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Shovel tools are paramount when it comes to digging or performing any other task in your garden. Choosing the right shovels for digging is a necessity since they are used mainly for everyday purposes like digging and collecting the loose materials from the ground. Besides, a shovel can help you to dig any snow on your driveway and pick up any unwanted materials buildup in your garden. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best shovel for digging. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended shovels:

Fiskars 96685935J LNG Hndl Digging Shovel

If you are looking for a digging shovel but you are not sure where to start your research from, this option from Fiskars is a great candidate to consider. Fiskars is widely known for gardening equipment of high quality yet budget friendly price, and this is no exception. Despite it’s low price, this model is very durable and strong so you won’t have second thoughts while digging.

I really like its all steel construction that makes it a very durable option. Many will have bad experience with wooden or fiberglass models will find this a great alternative that won’t flex. This tool features an extra large foot platform that makes digging a breeze as you will be able to drive the blade very easily into the soil.

Overall, this is a great product at a great price. It has a very long handle that feels very comfortable to use and taller user will really appreciate it. If you are interested in a steel shovel for digging this is a great candidate that worth having a closer look.

Spear Head Spade – Long Handle Reinforced Fiberglass Gardening Shovel

If you are interested in a fiberglass shovel for digging, this option from Spear Head Spade is a great investment. I really like the handle that not only it’s very lightweight but it also feels very strong. The company has made available plenty of models with short or long handles, plus cushioned grips if you like, so you will definitely find one that suits you.

I personally think that the models with cushioned grip are a worthy investment since you it will allow for even more comfortable digging process. Overall, I think this is a great model that worth considering. Many will appreciate the lightweight design and the great leverage from the long handles, so definitely check it out while researching.

ROOT ASSASSIN RA-002 Carbon Steel Shovel

The Root Assassin is a great addition to any gardener’s toolkit as it will perform any digging task with no compromises. The shovel is lightweight and features a steel blade that is built to last a lifetime. The grip at the top will be appreciated by many since it will allow for comfortable digging at both of your hands.

This model is designed with serrated, double head cuts that will allow you to cut through root, plus the pointed tip is great for when you need to dip deeper. This shovel is among the most durable options on the market and the feels sturdy in your hands. I would definitely suggest having a closer look at this one before committing to purchase as this is a great tool to have in your arsenal, and not another great shovel.

Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel

This is another great candidate that can get you through the toughtest digging projects with minimal effort. This option has a unique design that features an inverted V design on the tip long with ripsaw teeth lining on the sides. This unique shovel can get though small obstacles while digging, and cut roots with no problem.

The patented O-handle grip is also unique feature of the shovel, designed to give more leverage while digging. This is a comfortable to use tool that worth investing into, so if you have the chance I would suggest having a closer look at this one before making up your mind. I like that it comes with a lifetime warranty so you be assured that the company stands behind this tool, making this a worthy investment.

Nupla Ergo Power Round Point

The round point shovel from Nupla is a great budget friendly option that anyone with a limited budget should consider. It is designed to provide maximum leverage and its great for digging holes or planting around your garden. I love how compact and lightweight it is, allowing you to work on tight spaces if needed. This model is well built and for its price range I would consider this a great value for money option.

This shovel is built to last a lifetime, with rust-resistant construction and powder coated so it can withstand some beating. If you find yourself working in tight spaces or near ground level, you will appreciate its design. Moreover, the comfortable grip will allow for a great digging experience. The closed D grip is ideal for secure holding and the 27″ handle is a great option for most scenarios. Overall, this is a well build option at a great price. I would advise you to have a closer look at this model, especially if you are looking for a value for money option.

Things to consider when buying a shovel for digging:

It is vital to first research to find any relevant details that can help you to find the best shovel for your every day digging purposes. Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a shovel for digging.


Shovels tend to vary in terms of size. It’s, therefore, necessary to determine the right size suitable for you from the varieties available in the market. Also, the shovels differ in terms of shape and thus the need to purchase one that is suited for your applications. Shovels can be customized to fulfill the demands of the users. For instance, a shovel with a round point head and a long handle is vital for shoveling, whereas a square shovel head is significant from picking up materials from the garden with ease. The size of the shovels can range from 18-30 inches and beyond. This is an indication that there is no specific standard size of the shovels in general, and therefore, it depends on the manufacturers.


A shovel can perform multiple tasks in everyday life. As said earlier, it can be used for shoveling or getting rid of crusted ice on your driveway. However, you have to choose a type of shovel that will help you to do the job at hand without mitigating the strain on you. A round point shovel is ideal for shoveling, whereas a square head novel is well-suited for picking up the crusted ice. Furthermore, with an idea in mind about the type about the shovel you need, you’re likely to find it easy to land one that can help you to perform the available tasks with ease. It’s therefore essential to read on reviews regarding multiple shovels, and this will help you in decision making, thereby helping you to find the best possible tool for your garden.


Cost is another factor that you should take into account. However, you should not go for the cheapest option so as to save money as it might not be ideal for the task you intend to complete. Since shovels are not bought often, it is crucial to choose one suited for your needs.


Shovels should be bought from reputable manufacturers or sellers in the market. Purchasing yours from a renowned manufacturer is an assurance that the tool you have bought is perfect and will serve you with little to no imperfections. Moreover, this is the best way to get the most out of your hard-earned money. Before you can proceed to buy a shovel from a particular seller or manufacturer, it is recommended to visit their websites and read the reviews made by past clients regarding a specific brand of the shovel. This will help you to find the best sellers or manufacturers in the market.

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