Top 10 – best ultimate frisbee discs


Ultimate frisbee discs are the plastic toys which are used when playing. Their size is about 8 to 10 inches and primarily used for recreational purposes when there are two groups during the aggressive tournament game. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best ultimate frisbee discs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended ultimate frisbee discs:

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

If you are looking for Ultimate Frisbee discs but not sure where to start your research from, this product is probably your best bet. These discs are among the most popular discs on the market and their relatively low price also helps buyers get a great value for their money.

I like that you will find them in plenty of color variations to choose from, so you can easily pick different discs that will stand out, like the glow in the dark option. These are an affordable way for casual players to enjoy their game while staying within budget, but also great for tournaments and championships. They are high quality disc that met USA Ultimate Standards and will last the test of time.

Overall, this is a great product at a great price. If you are looking for Ultimate Frisbee Discs these definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind. If you are on a limited budget, these are probably the best value for money option on the market for the time being.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

This is another popular option, this time from Nite Ize that can be found at a reasonable price. I like that its a glow in the dark model that will allow you to have great fun during both night and day. The design allows for the whole disc to be illuminated and be visible from every angle, so if you fancy gaming at night this is a great option to consider.

The disc can be found in various colors to choose from and features an on/off switch for the illumination. It uses two 2016 3V batteries that are included so you can start right away. Overall, this is a durable, floating option that will allow for countless hours of fun. Definitely worth checking out, and the glow in the dark design puts this in a league of its own.

Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee 175g

If you are looking for an all-around frisbee, then this is a great option to consider without breaking the bank. This is a great product that can be used in serious games and competitions but I would also highly recommended for any enthusiasts who would love to have sun fun playing at the local beach or park.

The firsbee discs is made from premium plastic and feels durable and comfortable to use, ideal for both professional and recreational play. Designed for a great balance between speed and distance, this is a 175g disc that can perform great in any weather conditions. You can find this in 3 different colors and designs and all of them look stunning. Overall, if you like its design and fits within your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in these.

Discraft 175 Gram Super Color Ultra-Star Disc

This is another great product from Discraft, a well known manufacturer whose products are of top notch quality but can be found at great prices. If you are looking for a good looking disc you can take with you anywhere, you can check out these printed patterns from Discraft. I personally love the Starscape one but all look stunning.

These are quite affordable, they are not the cheapest option on this list but I would consider them a great value for money option if you like their design. They feel durable with a little bit of flex, and can certainly handle any weather condition. I would consider them the perfect companion for a trip at the beach, where you can have countless hours of fun with your friends and family.

Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Disc

The Innova Big Kahuna is quite a popular option that many enthusiasts swear by, and thanks to its reasonable price I would highly suggest you have a look at this if you are on a limited budget. You will find the discs in plenty of vibrant colors to choose from, with beautiful stamps.

This is among the heaviest option you will find in this list, able to handle strong throws and windy conditions. They feel very durable and with a little flex, these are probably going to stand the test one time. If you are looking for an affordable option to get started or want to expand your set, these will allow for many hours of fun for such a small investment. Definitely worth checking out before you make up your mind.

Innova Disc Golf Starter Set 

If you are starting out, this disc golf set from Innova is a great option to consider without breaking the bank. This is quite a popular set that is excellent for beginners at is comes with five discs to get you started. The set comes with firstway driver, mid-range drives, a faster driver and putter, allowing you to setup your game for such a small investment. Innova is a well known brand when it comes to disc golf discs, so if you can spot this option on a reasonable price, it’s a great investment that worth considering.

The driver is designed for maximum distance, while the putter will get you accurate throws. I would consider this an great introductory set that features everything you need to enjoy playing. Like any disc from Innova, this set features discs that are made from high quality plastic and their weight is great for beginners. Moreover, they are approved by the Professional Disc Golf association and have vibrant colors that look awesome. For its price, this is the most complete set for beginners. I would highly suggest checking it out before you make up your mind.

JBM Flying Sports Disc 175 Gram

JBM has some very cool ultimate frisbee discs on the market, so I highly suggest checking out their product line before you invest in your next set. They are made from high quality, durable materials and come in vibrant colors to choose from. These are an excellent budget-friendly option that will allow you to have some great plays in your garden but also great for when outdoors on the beach. If you are looking for a fun way to train strength, flexibility and accuracy with friends and family, these are a wise investment.

Their discs weight 175g and allow for easy packing with the rest of your gear. Overall, these are well built and can be found at a reasonable price. The edge of the disc is smooth and allow for a comfortable grip, ideal for beginners and a nice introductory option for younger players. Definitely worth considering, I would advice you have a closer look at these discs from JBM, especially if you are interested in value for money options on the market.

BOLT OneSevenFive Ultimate 175g

These discs from Bolt are ideal for anyone looking for a wide color palette to choose from. They are available in a huge range of eye-catching colors, and their UV reactive options are a unique twist that many will appreciate. These beautiful UV options are great for plays in the dark as they glow, allowing for great plays at dusk. The discs meet regulation weight standards as they weight 175g, and are ideal for beginners that want to tray a high energy sport with friends and family.

I would consider this a great kid-friendly option that can help you set up a game with such a small investment. They are made from durable, flexible plastic, so they can withstand some beating. If you are looking for a great solution for kids’ outdoor plays, this can be a great option as it will transform you backyard without hurting your wallet. They are ideal from kids aged 12 or above, and they offer superior quality at a reasonable price.

Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Frisbee Sport Disc (6 Pack) 

Discraft is the world standard for the sport of ultimate frisbee. It is also the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991. These discs feature a contoured grip and aerodynamic engineering. The Ultra-Star has set the standard for quality, consistency, and performance.

