 2nd stage + hose, XS Octopus + hose, Mini C2 Gauge Analog Console.
  • .
Bestseller No. 4
Cressi Start Pro 2.0 Scuba Diving Gear Package Assembled GUpG Reg Bag, Leonardo C2 MD
  • ASSEMBLED BUNDLE OF 5: Cressi Start Pro 2.0 Buoyancy Compensator, Compact AC2 regulator set w/ octopus, Leonardo C2, GupG reg bag
  • Great for new divers exploring the open water
  • Weight integrated BCD
  • Air and nitrox Leonardo dive computer, PSI pressure gauge
  • Compact regulator design w/ GupG reg bag
Bestseller No. 5
Ocean Reef Diving Mask Neptune Space G.divers OR025017 Emerald M/L Medium/Large
  • ITEM INCLUDES: Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage Regulator, Low Pressure Hose and Owner's Manual
  • Panoramic view allows you to see easily with a comfortable fit
  • Ability to breathe through your nose prevents jaw fatigue
  • Integrated Balanced 2nd Stage Regulator certified for cold water use
  • Adjustable breathing valve
Bestseller No. 6
Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro BCD Scuba Gear Package w/ MC9 Compact Regulator & Octo Leonardo C2 Dive Computer w/GupG Reg Bag
  • Cressi Aquaride Pro Buoyancy Control Device with intagrated weights and back weight pockets
  • Cressi MC9 Compact 1st and 2nd stage regulator with balanced diaphragm and compact Octo
  • Clearly see every detail of your dive with the Cressi Leonardo C2 Dive Computer console
  • GupG Regulator bag used to protect your Scuba Diving Regulator and Dive Computer. Great for transporting your reg set.
Bestseller No. 7
Cressi Travelight 15 LBS Scuba Diving Package Carry On Reg Dive Computer 6 Blue Kraken Dive Torch Men-XL
  • Cressi Travel Light BCD MC9 / Compact Regulator Set with Octo Leonardo C2 Console Dive Computer Akona Less Than 7lbs Roller Suitcase Gear Up Guide Reg Bag and or i-Torch
  • Total Weight of 15 LBS with everything included in this package
  • Carry on will also fit Mask Snorkel Travel Fins and More
  • The Cressi MC9 Compact Reg Set is light weight for travel and durable for years of use
  • Gear Up Guide and Kracken gear are built and tested to last
Bestseller No. 8
Divers Supply Scuba Package Special of the Month(Large/Puck Pro Plus Black)
  • Sea Elite Scout Weight Integrated BCD
  • HOG D3 Yoke Sealed/ Classic 2.0 LE Second Stage w- Hose
  • EDGE Escape Octopus- Lightweight case, Plastic air barrel, 40in yellow nylon braided hose
  • Mares Puck Pro, Puck Pro Plus Wrist Computer Or Upgrade to the Suunto Cobra Computer Console!!!
  • Sea Elite Slimline 2 Console (included only with Wrist computer option) & Includes FREE Regulator Bag
Bestseller No. 9
Cressi R1 BCD Leonardo Dive Computer AC2 Compact Regulator Set GupG Reg BagScuba Diving Package Grey Reg M
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Cressi R1 Weight Integrated BCD
  • Cressi Air/Nitrox Leonardo Computer Console
  • Cressi AC2 Compact Regulator, Yoke
  • Cressi Compact Octopus with Hose
  • With Gear Up Guide Regulator Bag
Bestseller No. 10
SEAC Nick BC Scuba Regulator Octo Two Gauge Console Dive Gear Package, Large
  • Includes: SEAC Nick BC, mares instinct 15x regulator, mares prestige octo, two gauge console, regulator bag
  • BCD: back mounted buoyancy compensator, power inflator includes sphere valve control system, integrated weight system
  • Regulator: balanced diaphragm first stage, environmentally sealed, downstream demand valve 2nd stage
  • Octo: VAD System for Easy Breathing at all Depths, Second Stage Downstream Demand Valve
  • Console: compact console in imperial units, luminescent color coded dial, unique glass lens pressure relief valve

What to consider when purchasing scuba gear?

If you are looking for a scuba diving package make sure it comes with the most accessories you are going to use so as to take advantage of any discount when buying them as a set. A regulator is vital in order to allow consistent easy breathing. A personal BCD is most likely to be included in the packages as well together with a dive computer.

Some packages may come with masks and fins or a wetsuit which can be handy but you can also buy them afterward to match your style. Look for compact and lightweight packages that will be perfect for traveling light. Most packages are great for beginners too and they come at very attractive prices. The most important part is that you buy all the necessary gear for your level as some packages may include gear that is aimed towards more technical divers which unnecessarily increase the post if you are a beginner.

Most packages are able to provide excellent performance and are made of durable materials. Just make sure that the one you pick is easy to maintain. When you buy a kit it is essentially a lot cheaper compared to buying the individual parts alone so be confident on your purchase as it will save you time and money instead of picking gear parts, especially if you are making your first steps into scuba diving. In most cases, you will have to pick a snorkel bundle containing scuba mask and fins separately anyway.

Having your very own gear for every dive makes a huge difference so if you are ready to make the next step invest into a scuba diving kit. Make sure that the shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can adjust as to be comfortable to wear for your body size. If the kit doesn’t include a lantern make sure you pick one also as lighting is very handy in scuba diving.


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