Top 10 – Best Shower Panels


Shower panels are a great addition to any bathroom as they provide a spa-like experience for such a low cost. We compiled a list with modern and stylish models in order to help you choose the best shower panel for your bathroom, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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ELLO&ALLO 59″ Stainless Steel Shower Panel

This shower panel from Ello&Allo is among the most popular choices in the market thanks to its sleek design and attractive price. You can find this specific model in two variations, a stainless steel brushed nickel finish and a black one. The shower panel features a temperature display that is vital in order to select the desired temperature and adjust it easily with the water temperature control. The shower head on top also features a powerful LED light with an on/off switch that let you set the mood in your bathroom. The shower panel has a lovely finish that allows no fingerprints and it is made of stainless steel for durability. The controls allow you to choose from five functions of the panel, everyone with a different water effect. Depending on the water pressure, you can use up to two functions at the same time depending on your preference. The functions met in this shower panel include waterfall or rainfall from the top LED shower head, the typical handheld shower and tub spout, and two massage jets located on the lower part for power mist massage. Overall the shower panel measures 59″ which in most cases is ideal and comes with a long lasting warranty from the manufacturer. Overall, a great shower panel with a great finish, both black and brushed nickel look stunning, that will easily blend with most bathrooms. If it finds your budget this one definitely worths a closer look.

Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel Shower

This shower panel from Blue Ocean is also a great alternative, especially for anyone with a limited budget. It is 52″ tall and made from stainless steel, while also features a tempered glass surface. The shower panel has an overhead shower for rainfall pattern, a handheld shower with 4 functions, the typical tub spout, and 8 adjustable jet nozzles for mist/spray. The temperature display is quite handy to have and allows you to adjust the temperature to your preference. Its sleek design is easy to blend with any bathroom so if you like its design this one is a great purchase especially if you find it at a price within your budget. Overall a great product that can improve your bathroom with its unique design without breaking the bank.

AKDY 65″ Stainless Steel Shower Panel

This shower panel from AKDY is among the tallest you will find in our list, ideal for anyone looking for a great visual impact when transforming their bathroom. It is 65″ tall and made of stainless steel. Its sleek design will complement any modern house and be the center of attention thanks to its great finish. The shower panel features a waterfall and rainfall shower on the top, plenty of spray jets in the middle part, along with the typical handheld shower. Keep in mind that in order to function properly the shower need a minimum pressure of 29 psi as it is designed to be able to use its functions simultaneously. If you are after a tall shower panel, this is a great option and you can easily find it at a very attractive price online, so it gets my vote.

What to consider when buying shower panels?

Look for a panel that is made out of stainless steel so as to be sure your shower won’t be prone to rust and always have a perfect finish. most panels have temperature indicators that help you choose the best water temperature depending on your preferences. The shower panels offer great flexibility offering overhead shower heads but also horizontal massaging nozzles.

Pick a model from a reputable manufacturer backed by a long warranty. The best shower panels will feature adjustable shower nozzles and various massaging setting to choose from. It is wise to invest a little more to get a shower panel that includes all the features you would want to use so as to not have to upgrade it in the future. A high-quality shower panel will last for many years.

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