Top 10 – Plasma Cutter Art

  1. Sculptor Dan Rawlings is a UK based artist that has created some unique pieces, find more artworks from him at :


2. MaltbyMetalworks is seller on ETSY that has some pretty interesting pieces that caught my attention. Here is the one I loved the most but make sure you for more:

3. QueenCityFab has some clever metal art on their and creates some fabulous Custom made signs. If you are looking for a great looking metal signs pay them a visit:

4. I found while browsing on Pinterest I was stunned by their work. They make custom order for signs and to be honest I’m really thinking I should get myself one some day:

5. has made this awesome bathroom sign that I can’t get out of my head lol.

6. How about a “Tree of Life” decoration? I dig the black color!  See more from

7. I’ve seen a simular design on a wedding reception and I loved it from the first sight. How about you? You can find more designs from

8.  Metal art from your favorite photo? I absolutely loved the idea! If you have any cute/funny photo you can ask for a custom living room decor at their shop:

9. I think this one is one of the best gifts you can buy for a guitar enthusiast! The aged patina make it breathtaking! Browse shop for more designs but I absolutely loved the guitar one:

10. I liked this powder coated sign and I love that the tree of life blends so nicely on a wedding sign! Made by who has a shop on Etsy if want to browse for more designs like this.


See if you are interested in creating some art yourself!

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