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Wasps can be a nuisance to your house or garden. The control of wasps using pesticides can pose a health hazard to you and the occupants of the household.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best trap for your needs, but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended wasp and hornet traps:

Rescue YJTD-W Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

This is a great option if you need to trap yellow jackets during summer time. This is disposable trap that will attract yellow jackets and is a non toxic alternative for anyone that doesn’t want to use poison. Keep in mind that you better place it somewhere far away that you don’t have to smell it, probably hang them around your yard near a water source.

The Rescue! traps are well designed and highly praised for their effectiveness. They are designed so as to attract yellow jackets to the bait and eventually trap them inside to die for exhaustion. The traps can attract both queens and workers, so if you place them at the right season you might be able to trap the queen and eventually the yellow jackets won’t be able to built a nest. They are safe to use as they don’t contains toxic materials, and can be quite effective if you are careful with their placement. Try to place them around your yard, at a perimeter of around 20 feet and keep an eye in case they get full since you will need to dispose them.

You will find them at an affordable price, and come in packs of six so you can cover a large area. Keep in mind that this is a disposable solution, so once it catches yellow jackets you will have to replace it with a new one, so plan accordingly. They are very easy to use as you only need to place water inside along with a lute solution before you hang them around your ward. You will find that they come in two variations to keep based on your geographic location, as the model designed for Western U.S. is working for ground hornets and meat bees too.

RESCUE! TrapStik for Wasps, Mud Daubers, Carpenter Bees

This is quite a popular option on the market and thanks to its relatively low price, it is a great budget option you can consider. They are ideal to be used at your porch, or corners around your house, or any place wasps like to built their nests. They are very easy to use and you can simply toss it away when done.

They feature a sticky surface that can draw attention to wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers, and with the use of an aromatic lure it can caught insects from the surrounding area effectively. The plastic cage around the sticky surface is placed in order to avoid bird’s wings getting stuck but if you are careful with the placement of the trap, this is not vital to keep on. If you got a pool or a deck, this product is your best bet this it can be easily hang, plus it’s pesticide and chemical-free so you won’t have to worry keeping it away from plants and pets.

This trapstick features a new design with bird-guard and it is chemical-free. It has patterns and colors that are appealing to pests so it attracts them and they get stuck on its surface. This is a great product that if you take your time and place it wisely it can do wonders. Definitely worth considering if you have problems with wasp around your house.

Aspectek Wasp Trap 

This product from Aspectek is a great solution for your backyard as it is very easy to set up and works wonderfully. Thanks to its attractive pricing, this is a great investment that you can use even out in the rain, plus you can put any liquid you need in order to attract specific insects. You can place them at any outdoor area and are ideal to keep around your patio or deck in order to protect your family from wasps.

Aspectek is widely known for high quality home protection products when it comes to pests and insects, and this is no exception. They are technologically advanced and have a devoted team of scientists behind the development of their products which makes them highly effective. If you face problems with wasps or hornets, their product is a great addition for your patio, porch or corridors as they are deigned to lure wasps and trap them inside. They seems very durable so if you plan on using them for prolong periods of time these are your best bet as you can easily clean and maintain them instead of going for a disposable solution.

I like the fact that these come at a beautiful design that can complement your garden and easily blend compared to other wasp traps. The idea of producing the lure yourself is excellent since you can keep the cost very low and try different natural and non toxic lures to find the one at is more effective. There are tons of videos on the internet to help you and this durable, waterproof trap can be used many times until you get rid of your problem. Highly recommended if you don’t like disposable traps, this is a great one to consider without breaking the bank.

T Box Solar Powered Wasp Traps

Are you looking for a wasp trap that’s available at a competitive rate? Don’t search further than this T Box Solar Powered Wasp Trap.
Competitively priced, T Box Solar Powered Wasp Trap can compete with other brands with its stylish and aesthetically pleasing design. It is something that you can boast to close friends.

Available with dual entrance tunnels, you can be sure wasps and other insects cannot escape. Whenever they try to escape, they would be drowned in the liquid. That’s not all! It is durable and reusable, which helps you save some cash over time. The installation is also incredible.

Rescue YJTC-DB9 Yellow, Attractant Cartridge

Enjoy a insect-free environment with this Rescue YJTC-DB9 Yellow, Attractant Cartridge. Whether you live in areas with trees or bushes, there’s no need to spray harsh chemicals to get rid of pests. Simply set this non-toxic and safe trap. Once installed perfectly, it can get rid of all species of wasps, including hornets and yellow jackets.

Similar to T Box solar-powered wasp trap, Rescue YJTC-DB9 is available with a reusable trap with an attractant kit that lasts for around 2 weeks. Aside from residential use, this effective and non-toxic attractant is ideal for agricultural purposes.

