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Sprinkler Controllers are a great investment for your expensive lawn as it can help you minimize the water bill while also schedule the best time for watering. An irrigation controller is vital since the best time to water the lawn is early in the morning and in some locations, it might need watering several times per day. A Wifi sprinkler controller gives you the option to remotely control such function and water your garden even from miles away. Let’s have a look of the best wifi sprinkler controller you good buy today:

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What to consider when buying a wifi sprinkler controller? 

Some sprinkler let you use them along with other smart devices like Alexa, Echo or web applications like IFTTT. It is advisable to research until you settle on a wifi controller that features the devices you want it to work with. There are plenty of controllers that need to be manually set so keep that in mind in case you need help setting up for the first time, on the other hand, there are a lot of devices offering to do your watering automatically so there are devices that can cover even then needs of a novice.

The best of the controllers feature real-time weather integration in order to track data and be able to use water efficiently. Look for a controller that lets you handle multiple zones are such feature is vital if you decide to water a large property or want to expand the system in the future.

There are models that are able to work with your garden hoses but most of the controllers need to be connected to their own water supply. In either case, you may need assistance from a professional in order to implement the system and design your watering zones effectively. If you decide to mount the unit outdoors you should look for a controller that is waterproof as they are not all of them able to withstand weather conditions.

It is advisable to pick a model that features notifications so that you would get a notice of jobs completed. Most of the times this can be implemented using IFTTT but still have a look at the specifications of each device before purchasing. Wifi Controllers need to be connected to the internet to get weather data so you have to make sure that there is a strong enough wifi signal at the area you plan to put the controller.


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