Top 10 – best water gun for adults


Are you bored at home? Do you want to integrate family or friends into a distraction? And apart from that, suffocated by the heat? Water guns are a toy that never goes out of fashion.

It is the preferred toy and most requested by adults for the parties and especially in summer, as it is a fun way to cool off with family and friends. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research, but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended water gun for adults:

NERF Fortnite TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy

This NERF water blaster is quite a popular option on the market. It is inspired from the blaster gun used in the videogame Fortnite, and shares the same look and colors. The water gun can hold 1 liter, 36 ounces, or water and it is pretty easy to refill from the cap on the top.

This is a great water gun with a huge capacity and great accuracy. For its price, this is a water gun that worth a closer look if you like the design inspired by the video game.

Heytech 2 Pack Super Water Gun Water Blaster

This water gun set consists of two water gun and comes at a very attractive pricing. They have a capacity of 36 Oz and can shoot up to 32 feet distance. The water gun are very easy to use, and since they are not automatic you need to pull the pump in order to trigger them.

Overall a great set for a great price, definitely worth a closer look if you are looking for some sun outdoors. With a 32 feet range and 36oz capacity they can deliver a great experience.

Aeromax Astronaut Space Pack Super Water Blaster 

I wanted to include this Astronaut inspired water gun since it is a great value for money option if you like its design. The water gun is able to fire two water streams at the same time and works with a manual pump. It can fire up to 30 feet away and thanks to its twin tank you won’t have to worry about its water capacity capacity.

The two tanks on the back feature two straps that are easy to adjust so you can wear them as a backpack. Despite its low price, this is a high quality product that promises plenty of fun. If you like the design, this is an option that definitely worth a closer look while researching.

Things to consider when buying water gun for adults:

Here we present our guide to adult water guns, which will allow you to know their features and the aspects you should consider when buying one.

Why buy a water gun for adults?

It is a toy that does not go out of fashion so you can enjoy it for a long time with your family or friends.

As they are made of quite resistant materials, they withstand shocks and falls, and this will allow you to enjoy them for a long time.

It is a powerful socializing agent since you can meet new people and even create teams to compete and have fun parties with them.

What is the best option?

Without a doubt, the one with enough pressure and high capacity.

Consider the dimensions because it affects your movements and operations in the game.

General Features

· Capacity and Size: Capacity is essential because you don’t want to be reloading your water gun every so often. The capacity will depend on the size and design of the gun. 

Some designs add one or two additional compartments for the water tank. The largest can store up to 2 liters of water. 

Some models can accommodate 1/2 or 3/4 liter bottles. Even if you use them at parties, you can load them with drinks.

· Materials: The vast majority are made of highly resistant material (ABS) to guarantee its constant use and to withstand shocks and falls. They are made of plastic, an anti-wear, and waterproof material 

· Weight: They weigh very little. Its weight varies between 500 gr and 2 kg, including water.

· Range and Jet: The number of water outlets will vary according to the model you choose. Some options discharge 2 or 3 jets simultaneously. 

This feature is obtained in large size and more massive capacity guns. Regarding the scope, they have a more elaborate ejection system, a powerful water jet has a range of 9 to 11 meters of distance depending on the range of the product. 

It’s important to know that the range of water jet does not depend on the size of the gun, but on the system used to force the water out.

· Anti-Slip Handle: They come equipped with a good handle that will prevent them from losing their grip due to the water.

· High Strength Recoil: For non-trigger models. The shot is made by moving the sliding part from front to back, they are quite comfortable. Avoid water leakage while playing.

· With or without backpack:

There is a wide variety of water guns. Backpackers obviously have a much broader reach, as the water is stored in a container outside the gun, but they are also more uncomfortable and bulky.

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