Wuhostam Reusable 2-Pack Plastic Wasp Trap

Many species of wasps can be a headache. Wuhostam Reusable 2-Pack Plastic Wasp Trap can be a lifesaver.
Available with a yellow plastic design, it looks attractive to wasps. If you plan to kick off a summer party in the garden but are afraid of wasps, this product has been trusted by homeowners.

Perfect for different outdoor activities, you can use this wasp trap during camping or gardening. Another thing you would love about Wuhostam Reusable 2-Pack Plastic Wrap Trap is that it is eco-friendly. Thanks to its ABS plastic material. The design is not only safe but also reusable.

Victor M362 – Reusable Flying Insect Trap

Another top quality yellow jacket or flying insect trap is Victor M362. More then the style, it gets its job done as effectively as possible. It traps wasps, enabling everyone to enjoy any outdoor activities. Designed with the client’s convenience in mind, Victor M362 controls yellow jackets, fruit flies, and other types of insects.

Suitable to use for picnics, Victor M362 is also a perfect option for cookouts and camping. While some products are packed with harsh chemicals, Victor M362 serves as a natural bait, containing protein and carbohydrates. What else? It is an effective bait in different regions.

Terro T516

Terro T516 is another wasp trap that has been gaining a massive popularity in different corners of the globe.
What sets it apart from others? It catches yellow jackets, flies, and wasps. Available with an Insect Lock Cap, Terro T516 keeps insects inside.

How about the bait formula? Well, it is unique, safe, and odorless. The trap design, on the other hand, is reusable. When it comes to installation, it is relatively convenient. You can set it up with a smile in a minute or two. If you have something to ask or verify, there’s an instruction manual you can use.

RESCUE Non-Toxic Disposable Trap

Don’t let hornets and wasps ruin your experience in the garden with this RESCUE Non-Toxic Disposable Trap. Developed with a double-layer plastic bag, it can trap a wide variety of yellow jacket species. Designed with durable components, it is also easy to use and perfect for those who are less tech-savvy.

But wait, there’s more! It is available with a water-soluble attractant that can trick any insects and pests in your backyard. RESCUE Non-Toxic Disposable Trap is quick and convenient to clean. It is indeed a suitable solution for those who have a busy schedule. What are your thoughts? Add it to the cart now!

Fatal Funnel FFW-6P

Another excellent alternative you should take advantage of is Fatal Funnel FFW-6P. What makes it stand apart from competitors is that it can effectively kill hornets and wasps without compromising your safety. Available at a fair and reasonable rate, it is ideal for those who are on a tight budget.

Although it is affordable, it does not compromise its quality features. Made with the safest and active ingredients, it can help you get rid of pests according to your expectations. It comes with 6 traps, making it a flexible and complete package for homeowners out there. When you experience a hard time finding a wasp trap, you came to the right place.

Things to consider when buying a wasp and hornet trap:


The wasp trap is not a product for one-time use or temporary use. You need the trap for a couple of years. Thus you need to ensure that the material used to make it is durable. Heavy-duty plastic is the best material that will ensure your trap durability is not compromised.

Foolproof design

The model you purchase should be able to accommodate the insects and prevents them from escaping. The structure of the design should not have any escape route for the small animals. Otherwise, if the insects can escape, then it is not worth the investment.

Reusable features

The best designs of the wasp trap should be reusable. The problem of wasps occurs in various seasons, and you need a product for multiple uses, not just one-time use. Being reusable is cost-effective as you will only need to eliminate the captured insects and set it up for use again.

Simple to use and affordable

The concept of installation and usage should be straightforward. The method of adding bait should be simple. The price tag is also a significant consideration in the purchasing process.

Some manufacturers tend to exaggerate their prices. Since the task of the product is only to capture insects then it should have a reasonable price tag.

Dual entrances

For maximum functionality, the trap needs to have dual entrances and no exit. The two entries will increase the chances of the trap to capture wasp. It is also critical to ensure that the trap has a holding for bait.

The bait is the only reason the insects will be attracted to the bait system. However, if it does not have bait, then that trap is functionless.

Intelligent features

Intelligent features such as the ability to illuminate light. Such a product will be useful even at night as the wasp is attracted to the illumination of the beautiful lights.

If a manufacturer has included other intelligent features to maximize the usage of the trap, then you should consider buying such a product.

Although it is essential to note, the more the elements, the higher the price. Since it is a long-term investment, it is worth parting with a reasonable amount of money for the added features.

Final words

Wasp trap comes in handy, especially where you have a large infestation of wasps. The product works incredibly to ensure that any insect in your compound is lured to the trap and captured.

However, the buying process can be tedious as you are torn between available options in the market. The above factors will guide you to make a smart buying decision and buy a functional, durable, and affordable product.

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