Best Smartwatch For Kids


Smartwatches are very popular nowadays and there are many options in the market for kid-friendly watches with a touchscreen for your little one. They come with plenty of features that are essential for a parent to have so we will help you with your research for the best smartwatch for kids by having a look at the alternatives on the market:

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Our recommended smartwatches for kids:

VTech Smartwatch

The Vtech smartwatch is available in two colors, blue and purple, which is a little bit limiting. If you find that your kid likes any of these colors then this is a great investment for its features, otherwise, you might have a hard time persuading your kids to wear a smartwatch that they don’t find attractive. It features a digital/analog clock, with plenty of customization so as to choose a clock face that you like. The main feature of this smartwatch is the two cameras that allow your kid to take selfies and video easily. It also includes five games that can keep your kid entertained, a pedometer, and generally, it’s a fun watch that can keep the kids engaged. The only downside is that you won’t get any features like tracking and SOS calls that are extremely useful to have, so if you are looking for smartwatches with these features, you have to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a smartwatch that is well built and at a reasonable price, this worth a closer look.

CMKJ smartwatch

This smartwatch from CMKJ is another popular choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch with a SIM slot. It can be found for a reasonable price only and you can choose from three colors, blue, pink and yellow. It features the basic apps that you will normally find, like an alarm clock and calculator, and it important to highlight that you can set up the smartwatch in five different languages if you wish. It features a 1.54-inch touch screen of 240×240 pixels which is better than most on the market and can use 2G SIM cards so as to use the GSM network for 2-way conversation. Unfortunately, this smartwatch doesn’t support LBS or GPS location tracking, so if you are looking for such applications you have to look elsewhere. For its price, this is a great smartwatch that could be a great birthday gift for little ones, features a camera, plenty of games, and call-function that is handy, so the only drawback is that it misses location tracking.

What to consider when buying a smartwatch for kids?

Even though most people would assume smartwatches are only for adults, today’s technology has provided us with high-tech watches that are also suitable for kids. These smartwatches allow us to use plenty of useful features that any parent would adore. The most widely used feature is that of the GPS tracker. A smartwatch that features GPS would allow you to accurately locate your kids in real-time. This feature can be accessed with your smartphone via an application, or SMS and even though you will not be using it daily, it is a nice feature to have that is priceless in case of an emergency.

A second feature that most smartwatches have built-in is that they can be synced with your phone. This remote voice monitoring is quite handy as it would allow you to dial the smartwatch to contact your child via your phone and it can be configured to answer your call automatically.

As with smartwatches designed for adults, these smartwatches share a few features that it is handy to have. Such features include the built-in camera that you can find in many models nowadays. The camera can be used as a front-faced camera on phones which means it will allow the kids to take selfies and videos. Moreover, in most watches, the camera can also be remotely accessed by the parent via the dedicated app which can be handy.

Another feature that is built in most watches is Bluetooth connectivity which can allow the smartwatch to be paired with other Bluetooth enabled devices. For example, a Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your kid’s smartwatch and allow you to enjoy your favorite music. This is able with the built-in media player that most smartwatches have, which application lets your kid also play videos too. Some watches allow you to add microSD cards to extend the memory of the device if needed.

Moreover, most smartwatches feature also many tools and functions that are nice to have on your wrist like. For example, a calendar that can be used to schedule tasks, homework, or sports practice for your kid and provide a reminder for daily activities. Other functions also include a calculator, fitness/activity tracker but also some fun games for your kids to play through the touchscreen. In the case of smartwatches for kids, they usually come with fun and educational games that can entertain your young one.

Make sure you keep a smartwatch from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. Some models even come with a lifetime warranty which can be handy. It is important to pick a smartwatch that is durable, scratch-resistant, and splash-proof in order to withstand daily abuse.

Watches can in various colors that are attractive to kids with rose and blue being the most common. It is vital to pick a smartwatch that is attractive for your kid in order to have the joy to wear it every day and not be left behind. Make sure that you pick a model that comes with a sim slot in order to use a SIM card of your provider and have access to the applications that need networking.

It is vital to pick a smartwatch that features a bright LCD. There is nothing worse than having a dimmed screen that your kid can not use when outdoors. Eventually, it would result in the smartwatch left at home when going out which will render it useless. Better invest a little more and get a smartphone with a decent screen.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when researching for your next purchase is the battery life of the device. Look at the specs provided by the manufacturer as you need to make sure that the battery will be empty during the day. Keep in mind that the battery life of the watch plays a vital role as functions like GPS tracking need a lot of battery power.


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