Best Destinations And Hot Spots



Although the secret of the country’s pristine landscapes is out, tourists have not yet started flocking to its breathtaking 2,700km of sandy beaches. Visitors who crave travels off the beaten tracks can visit Wahiba Desert to go sandboarding and take camel rides, while more sophisticated travelers can head to Muscat for its gorgeous hotels and authentic souks.

Hainan Island

Take note of the exotic name of this tropical Chinese island with the desert beaches, coral reefs, rainforests and hot springs. This little Eden southwest of Hong Kong, with its distinct Asian vibe, has already been recognized as the new Phuket attracting large luxury hotel groups such as the Banyan Tree Sanya Resort.

Santa Lucia

Attracting loyal visitors, some as famous as Oprah Winfrey, this exotic Caribbean island manages to retain a low profile, despite its extreme natural beauty. A pristine rainforest, sparkling waterfalls, and volcanic peaks will fiercely compete with the Caribbean’s famous azure waters and white sandy beaches. Explore this diverse mixture of sea and land from the luxury of one of Jade Mountain’s suites, each with a private infinity pool and spectacular views of the Piton Mountains.


Rising imposingly from a vast natural amphitheater, the eerie pink, orange and red natural rock formations at Monument Valley under the sharp blue skies will make you feel as if you have landed on another planet. Still, you are in the heart of the Wild West, where you may indulge in adrenaline-oriented activities (hiking, mountain biking, rafting, skiing) or opt for a more relaxing version offered by the luxurious Amangiri which recently opened in Southern Utah, a stone’s through from the Grand Canyon.


Europe’s eternal enchantress, the city of lights is much more than a romantic getaway. Imposing monuments and landmarks, endless museums, intriguing cuisine, appealing haute couture, and a vibrant nightlife provoke the senses, reaffirming the French capital’s timeless allure. Legendary hotels, such as the famous Le Meurice or the Crillon, have become the city’s new temples, recruiting modern designers to challenge their classical character.


Its breathtaking topography combines deep Amazonian jungles, the soaring Andes Mountains and the hallucinogenic salt flats of Uyuni. To complete this idyllic image add the gorgeous pre-Incan ruins and the friendly locals. Here, thrill seekers have just found their latest favorite extreme-sports zone, as it combines unparalleled diversity, breathtaking natural beauty, and low prices. If you are anxious to travel off the beaten path you may even choose to stay in a hotel made out of salt.


“The renaissance of an Eden” could be the title of this scenic country, with its gorgeous 1,500-mile Indian Ocean coastline. Afro-jazz is the soundtrack which will accompany you through the pristine white sand, palm tree-lined beaches of its archipelago and the colonial ambiance of its capital, Maputo. Sailing on and diving off, or taking on a safari will keep you on the move—that is, of course, if you manage to part from the idyllic eco-minded lodges, such as the seductive Vamizi or the Guludo Beach Lodge

Tel Aviv

Less than 100km away from Jerusalem’s holy sites lays a city bustling with partying crowds. The trendy, hedonistic and vibrant capital of Israel boasts a contemporary art scene, pretty beaches, hot temperatures, an enchanting beachfront promenade, crowded cafes, and buzzing nightlife. Its liberal attitude is enhanced by the exquisite Bauhaus architecture that won the city a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.


A charming blend of baroque villages, vineyards, ancient ports, and remote coves, Sicily seems to live in a state of constant battle between rationalism and sensuality. Several centuries of foreign domination have granted the island a cultural diversity which enhances its natural untamed beauty. Loyal to their legacy, Sicilians will proudly welcome you to their elegant Palazzi and villas, promising an authentic, unforgettable experience.