Scariest Horror Movies

Scariest Horror Movies

The Exorcist

I’ve seen this movie much younger, at the age of 10. Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping the following nights. Later on, The Exorcist was re-released with some more cutscenes. That time I thought that I should go to the cinemas and give it a second chance since I was older and more mature. To be honest I haven’t seen it and I have to admit I’m afraid to watch it. Childhood trauma I suppose lol.

The Evil Dead

I watched this movie as I’m a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and my friends told me that the story of the movie was around the book of the dead, known as Necronomicon. I don’t remember much, the only thing I remember was blood and massacre everywhere. I have to watch it again sometime but I would only recommend it to fans of splatter movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I quite enjoyed the first 2-3 movies. I didn’t like the rest that were released. This is a must watch for every horror enthusiast out there. I love the fact that Freddy Krueger was introduced as a character in Dead by Daylight video game. Can you guess which character I pick in the game?


I watched the first Saw at the cinemas and I really loved it. I was speechless at the end of the movie. If you haven’t seen it you miss one of the horror movies out there. The rest of the series is good too but I lost count at some point. If you want to see one Saw movie, then start from the first one, it’s the best of them for my taste.


I still think that Hellraiser was revolutionary at the time of its release. I’m not quite sure how it would hold up with today’s standards but if you haven’t seen the movie I urge you to do so. I loved the soundtrack too.

Child’s Play

I’m still afraid of that doll, in fact, if someone tries to prank me with this doll I might have a heart attack. Be warned.


I must admit that I love John Carpenter. This is the first movie I saw from him and I’m still haunted by that soundtrack.

The Visit

I’ve seen this movie with my friends since we all liked previous work of Shyamalan. The point is that my friends really enjoyed the movie, whereas I was expecting a little more from Shyamalan. I guess it depends so I’ll point it as an honorable mention and you can watch it and judge for yourself. Not a bad movie, just not what I hoped for! Still scary!

The Ring

This is also a controversial movie. I prefer the Japanese version of the film while some of my friends prefer the remake. I think it is a must-watch film if you like horror movies but you have to decide which you like the most. I suggest starting from the original Japanese release.

The Shining 

I love Jack Nicholson and I love Stanley Kubrick, so “The Shining” couldn’t be left out of this top ten. I’ve watched the movie when I was younger, but I decided to watch it again this year. Still brilliant! I think the scene with the two young girls is haunting me in my sleep.



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