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Clean water is vital for any household and these filters are designed to remove contaminants from the unfiltered water right at your faucet. A high-quality filter will be able to remove toxic substances, pesticides, chlorine among others, and provide water that is free of odor and tastes great. We’ve gathered a list of the most popular models on the market to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended water filters for the faucet:

PUR FM-3700

When it comes to filters, the PUR filters are a reliable and budget-friendly option. You can find the filter in chrome that can easily match your sink faucet and allow for quick and easy installation. This model features an LED indicator that displays the condition of the filter so you can easily tell when it needs a replacement which is quite handy. The filter can reduce contaminants in the tap water and it is designed to provide 100 gallons of filtered water or 2-3 months of typical use before you need to replace it. This is a great option considering its price that will help you get filtered water without breaking the bank and the replacement filters are also quite cheap so I would gladly recommend it for anyone looking for a water filter for their faucet.

Brita Tap System

Brita is also a well-known manufacturer, and this water filter system can help you reduce lead and contaminants in your tap water with minimal investment. It can be easily attached to your faucet and thanks to its chrome design it will easily blend with your sink. It is very straightforward to install and can filter out 60 contaminants like 99% lead, chlorine, benzene, and asbestos contaminants that are usually found in tap water. It will provide up to 100 gallons of filtered water before it needs a replacement or around 3-4 months of typical use. Overall a great investment for filtered, great-tasting water without breaking the bank, so I would highly recommend this Brita filter system if you like its design.

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

This model from Culligan is another popular choice that can easily fit standard sink nozzles with the included adapters. It has a chrome finish that can easily blend with your sink faucet and features an advanced filtration system that can reduce atrazine, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants from tap water. It will provide up to 200 gallons of filtered water before it needs replacement or around 2-4 months of typical use. The filter features a handy diverter tab that allows you to quickly switch from filtered water to tap water when needed. Overall a great solution that will help you get healthier and cleaner drinking water without a huge investment. The FM-25 is the chrome version while Culligan also has a white version of the filter system named FM-15, which you should also check out if you prefer a white model to match your faucet.

Waterdrop Faucet Filtration System

This model from Waterdrop is a popular choice since it can provide up to 320 gallons of clean water or 6 months of typical use. If you like the fact that you will filter less frequently, this is a great option for you. It is quite easy to install and has quite a has an effective filtration system that allows up to 65oz per minute, allowing you to fill up to 4 water bottles in one minute. Moreover, it features a simple switch lever that allows you to quickly switch to regular tap water when needed. If you are interested in a long-lasting filter, this is your best bet and can also be found online at a relatively low price which makes it also a value-for-money-option you should consider.

What to consider when buying a water filter?

The faucet-mounted units are convenient as you can install them on your preferred faucet and have lifetime purified water but still be able to have unfiltered water if you want to.

These faucet-mounted filters are quite easy to install and maintain without the help of a professional. The filters attach directly to the faucet and most models don’t even require tools for the installation. It is important to know the contaminants that are common in your local water so as to make sure that the filter you choose is able to remove them from the water.

These models need their cartridges replaced every now and then. Most filters will have a capacity of around 200 gallons of clean water before they need a replacement. For a daily used faucet in a house that can typically be around 2 months of use.

It is vital to pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. Make sure that you can easily obtain replacement filters in your area or at least buy them in bulk so as to have spare. It is wise to pick a mounted filter that matches the rest of the sink, a good looking filter will compliment your kitchen and won’t stand out as something added afterward.

Take your time when researching for a filter. You want to look for filters that are effective in removing contaminants found in your area while also have enough capacity to handle your household for at least 1 month otherwise you’ll spend way more on replacement cartridges.

Keep in mind that there are also other types of filters if you find that faucet-mounted ones are not suitable for you. For example, a pitcher-style filtration system is a great one even though it may not be as effective. Likewise, there are systems that can be installed under the sink, so if you are handy with tools they are also a great option to research for.

How do Tap Faucet Water Filters work?

it is vital to make sure you understand something before we explain how faucet filters work. The faucet-mounted filter is great to filter water, but it doesn’t purify it. Even though many misunderstood the use of faucet filters, it is vital to understand that those two terms are not synonymous.

These models can provide you with filtered water, while pure water is produced by reverse osmosis systems. In the case of reverse osmosis systems, they will remover up to 99% of contaminants found in water, in fact, a unit needs to be able to remove at least 95% of them in order to be called purifying system.

Water filters are able to improve the quality of the water but that doesn’t make the water healthy for you to drink necessarily. If the water in your tap is highly contaminated it can still be dangerous for your health after you drink it. This is a case where a purifier is best suitable.

Water filters rely on a cartridge whose components can filter contaminants found in water. Every brand uses its own cartridge filter which can differ as far as the interior components., yet they all work the same way.

This first stage of filtration is where large and small particles like dust and debris are stopped with the help of non-woven screens around the cartridge.

Once the water is free of rust and sediment the activated carbon block is the second stage of filtration that follows. This is the stage where contaminants are trapped as they are absorbed into the porous of the activated carbon. Such filters are good at removing chlorine but they can not filter out heavy metals.

Ann addition filter is needed at a later stage in order to filter lead, mercury but also but odor, and taste. It is vital to have a filter that has a slower flow rate as the time the water is in contact with the last filter will ensure that these are filtered.

The Benefits Of Faucet Filters

  • A filter will let you have healthier water and prevent contaminants from entering your drinking water.
  • They are very easy to install as you just need to attach them to your faucet, just a 5-minute job.
  • Drink water that is clean from the chlorine that may be used in municipal filtering facilities.
  • Drink water that has no bad odor or taste
  • Block heavy metals that can leak into the water through contaminated soil or distribution pipes.


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