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A lawn sweeper, also known as leaf sweeper, is a great tool that can help you collect leaves, pines and other debris from your yard without hustle. We’ve gathered the most popular sweepers on the market, in order to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives today:

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What to consider when buying a yard sweeper?

They save you so much time gathering all in one spot for you to compost and make sweeping a lot easier and faster. They are quite easy to operate and can pick a large amount of debris with minimum passes over your yard. They are found in different types to accommodate everyone’s need so you can pick a model that is suitable for you from a range of models.

The power sweepers, also known as grass sweepers, are powered by gas or electricity and they most often come with a shredding device that can reduce the volume of debris before collecting.

The push movers are meant for lighter use and smaller yards as they don’t feature an engine and need to be pushed to work. They are the quietest option if noise is something you are concerned about.

Last but not least the two behind sweepers are one of the most popular choices for those with a large yard as the feature large capacity and are used attached to a tractor or ride on lawnmower. They are by far the most efficient type for large yards and an absolute must for commercial work.

Pick a yard sweeper for a reputable brand that comes with a long-lasting warranty. If you decide on a push sweeper look for models that are lightweight and let you adjust the height so as to be comfortable when using it. Make sure that it is made of durable materials to stand the test of time and come with a large bag yet one that can be disconnected easily so as to empty it out.

If you go for a tow-behind sweeper make sure that it is made of a sturdy construction that will complement your tractors for many years to come. Pick the largest capacity within your budget for fewer passes and time spend on sweeping.


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