Top 10 – Best Slide & Negative Scanners


Slide and Negative scanners are a great way to preserve old memories and digitize all those images that can be stored all those years in boxes or slides. To be honest it’s not necessary to buy the most expensive scanner out there as due to the advanced technology those devices share you will most like get excellent digital images of your films and negatives with any of the scanners in our list. So let’s have a look at the best film/slide/negative scanners you can buy today without breaking the bank:

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What to consider when purchasing a slide scanner? 

There are a lot of photo scanners that have the ability to also scan slides and film with the use of additional attachments but there are also dedicated devices in the market for those you want to digitize slides easier and faster. Such devices are commonly referred to as converters and offer the convenience of just putting your slide in, in order to get a quality digital image for archiving but to be honest your should expect a photo scanner to provide images of greater resolution.

On the other hand, their speed and ease of use have made them a lot popular compared to traditional scanners as each scan takes only a few seconds to complete. They are aimed as a push-button solution without the need for a computer to output the files and due to their small size, they are an attractive alternative compared to a traditional flatbed scanner. If you plan to digitize a lot of negatives or slides such a solution is a great investment. Just take the time to clean dust of your negatives and slide and you are good to go.

These devices offer different resolutions for your digital images so as a quick tip you should go for the max resolution you can afford and preferably aim for a model that is dedicated to film resolutions instead of a regular scanner. Colour depth also is vital in order to recreate the photo so have a look at the specifications that manufacturers provide for each device before purchasing. It advisable to take your time and scan each photo individually as you’ll have the chance to preview the screen and make the appropriate adjustments you won’t be able to do if you scan in bulk. When archiving your files try to save them as TIFF or PNG instead of JPG as these formats can preserve better the scanned image.

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