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Australia’s most preferred resting system, the “swag” has actually stood the test of time. From the days of a man hauling his belongings on his back while he roamed the nation to the modern waterproof designs. In this article, we will highlight some of the best swags on the market to help you with your research.

The majority of models consist of a foam bed mattress and a cushion for a great evening anywhere. The swag is really simple as well as rapid to set up. The domed swag takes around 5 mins to setup which is no time at all in any way. They are typically made from canvas and can certainly withstand rain if treated with a water-resistant spray. They occupy hardly any space making them optimal for outdoor camping with minimal area needed to place them.

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Our recommended swags:

Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent

Kodiak Canvas 1-Person Canvas Swag Tent

  • Roomy 6’8″ long, and almost 3 feet wide
  • Comfy 2-inch foam mattress pad with flannel cover included
  • Zip-open windows at head and foot for airflow and temperature management
  • Made with Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas
  • Top unzips and rolls back converting into a screen shelter

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


  • An elevated sleeping platform keeps you high and dry and away from the bugs and snakes
  • Heavy-duty 210D tent and rain fly is designed to handle most wet weather conditions
  • Versatile design allows you to use your tent cot as a lounge, a chair, and a flat cot as well
  • Designed to set up in seconds. Allows you to go from the car or truck to set up in seconds.
  • Cot size is 90Lx32W. The tent size is 90Lx32Wx36H

What to consider when purchasing a Swag?

Despite the fact that swag is substantially smaller sized compared to the typical outdoor tents, there are still numerous points to take into consideration when buying. When outdoor camping or walking, you intend to be completely secured versus all-weather condition aspects and also have a great evening rest!

Look for a model that is made of high-quality canvas as this will protect you from elements while camping. The canvas quality can be measured by the ounces per square guard, so keep in mind that the higher the ounces the higher the quality of the canvas. If you need a lightweight swag for camping you need to make a compromise on the quality as the higher ounces the higher the weight of the swag.

Make sure that the swag is resistant to tears as it needs to be sturdier than ordinary canvas. They are made by a special weaving that provides tear resistance so that they can last longer without tearing. If you plan on camping in wet areas make sure that the swag is rot proof so as to fight against mold.

The most common swags are single sized ones that are perfect for one person. For the taller person and maximum comfort, you should look for a king single as they are wider and provide more than enough room for a single person. Last but not least, there are double that can accommodate two persons if you prefer to go camping with your loved ones. These 2 person canvas tents are also great for family trips as you can accommodate more people while carrying as little as possible.

You can find models that are designed as domes or tunnels, that even though they are bulkier can provide more room between you and the overhead. These types of swags often come with a netted mesh that can keep mosquitos out at night. If you need lighter models that can be easier packed onto a bike you should look for the ones based on the traditional swag designs that take as little space as possible on your motorcycle. During the summer months, it is vital to pick a swag that has windows or air ventilation that can provide fresh air inside the swag and also pick your cooler.

Pick one from a reputable manufacturer that is backed by a long-lasting warranty. Australian made models are always a safe choice. Make sure that they are made of tough and breathable material and have good ventilation. A heavy-duty storage bag to store the swag when not in use is vital, some models will provide such accessories but you can also buy an aftermarket storage bag for easy packing.

Tips for setup

Set up the swag on a fairly level surface area. They are optimal for couples, due to the fact that a dual swag loads right into an area that’s very small compared to the room tents need. If you desire a water immune option you should damp it down. You could use up to a 75mm bed mattress or end up with a little self-inflating bed mattress. You can find a canvas that covers the entire swag and can be found in various weight qualities, from 340 to 450 grams. The heavier the swag, the greater the price. Check to see if the one you are purchasing includes a ‘bag’, or if the maker makes an appropriate one. Some models have windows or air vents. These are covered with netted mesh to permit air to easily move inside your swag, and also keep pests out.


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