How To Successfully Backpack Around The Globe

Travel off-season

It is highly advisable to book your trip offseason. First and foremost it will be quite cheaper to book tickets and hotels so you can easily save some money or even extend your stay. You can even find flight tickets for almost half the price if you book early. Moreover, you will get the chance to enjoy your destination without having to spend time waiting to enter tourist attractions.

Staying in a hostel

It can help you save money compared to hotels. You can decide if you want to share the room but in many hostels, you can even book single rooms if you want. Keep in mind that in most cases you can find quite interesting people to share your dorm with and even make some new friends.

Use public transportation

Try to avoid cabs especially when traveling from and to the airport. In most cities, you will be able to use public transportation quite cheaper and routes connecting to the airport are generally on time and quite fast compared to busy streets. Look for discounts too as in most cases you will be able to get a full day or weekly ticket to save even more. Quick tip, try to take a bus when arriving at a new destination as this is the cheaper way to take a tour around the city and spot some interesting places for your stay.

Look for car sharing apps

There are many popular car-sharing applications like Uber that can save you a lot of money too. Plan ahead since in some countries these applications are prohibited or not yet implemented by in many cases you will be able to get to your destination cheaper and more conveniently by sharing a ride.

Avoid Tourist Traps

To be honest, shop owners near tourist attractions tend to treat tourists different than locals. You will face higher prices very often so it’s advisable to avoid these traps set up for tourists by visiting places where the locals would go. Don’t be afraid to ask locals to suggest you places to eat, drink and enjoy your stay. If you don’t feel like asking, just follow them around town until you spot places you like, that would work too.

Plan, but remain flexible

It is vital to be prepared before going our backpacking. Keep notes of places you want to visit, things you were suggested to try, but always be open to new opportunities that might arise. You never know who you would meet when backpacking and don’t hesitate to follow your instinct even though you might get out of schedule, this is not the end of the world.

If you’re a student, bring your ID

In most case, students can get great discounts on tickets around the globe so don’t forget to get your student ID with you when packing. In museums, you can also get some discount tickets if you are a student or teacher too.

Get travel insurance

Some credit card companies offer travel insurance so it is wise to ask them beforehand. In most cases, if you have a credit card such travel insurance is your best bet when abroad.

Book early and smaller carriers

Try to book offseason but in general, you are advised to book as early as possible too. In some case, you can get a great discount on flight tickets and also try smaller carriers too, especially if you are backpacking. If you can plan and book your trip one year earlier, please do, you will be amazed how cheaper it will be.

Eat street food

Street food is a great way to be introduced to the local culture but also a great way to save some money too. Look where the locals eat and most often you will be quite pleased you didn’t spend money eating in a restaurant, after all, street food is all about the traditional food of each country.