Top 10 – best stroller fan


Young children need fresh air, and this is more so during the summertime to make them comfortable. This is where the fan for stroller comes in to give your child a constant flow of air, which is usually not sufficient during the hot climates. They are typically made of materials that trap heat and also keep your baby covered in almost all directions.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best stroller fan. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended stroller fans:

COMLIFE F170 Clip On Stroller Fan

If you are looking for a battery powered personal fan, this is a great option to consider. This product is versatile as you can power it from USB charger, power bank, or laptop and thanks to its small and portable size you can have it with you at all times.

This is a perfect option for a baby stroller as it is equipped with two 18650 batteries that are rechargeable. They can provide plenty of run time, depending on your setting, but you can easily power it from a power bank or any other USB option.

You can control it from a stepless speed control on its base, plus it has auto and manual oscillation. The clip on base is vital if you need to attach it to your stroller and control the direction of the cool air. Overall, this is a great option that won’t break the bank, so if you are looking for a fan for your stroller this is a great place to start your research.

WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan, 2600mAh

The WiHoo Mini fan is ideal for anyone that dislikes clip on bases. There are times that a clip on is not secure and a flexible tripod solution will allow you to tether the fan easier and more secure. You can easily change its shape so you can easily tie it around your handlebar and thanks to its small size you can easily store it when not needed.

This fan runs on a rechargeable 2600mAh battery and it is a lightweight option that is also suitable for handheld use, tethering it on the crib or use it as a desk fan. Made of metal and plastic, this is durable option that is also powerful and quit with 3 speed settings to choose. Overall, this is the most versatile option when it comes to a personal fan, so I would highly recommended it if you like to try such a design.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Fan

This battery operated fan is quite a popular choice, and can be found at a really attractive price online so worth checking out. It uses a 18650 battery to run, and comes with one battery in the box so you can use it right away. Moreover, it can be powered from USB too, so you can opt to run it from a USB power bank if you prefer. This is quite a handy feature that will allow you to run the fan for plenty of hours, can would save you a lot of hassle but with the downside that you can run the fan only in one speed setting.

The fan has a clip on mount that will allow you to snap it on your stroller when needed, plus you can rotate it so that you can set the airflow direction you want. The included battery will allow you to power the fan for 3-6 hours straight, depending on the speed setting, and without being ground breaking its ideal for everyday strolling. I would highly suggest having a closer look at this option if you like clip on fans as its a great value for money option.

Things to consider when buying a fan for your stroller:

Choosing the best fan for the stroller is not a simple task if you value the safety, comfort, and efficiency of the baby. Here are factors to consider when buying a fan for the stroller.

Operation mode

Operation mode is very crucial when buying the fan for a stroller. Typically, fans for stroller come with the batteries which can be charged or used once. The best one offers both options for babies. So make sure you buy the best that will suit your desires. If you want to buy the fan that requires non-rechargeable batteries, ensure they’re available in the local market. Also, look for the massive fan whose batteries cannot be purchased locally. Fortunately, most use standard batteries.


When buying the fan for stroller you need to consider the material. The fan can be made up of cables and sophisticated electrical engineering, which makes them great. The external parts are easy to understand, with most of them made from ABS or PVC. Either way, make sure it’s durable and robust. Your baby can even pull them from the stroller during the growth process. 


It’s not always a good idea to use the fan at full speed immediately on a child’s face. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the fan speed and the airflow on the colder days. This functionality should not only be included, but it should be easy to use. There must be at least two or three levels of speed.

Power source

The Power source is essential when buying a fan for stroller. The fan doesn’t always have a fixed power source. Many fans for stroller have the rechargeable batteries. If you’re using the stroller fan that runs on the rechargeable batteries, make sure the power is not discharged before using it for 4 to 5 hours. Also, there are fans that use non-rechargeable batteries.

Installation and adaptability

You don’t want your fan for stroller to fall off when your ride gets bumpy suddenly. Therefore, make sure the fan handle is strong enough to prevent the carriage frame from coming loose. When this happens, it can also harm your baby. The installation should be simple, and the strap should be comfortable for everyone to understand, regardless of the mechanism. It should not be long since the best fan will save you time.

The blades 

The blades are essential when buying the fan for stroller. Babies may go crazy while playing. Even if you choose the fan casing that completely closes the blades, the Viking baby can unknowingly pull it apart. If this happens, the foam blade is actually the best option, because it is safer for the babies. If you think the foam can reduce airflow, consider another action. Verify that your fan blade is tilted. Tilted blades are the best way to produce more airflow.

In conclusion, a fan of stroller ensures there is a proper flow of air to your babies. This will make your baby get good air during the summer period. To get the right fan for a stroller can be challenging because of many brands in the market. The above factors will help you get the right product.