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Are you in search of a soccer ball? Can you use the ball on any terrain? How much should it weigh?If you have asked yourself these questions and do not know what aspects you should take into account when purchasing a ball, this guide will help you to understand their features. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best size 4 soccer ball. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended size 4 soccer balls:

Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball

Are you looking for a great ball for your kid but don’t know where to start from? This is a great value for money option that your kids would love. The soccer ball from Under Armour is quite a popular choice and can be found on various sizes and colors to choose from.

This is a good quality ball that you can find at a reasonable price. If your kid like vibrant colors this is a great option to consider, just make sure you pick the right size for the age of your kid.

Look for a size 4 ball if your kid is between 8 and 12 years old, while the smaller options are your younger players. Overall an affordable choice that deserves a closer look while researching.

Adidas Capitano Soccer Ball

Another popular option on the market is the Adidas Capitano ball that can be found on a huge variety of colors to choose from. This ball features great stitching for extreme durability and meant to be last a lot of casual matches.

I really like the color options of Adidas since they offer so many choices that no other company allows to choose from. You would definitely find a color variation your kid would love. The graphics on this specific one is based on the Tricolore ball that was used on the world cup of 1998 but there are so many options to choose from so take a deep breath and dive into your colorful options.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

I wanted to include this choice in our recommendations for anyone looking for a traditional soccer ball design. You can find the Wilson soccer ball at three sizes to choose from and features machine stitching for extreme durability.

If you like the classic black and white look for your kid’s ball, this is a great option made from synthetic leather for durability. Overall a budget friendly option that definitely worth a closer look if you like this design.

Champion Sports Extreme Series Composite Soccer Ball

Champions Sports have plenty of options on the market, and thanks to their attractive pricing, they are an affordable option that worth considering while researching. Their products are made of high quality materials and can withstand intense games, making them a great value for money investment. You can find these product in various sizes and colors to choose from, with the size 4 being the best option for kids. They are quite popular option and ideal for recreation games and training in the comfort of your home. 

These soccer balls are made from premium materials, designed for all weather conditions and built to last even the most intense games. The size 4 option is ideal for kids around 8-12, but you can always opt for larger or smaller options depending on your needs. Overall, this is quite a durable option at a really affordable price. I would advise you have a closer look at the product line of Champion Sports before you make up your mind, as these are machine-stitched for extreme durability, a great option for budget-conscious parents. 

Things to consider when buying a soccer ball:

Keep in mind that football is regulated according to FIFA rules, and therefore, the ball must also meet precise specifications to ensure proper performance and protect your joints.

General Features


Spherical. Composed of 20 Hexagons and 12 Pentagons, all of them glued, sewn and vulcanized.


According to the size of the ball, its weight varies from 300 to 450 gr.

Measurements and Size

FIFA establishes that the circumference of the professional ball must be between 26 – 27 inches (68 – 70 cm). Diameter between 8.26- 8.77 inches (21.65 – 22.29 cm).

The dimensions of the soccer balls are represented in numbers and will depend on the age of player and type of game. The sizes are as follows:

Ball number 3: Indicated for children under 8 years old. They weigh around 300 gr. And its circumference is 23 inches (60 cm).

Ball number 4: Used in soccer. For ages between 8 and 12 years. They weigh approximately 350 gr. Circumference between 25 – 26 inches (64 – 66 cm).

Ball number 5: For professional use. But it can also be used by children over the age of 13. As we already mentioned, it measures between 26 – 27 inches, and its weight is between 410 and 450 gr.


It is made of several layers of a fairly resistant material called PVC or polyurethane. There is a wide variety of designs and colors for your selection.

Inflation pressure

The air pressure, according to FIFA regulations for a # 5 ball, must be between 8.5 – 15.6 psi (0.6 to 1.1 bar). This inflation specification is usually already printed on the ball. This varies according to size.


· High-end

These types of balls are used at a professional level. This product is the one that can give you the best feeling when touching the ball and is the one that performs best on the field.

The best thing about these types of balls is that they are light, have a texture that gives the ball more grip, are soft in hitting the ball and are resistant, it is recommended to use them in natural grass or synthetic grass. And if you are looking for the best ball, this is the one.

· Middle-end

Are used more than anything on a semi-professional level. These balls can give you sensations similar to a high-end ball.

The difference is that they are a little heavier, but they are very resistant, it is recommended to use it in natural grass or synthetic grass. If you are looking for a good performance ball and you don’t have enough money to buy the high-end, this would be the best purchase option.

· Low-end

These balls are mainly used in grassroots football, and it must be said that there is a big difference between a ball in this range and a middle-end ball. This ball does not have any type of texture, so it does not have a good grip, they are heavier than the previous ranges, and they are more resistant, so they can be used on any type of terrain. The good thing about these balls is their price, they are cheaper than the other ranges. If you want a soccer ball regardless of its performance, it would be the best purchase option.

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