Best Tips On Plasma Cutting Safety


If you are interested in purchasing a plasma cutter, here are some useful tips for safe operation:

  1. Only allow trained personnel to operate the Plasma Cutter
  2. Always use eye protection when operating the machine. The best option is to buy auto-darkening eyewear.
  3. Avoid wearing clothes that leave your body unprotected. You can get skin burn from sparks in no time.
  4. Don’t forget to cover your hands. Operators should wear gloves and carry the shield at all times.
  5. Proper Rubber boots are a must. Not only they would protect your feet, but also improve your balance and prevent slipping.
  6. Pick your working area clean. Remove any combustible materials and have a fire extinguisher within reach.
  7. Always wear a respiratory mask while operating for lung protection. Fumes that are produced are toxic.
  8. Have your machine grounded in order to avoid electrocution.
  9. It is highly advisable to have extra ventilation installed in your cutting area.
  10. Read the manual of the unit and instructions regarding cutting the materials you work on.


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