Best Treadmills


Treadmills are a great addition to any garage gym since it can help you improve your endurance, health and mood without breaking the bank. Most treadmills are pretty straightforward to use so they are ideal for anyone really. The fact that a treadmill can help you exercise your whole body from the comfort of your home makes this a great investment. I would like to highlight a few treadmills on the market that are worth considering while researching so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our Recommended Treadmills:

Sunny Health & Fitness – Best Treadmill for Home Use

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill, Gray (SF-T4400) , 62 2 L x 26 8 W x 47 3 H
  • The 2.20-Peak HP drive system provides speeds of 0.5 - 9 MPH along with 3 manual options for adjusting incline levels (0%, 2%, 4.37%)
  • Designed for a max user weight of 220 lb. with 49L x 15.5W inches of running surface
  • Easy folding mechanism and the soft drop system helps you unfold your treadmill safely and hands free

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Sunny Health & Fitness is a reputable manufacturer that is widely known for their great bikes and durable treadmills. This model is a one of the brand’s most popular models since this can be found at a relatively low price for its features. In fact this is a budget friendly option that features a powerful motor that can handle walking, jogging and running workouts with no worries. Reaching 9mph  this is a great option for any home gym and thanks to its long lasting warranty it’s a great investment you won’t regret. 

The treadmill comes with built-in workouts to get you started and help you improve your fitness and burn calories from the comfort of your home. It is equipped with a large back-lit display and also the 49×15 inches belt is great for home use and will accommodate even tall athletes. Moreover, the treadmill is designed so as to easily fold into a compact form for easy storage, taking up very little space in your room. 

SOLE F63 – Best Treadmill For Runners and Seniors 

SOLE, F63 Treadmill, Home Workout Foldable Treadmill with Integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology, Device Holder, LCD Screen, USB Port, Lower-Impact Design
  • FOLDABLE AND AFFORDABLE - This highly rated treadmill gives you the tough workout you demand with a price tag you'll love. Get in a great daily home workout without taking up space in your home or breaking the bank.
  • SUPERIOR BUILD FOR A SUPERIOR WORKOUT - Made from a heavy-duty steel construction that's guaranteed to last. Equipped with a 3 HP motor that provides a range of speeds, including the challenging 12 mph top speed.
  • REDUCE IMPACT AND WEAR ON YOUR JOINTS - 15 levels of smooth, vibration free incline provide the right challenge for runners and walkers of all abilities; all adjustable via easy, intuitive controls. The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces impact to joints by 40%.

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If you are looking for a high quality treadmill that features great cushioning this is a great option to consider. This treadmill features a powerful heavy duty motor and commercial grade cushioning that anyone with knee problems will appreciate. This extra cushioning allows for maximum comfort and reduces the chances of injury  by reducing impact on your joints. 

 The device has a large surface measuring 60 by 20 inches that will allow for plenty of room for walking and jogging with no distractions. This treadmill is a great option for seniors thanks to its large 6.5? LCD screen that highlights all the information you need for your workout. It is pretty straightforward to use even from novices and features electronic recline for better calorie burning and muscle toning. Even the slight increase of incline will help you burn more calories even while walking. This treadmill is a great option for fat burning and anyone looking for a wide range of workouts. 

Overall  this is the best treadmill you can find at this price range, with extra cushioning and a heavy duty motor.  If you invest in this model from Sole you should expect a comfortable and durable treadmill that can help you reach your fitness goals without breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend taking a closer look at this one if you are looking for a great option for seniors, but thanks to its attractive pricing this is also a great value for money option to consider. 

Sole TD80 – Best Treadmill Desk

SOLE TD80 Treadmill Desk
  • 2.5 continuous duty horsepower motor guarantees speeds from .5 mph to 4 mph
  • Walking surface is a comfortable 20” x 50”
  • Large 47” x 31” usable desktop

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As technology advances a plethora of treadmills for  office use have been released. Most of them can be found in the form of under the desk treadmill, yet for someone looking for a complete and reliable solution a treadmill desk is a better investment. Such a treadmill can help you handle any tasks you need to do while at the desk and designed so as fit the setting of an office space. Our selection, sole td80 is a great investment that will allow you to walk while typing, reading, speaking on the phone or any other office activity you can think of. 

Since we are looking for a treadmill desk where you can multitask, you need a large walking surface so as to feel stable and not get distracted while working. This is the case of the Sole tf-80 with the 50 inches by 20 inches surface provides plenty of space so as to feel comfortable. Moreover, the treadmill is relatively quiet so your coworkers won’t be distracted. If you work from home having a quiet treadmill is also very handy as you need to be able to work and walk on the treadmill without disturbing the sleep of family members. 

