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Soccer is an essential part of many boys’ lives. Many of whom are so passionate that they will play whenever they have spare time. However, soccer is a vigorous sport that will easily lead to chronic or appalling injuries, especially for youth whose musculoskeletal system is fragile and under rapid development.

While they may be attacking or defending on the football field, a good pair of shin guards are always the most reliable defenders for their legs to keep them free from injuries as well as their passion.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research, but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended shin guards:

Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids 

If you are interested in lightweight shin guards for your little one but not sure where to start your research from, this option is a great one to consider. The truth is that you can’t beat them for the price. They are among the most affordable options on the market and comes in plenty of color variations that you definitely can find one that your kid would love to wear.

You can find them at various sizes to choose from, so be careful and check the size chart from the manufacturer before ordering. I found them very easy to wear so if you like their design this is a great budget friendly option to consider. Their smallest size is ideal for children 3’7″ tall and go up all the way to adult shin guards, but keep in mind that due to their low price they occasionally run out of stock, definitely worth checking out if they have the appropriate size for your kid.

DashSport Soccer Shin Guards

Another great product for youth players, the DashSports shin guards are quite popular thanks to their reasonable pricing and superb quality. You will find that they have a wide range of shin guards, for kids 3 years old up to teenagers, so you can definitely pick the best option for your kid. Make sure you check their size charts as it is vital in order to pick a pair of shin guards that your kid will feel comfortable wearing.

Overall, this is a durable option that I consider a great value for money option that definitely worth having a closer look. They provide great ankle support and they are very easy to wear. Their only downside is that they come in four different colors, so make sure your kids like the look of them before committing to this specific product.

Adidas Youth X Youth Shinguard

If you are willing to invest a little more in a pair of shin guards for your little avid soccer player, this product from Adidas is a worthy candidate. This is a high quality product that can be found at a reasonable price online, but still a little pricier than most of its competitors. This shin guards are comfortable to wear and feel lightweight so definitely worth checking them out since your kid might like wearing them.

They are very durable and have ankle guard for extra protection while practising, plus you can find them in three colors to choose from. Overall, this is an excellent option to consider as it is a great product at a reasonable price. Like with any of these shinguards, it is vital that your kid tries them on before committing as feeling comfortable wearing them is the most important factors.

Zealony Soccor Shin Guards for Kids, Youth and Adults

This product from Zealony is a great option that won’t break the bank, and can be found in three sizes for kids and youth players. For their price, these shin guards are a great value and can provide great ankle protection too. They feel very comfortable and durable, so they definitely worth a try from your little one while practicing.

The shin guards feature a lightweight polypropylene front plate and you can adjust it with the help you the front closure and ankle strap to ensure a tight and comfortable fit. Overall, this product from Zealony is among the cheapest you can find on this list, so if you are on a limited budget these might be your best bet. They might not be the greatest, but they are reasonably priced so definitely worth checking out.

GeekSport Soccer Shin Guards Youth 

The shin guards from GeekSport are another option that worth considering if you are on a limited budget. You can buy them bundled with matching socks for the ultimate value for money option. I find them great looking and the matching socks will make any kid look like a football star with minimal investment. The shin guards feels very comfortable and thanks to the high strength shell they can withstand some beating.

If you are looking for lightweight protective gear, this is a great one to consider as long as you find the right size for your little one. They are available in three sizes that ideal to kids 3-5 years old, 4-8 for youth players and up to larger option suitable for 8-15 years old. You can adult them via elastic straps so that you always have a perfect fit. Overall, this is a great matching set. An all-in-one solution that can be found at a reasonable price, worth checking out with your kid and find the color variation that loves the most.

Sportout Kids Soccer Shin Guards

This hard shin guards from Sportout are a great option for competitive soccer games, a value for money alternative that is ideal for budget-conscious buyers. They feel comfortable to wear and are easy to slide in plays. Their relatively low price makes them a great investment that won’t great the bank,as you can hardly find worthy candidates at this price range. They are designed to disperse energy from impacts and thanks to their secure fit they stay in place, so you won’t have to worry about them slipping and enjoy your game.

The units are made from hard protective plates that feature pads on the back, so you can get great fit and remain low profile and comfortable. The feel very durable, so I would suggest having a closer look at this option before you make up your mind. If you are looking for a budget friendly option to protect yourself and prevent injuries, this is a worthy candidate to consider.

Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

Franklin Sports have a wide variety of sports gear on the market, so I would suggest having a look at their soccer shin guards while researching, you might be pleasantly surprised by their attractive pricing. Their are ideal for kids and definitely do what they are designed to do, while can be found at a reasonable price.

This option can be found in three different sizes to choose from, so make sure you check manufacturer’s size chart before you commit. Their smaller option is designed for kids around 7+ years old and seem very comfortable to wear. They feature self-stick straps that will keep them in place thought out the game, minimize your worries and allow you to concentrate on your game. I like how lightweight they are, even though they seem very durable and their abrasion resistant shield can handle any impact during your game. At this price range, I would consider this a great investment that worth checking out, especially if you are looking for budget-friendly options.

Things to consider when buying shin guards:

Selecting a pair of shin guards with the right thickness and coverage is exactly what a soccer youth needs.


Kids grow rapidly. Selecting right shin guards for soccer youth is different from that for adults who can easily choose a tighter or a looser one. The changing height, weight, and thickness of calves will affect the protective function of shin guards. Although it may sound complicated to find a pair that best fits them, packages of many products have a detailed reference table to facilitate the choice. In addition, a slightly looser pair of guards will be optimal for soccer youth, allowing spaces for accommodating their growth.

Soccer position

Soccer players know their roles and responsibilities in the field. A defender is responsible for stopping every attack which will involve strong challenges, putting them at higher risk of injuries. As a result, thickly padded shin guards suit them. On the other hand, lightweight shin guards fit a striker who won’t want to compromise their agility. In general, the more challenges a player will encounter, the heavier padded the shin guards should be. However, although thick ones may slow soccer players down, they can provide extra protection. This will be important for beginners and kids who may know little about the skills to prevent an injury. 


Shin guards available in the market are made of different materials. Two common materials include form and robust carbon fiber. Both are light in nature but the former offers less protection that suits casual plays while the latter is so strong that it is commonly used in guards designed for more professional players but is expansive. Another prevalent material is polyurethane which offers moderate protection and weight while not being too expensive.


There are mainly three categories of shin guards. Slip-in guards are designed to be placed in socks for convenient and lightweight protection. However, it’s protective function is usually compromized. Secondly, sleeve shin guards, which allow hard shell pads to be placed inside, offer high protection but are bulky. Ths third prevalent category is shin guard socks. As implied in its name, the guards provide all-in-one functions. Some models even allow placing shell pads to enhance the protective function.

A pair of shin guards in poor quality will not only bring uncomfortable experience but also reduce protective function, which exactly contradicts to the reasons of why they have to be put on. Buying the right pair of shin guards help prevent youth soccer form injuries. Taking a while to evaluate the size, materials, and categories of shin guards and matching the size of the youth soccer will bring a reliable defender to their legs.

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