These are 175 gram Discraft Ultra-Star Ultimate disc. It is the most popular recreational throw and catch model. The Ultra-Star Ultimate disc is a great choice. It is easy to throw and catch and flies very stable. They are available in many colors and I would consider these a great choice for anyone of any level.

This is a bundle that will allow you to get started right away with a minimal investment. If you are interested in a set that won’t break the bank, I would advise you to have a closer look at this option as you can pick the 6 ultimate frisbee discs you want at quite a reasonable price. You can’t go wrong investing in these.

GoSports Ultimate Light Up Flying Disc

The GoSports Ultimate Light Up Flying Disc is a fun twist on normal discs. Each disc has 4 ultra-bright LEDs. This adds a lot of fun to any play and makes night time play possible and enjoyable. They are made from durable construction and lightweight materials for optimum flight characteristics.

The disc is also water-resistant to protect the lights inside. These discs weigh 175 grams and are available in different colors to choose from. Overall, I would consider these discs a great choice, with a soft and comfortable feeling in your had, at a great price.  You can achieve the perfect throw every time and the LED lights add a nice touch when playing at night. I would advise you to have a closer look at this model if you are interested in a glow in the dark option that won’t break the bank. 

Things to consider when buying ultimate frisbee discs:

Many enthusiasts believe that any disc is suitable for this game. Although it is good for the first experience, it’s not recommended for anyone who wants to master this game or gain a competitive advantage.

A useful guide is key to outstanding performance. When buying ultimate frisbee discs can be tricky mostly if you want, you are the first time buyer. This is because they have different features, and you may end up buying a counterfeit product without knowing. Here are factors to consider when buying ultimate frisbee discs.


Durability plays a significant role when buying the ultimate frisbee discs for they ensure long-lasting support. There are many frisbees discs on the market which are not durable and cheap. When you buy this frisbee, it will break easily.

Therefore, before you begin to purchase the frisbees disc, you need to consider its strength and durability. Even if you use a frisbee most of the time, this type of frisbee is durable.


Another important thing to consider when buying ultimate frisbee discs is material. Without the right quality material, the Frisbee disc cannot be perfect. Almost every frisbee disc is made of the plastic material. Plastic is an ideal material to these discs due to their exceptional durability.

Also, it is responsible for resistance to breakage and lightweight. While most of the discs are made of hard plastic, some are made of high-tech plastic that meets the throwing requirements.

When choosing the right plastic, make sure the disc is of constant weight and durable enough. You need good material to enjoy it.


Minimum weight is crucial to the ultimate frisbee disc to get the best performance. This ensures complete control while playing frisbee. People like to throw the frisbee disc from a different angle, sometimes to the right. This is possible if the weight of the disc is excellent.

Choosing the right disc can be a bit confusing when there are around 120g and 180g of discs listed. More massive discs, most of the time are considered more stable. Typically, this means more precise and control for an accurate shot.

Therefore, more massive discs are better for the adults looking for more reliable discs that will end up somewhere close to the basket.


Since the primary function of the ultimate frisbee disc is to allow for higher catches and throws, the grip is undoubtedly the significant factor to consider. The grip is possible if a rim is in better shape to facilitate easy catch.

If the gripping edge of the disc is hard to capture, the disc may fall out during the first throw. Alternatively, you can play safely with a comfortable grip and learn more quickly than usual. Some discs have grippy texture on the edges that makes it easy to grip. On some models, the edges are smooth enough to facilitate proper grip.

Similarly, they are less harm during the impact. Secure gripping is crucial for balanced and regular shooting against the invading foe in a game.


This is another important factor to consider when buying the ultimate frisbee disc. When throwing the Frisbee disc, remember that it is perfect for navigating when you are throwing.

Without getting the ideal shape of the Frisbee disc, it sometimes moves in the wrong direction. If you need to move the frisbee in the right direction, you need a Frisbee that has a good shape.


The price of the ultimate frisbee discs makes a big difference when it comes to buying one. People do their best while saving money, and this can bring the wrong frisbee. If you don’t choose the best price for the frisbee, it will work exactly the way you want it to.

Therefore, you must consider the price when getting the best ultimate frisbee disc. If you think about the price to have the best product, it pays off several times when playing.


Quality is crucial when buying the ultimate frisbee discs. Some scratches and bumps do not affect navigation in the air. However, with time, the plastic may harden and somehow become brittle, especially if left in the sun.

There are some models of the new Frisbee which are made of quality materials to make them more durable and more prolonged. This is the time when you need the frisbee disc with a little mentality in the design and production process to get the best distance and aerodynamics from the disc.


Safety when it comes to any game more so with the ultimate Frisbee disc is crucial. If the gamers are elderly and children, this should not be heavy, as it can hurt someone if you grab it. Otherwise, there is still a risk of collision injuries.

Rules or regulations on size or weight already apply to the competition. For safe play, there must be no obstacles in the playing area. It is also essential to be vigilant in order not to reach other players.

Colors and designs

Colors and designs play a significant role for many people when buying the ultimate Frisbee discs. However, you will find that the color of a disc is different in every game, so you will easily distinguish them and know which ones are in the game. Currently, yellow, red, blue, purple, and green are the standard colors used.

Some games have pink and orange but are not accessible. Some have neat and pretty designs, like tye-dye, American flags, and skulls. After all, quality comes first in design. This disk may look pretty cool now, but it will not help the game better than the solid disc.


Ultimate Frisbee discs make the game enjoyable to anyone who loves throwing. This means you need to be careful when buying them to ensure you get the right disc to make the game move on. There are many things to consider, and this will depend on your taste and features that you love.

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