The device features a large 47inches by 31 inches desktop area, which is enough to fit your laptop, screens, notes and papers. Even if it can’t match a large desk, being able to work while walking is a great option that you will be pleased you invested in. The ergonomic workspace will allow you to have everything in arms reach while the treadmill will allow you to pick a slow pace that you feel comfortable in order to reach the day’s goal. Overall, If you are looking for a treadmill desk, I highly suggest you take a closer look at this one. This is a great all in one solution that is worth its reasonable price, so I would suggest to avoid under desk treadmills if this one fits your budget. 

Freemotion i11.9  – Best Incline Trainer

FreeMotion i11.9 Incline Trainer
  • Extra-Long, Ultra Cushioned Shock Absorging Deck System
  • 10 inch Hi-Def Color Touch Screen Console
  • Exclusive 30% Incline and Decline Training
  • 22'inch Wide Running Belt
  • Interactive iFit Live and Google Maps Programming

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If you are looking for an incline trainer, this product is your best bet without breaking the bank. It will allow you to work on your cardio training as a treadmill, yet you can tilt the treadmill up to 30% whichever is far more than what you will find in regular treadmills. As a result you will have a wide variety of workouts from just a single machine,faster calorie burn and great muscle toning. 

This treadmill features a large 10inch display with touch function and can work with iFit live and Google Maps. This will allow you to follow paths while jogging from the comfort of your home. If you like hiking and aim to strengthen your legs, this is your best bet with a powerful motor on the back and plenty of programs built-in to get you started. For its price, this is a unique treadmill, allowing for 30% incline and 3% decline, this is the best incline trainer worth investing in. Definitely take a closer look while researching. 

Sunny Health & Fitness 8730 – Best Treadmill For Walking

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill, Motorized with Low Profile, Speakers & Slim Folding - 8730,Black
  • EASY-TO-USE DISPLAY: Watch your workout progress in real-time with the 4-window display. View your time, distance, speed, and calories burned all at the same time. Use the integrated pedometer to track your steps during each exercise session.
  • EXTREMELY PORTABLE: This running treadmill can be easily and securely folded flat with the included folding key. Take advantage of the low-profile design, which makes it easy to slide the machine under surfaces and move it from room to room.

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I wanted to include this model from Sunny Health & Fitness as it’s a budget friendly option that you can easily use at your home office or apartment for walking. The unit features a great motor that can reach up to 8mph which is plenty for walking and jogging at the comfort of your home. The design of the treadmill is what makes this an extremely portable option suitable for any apartment. You can easily fold the machine flat when not needed and easily slide under furniture until your next workout. Thanks to its low profile and low weight this is the best compact solution you will find without breaking the bank. 

The 8730 model features 3.5mm Aux connectivity so you  can easily add your own music player and listen to your favorite music while working out from the built-in speakers. The tablet holder is also quite handy as you can easily attach your tablet on the treadmill. The 49×17.5? surface feature shock absorption and its size is suitable for walkers. Overall, a great option that will help you reach your fitness goals,  take daily walks at your apartment or having a break at work. For its price range, you won’t find many worthy candidates for walking treadmills, this is a durable option backed by a reputable manufacturer, you can’t go wrong.

Xterra TR150 – Best cheap treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Black
  • Large 16" X 50" Walking/running surface
  • Large 5 inch LCD display is easy to read and keeps you updated on speed, incline, time, distance, calories, and pulse

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If you are looking for a budget friendly solution for your home gym, this model from Xterra is among the cheapest you will find in this list. Thanks to its attractive pricing, this is quite a popular option for enthusiasts, featuring a large LCD screen to highlight all the information regarding your work out, and also comes with 12 built-in programs to get your started. Moreover the pulse grips on the handles will allow you to monitor your heart beat.

The 50×16 inch surface is comfortable enough and among the largest you will find in this price range. This treadmill has a folding design which allows you to quickly fold it up for easy storage when not needed. You can adjust the incline of the treadmill between three settings, yet you have to do it manual. If you are looking for a budget friendly option to get you started, this is a viable option to start your research. A great option if you are willing to make some sacrifices on functionality and durability. 

Things to consider when buying a treadmill:

Moreover, it will help you save time commuting to the gm in the long run. Since you are looking to add a treadmill to your home gym, I would like to address some factors you can consider in order to pick the right model for you. 

Motor and Horsepower 

When referring to the horsepower of a motor we are referring to the actual power that can drive the belt. In most cases you will notice that manufacturers mention two different numbers regarding horsepower. Peak is referring to the actual rpm the motor can reach with minimal weight on the treadmill. On the other hand, continuous, refers to the continuous horsepower the motor can sustain during operation. As you might have guessed, the peak power can not help us make up our mind and narrow down our research. In order to determine which models are right for your case you should be taking notes on the continuous horsepower. 

