Top appliance brands you can trust!


I still remember when I was a kid that we had a pretty old refrigerator in our kitchen. In fact, that refrigerator was a wedding present for my parents long before I was born. Long story short, the refrigerator lasted in our house for more than twenty years of use and abuse, until one day my parents had to buy a new one since it would be quite costly to repair it. Fast forward, today I have already bought two refrigerators in my lifetime and both started acting weird just a little over a two years period. I have to admit that the refrigerators I got for myself were not from some major brand, still, I had the assumption that they would last like my old trusty one from my parent’s house. What I’m trying to say is, I believed that the machines I bought would be as reliable as our old own but didn’t pay much attention to which brand I’ve chosen, so if I had the chance to travel back through time, I would have made a better-educated purchase!

This is the very reason of this article, I would like to highlight you some brands that make plenty of appliance for everyday use, and still haven’t proved me wrong for trusting them. So take it with a grain of salt, but here is a list of what I’ve purchased in the last 10 or years of my life and can vouch for since I had zero issues with them through the years despite daily use.

  1. First in my list would be my TV. I have an LG 55″ in my living room and even though it is playing in the background for the most part of the day, I had zero complaints, zero dead pixels, and I didn’t have to travel to back and forth to service the TV, not a single day. Your mileage may vary but LG gets my vote at least based on my experience in their TV line.
  2. PC monitors… well that’s a tough one. I had at least two Samsung monitors failed after prolonged use and another one made by LG. If I had, to be honest, I would tell you that I would gladly buy Samsung monitors again, because I love them. I still have trust in Samsung and LG, but I got a part of their productions line that had pretty cheap capacitors used, that eventually had to be replaced. I would give Samsung a yellow card for not going for the better capacitors in the first place but I would gladly trust them. The only brand I would value more as far as PC monitors are concerned is Dell, but their products are out of my budget.
  3. Refrigerators…. well as I’ve told you, I’ve gone for two, not well-known brands when I got me those refrigerators. I don’t want to blame the brands or name them as I guess they might have improved big time since my purchases, but I want to highlight my LG refrigerator I got just after having those two dying on me. Having gone back and forth replacing refrigerators I can tell you that having appliances plugged in and operating without worries is valuable. I got a good old trusty LG, nothing fancy, but if I had to warn you with only one thing, I would argue you to get a well-known brand when buying so large appliances, moreover pick from a reputable market place where they can deliver to your door but also cover you in case you have to service it. That was not my case for the first two purchases so you can learn from my mistake.
  4. I got a humidifier for my office and I’ve been very pleased with my purchase. It’s a model from Delongi and works as intended from day one. If I had to purchase one for my home I would go for the same brand, hands down. A friend of mine had a Mitsubishi one and had no problem too. Try to not go for Chinese brands if your budget allows it.
  5. I got experience from three different air conditions, the one I had installed in my home is a Mitsubishi one and thought I use it rarely I haven’t had a problem for the last ten or so years but yet I have it serviced every year. The other two air conditions are in my office and are made from Toyotomi. They were a little pricier than the one I had purchased for my home but I still use them every day of the year and I had absolutely zero problems for the last five years. Since the technology of air conditions is improved day by day, I would assume they would have only got better since I purchased them, highly recommended brands.
  6. My first vacuum cleaner was from Daewoo, a cheap model I just say. It served me well for around three years so for its price I guess it is a good investment. I had to replace it with a canister vacuum, where I decided to go with Miele. It’s been four years since I purchased it and I had zero problems. If a Miele vacuum cleaner is within your budget then don’t hesitate. I had to stretch my budget a little to afford it but I haven’t regretted it.
  7. I have two coffee machines since I love coffee. My first one was a cheap espresso maker from Delongi that still works as intended but have been replaced by a newer coffee maker with all the bells and whistles by Phillips. I’m not sure I would suggest someone buy a cheap coffee maker, I would probably suggest to make your market research and get a model that has all the features you are going to use right from the start. I love my Phillips coffee maker and I would gladly get a similar one in case it fails in the future, but still, it’s been over three years of daily use so I couldn’t ask for more.
  8. For my kitchen, I started using my mother’s old and trusty Siemens oven but even though It had some quirks after many years of daily use when it was the time to get me a new oven I didn’t hesitate for a second and got me a new kitchen from Siemens. To be honest, there are many reputable brands out there but I decided to stick with the same brand. If I had to buy from another brand then I would go for Bosch, a friend of mine had one for like ten years and still going strong.
  9. I got myself a Whirpool washing machine, quite on the cheap side of the market and I still have it, more like ten years or so. I had it serviced once since I broke its mechanism by my silly mistake of not securing its inner department before use, yeah silly me, but despite my error, it still works as intended. Just make sure you buy a washing machine that is big enough for your household.
  10. Last but not least, my juicer. I love squeezing fresh fruits and I got myself a Kenwood juicer that is a delight to use. I only got it for two years but not a single problem so I can suggest a Kenwood juicer for sure. I was quite cheap actually, I might go get a second one for the office.

So here is my list of ten appliances I have tried in my home or office that I can still suggest the brand/manufacturers as they work as intended from day one. I hope you liked it and it might be handy if you are looking for tested and reputable brands for your home appliances. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can have a look at various websites that took the time to research the percentage of serviced to sold appliances for each manufacturer, looking for the more reliable brand of 2019. Here is one to start your research.