As a general rule you can consider treadmills under 1.5HP suitable for walking and not a great investment for a home gym, while 2HP or more is a reasonable purchase. You need to consider that treadmills designed for home usually feature a DC motor while AC motors are found in pricier models intended for professional use. In the case of DC motors, you get a budget friendly option with enough horsepower but they are not intended for many hours of use per day. As a quick rule of thumb, you should expect motors up to 1.75hp to be able to handle 1 hour use per day, so they are ideal for one user. If you plan to use the treadmill for more hours continuously, like 2 hours per day, or plan to be used by 2 or 3 persons in a row, a motor with 2 or 3hp is a better investment. For large families or use in a professional environment you should look for AC motors in order to avoid downtime due to overheating. 

Weight Capacity

You will notice that each treadmill will have a different weight capacity. It is vital to read manufacturer?s specifications regarding the maximum weight of the user for each treadmill you are considering, making sure that their weight capacity is larger than your weight. This is a great indicator of how sturdy a treadmill will be under load. To be on the safe side, it is wise to pick a model that not only can handle  your weight but can easily handle 10% more. 

Running surface / Type of Workout

In order to pick the right treadmill for you, you need to take into consideration your body type and the type of workout you aim with the treadmill. There are plenty of models on the market that are 55 by 20 inches or so. These are a great option for walking but can be quite limiting for running especially for taller athletes. If you prefer running on the treadmill, a model with at least 60 inches by 22 inches is your best option. Anything less than 20 inches wide is not really a great investment, as even while walking you need to have no distractions and enough space in order to feel stable.  

Keep in mind that every case is different. An athlete might need a treadmill able to handle speeds of 12mph or more, while for someone just starting out, a treadmill that can reach 10 mph might be more than enough. These are some rough guidelines, so you are always advised to try the treadmills you are researching before committing to one model. In our recommendation you will see that we suggest different treadmills for different types of workouts to help you narrow down your research. Remember than budget options are good for walking and light jogging but if you want to run, sprint or into HIIT training, you better invest in a treadmill that can handle your workout. 

Track Cushioning 

This is a great advantage of treadmills that is vital for any workout. The track cushioning found at treadmills helps reduce the impact on your body while landing. If you like running or jogging this support will protect your joints from impact so it is vital to make sure that you feel comfortable with the cushioning provided from the treadmill. Try to use the treadmill at your favorite running speed before committing to one particular mode. You can find models in the market which feature adjustable cushioning, or even differential cushioning. Such features are usually found on more advanced and pricier models, yet if you are serious about your workout, you might consider including these models in your research. 


A treadmill that can be inclined will help you burn more calories and work with different muscle groups.  In most cases the treadmills that are designed for home use will be able to reach up to 12% incline, while some brands might also feature a small decline in their models. 

The cheapest options on the market won?t have such an option and only work flat, so in most cases these are not a great investment since they are not a future proof option. Looking for a motorized incline, or even manual incline adjustment options are a better value for money option in the long run. Keep in mind that it is wise to go for motorized options since manual adjustments would mean having to step off the treadmill and stopping your work out. In the long run, the amount of money you pay for a motorized incline is really worth it. 

Screen and Control Panel

Even though it comes down to personal preference, it is vital to pick a model that you find intuitive to use. You should be able to easily pick the speed settings you want and start and stop the treadmill with the push of a button. In most treadmills the screens will be able to highlight vital information like speed, calories burnt and heart rate among others. Make sure that the treadmills you are considering are providing the information you need at a glance, without having to push a lot of buttons. 

Some treadmills come with built-in speakers to use your favorite MP3 player in order to listen to some music. If you fancy that idea, you need to make sure that the treadmill is compatible with your device. There are models that feature Bluetooth connectivity, while others rely on audio cables. Keep in mind that having a USB port for charging your mobile phone, tablet, or music player is quite handy, so you might look for models that come with such a feature. 


It is wise to keep a model from a reputable brand that is backed by  a long lasting warranty. Since the treadmill is an investment you need to make sure that there are replacement parts in case you need to service it in the future. In most cases buying a treadmill from a trusted brand will ensure you get a sturdy and durable product that can handle the test of time, and be able to keep it running for many years to come with the right maintenance. Every now and then treadmills need to be lubricated, something you can do yourself with some silicone spray, but they also need belt replacement (like you change tires on a car for safety) after some years. Look for treadmills from brands like Horizon, Lifespan, Precor, Spirit, Bowflex, Adidas, Amila, Diadora, Reebok, Finnlo, Kettler, NordicTrack, Sole or  Schwinn,to name a few. 

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