Best Movies For Escape Room Fans

In case you didn’t know by now, I love escape rooms and I guess many of you would also love them as much! So today, I’d like to highlight some movies that I’ve seen myself, or proposed to me, that are worthy of a home movie night! To be honest, I will include in this list movies that are not about being stuck in a room per se, or evolve solving puzzles. I would include movies from broader categories and I’ll try to include trailers of them so as to check out if you find them interesting to watch. So let’s hop on:

Exam – 2009

This one is highly related to stuck in a room genre. In fact, the whole movie involves eight candidates that are into an exam room of a corporation, locked with one final test to answer one question in order to be considered for a highly desirable job. I really enjoyed this movie and I would highly suggest anyone watch it, not just escape room fans.

Cube – 1997

Yes, you’ve read right! The movie was launched in 1997. The cube is a horror movie where complete strangers are trapped into a maze with plenty of rooms that look identical, yet full of lethal traps. A must watch for sure! There was also a sequel to the movie and a third one that was more futuristic. I really enjoyed the first one but if you have the time why not see the whole series.

Saw – 2004

I guess you are familiar with the Saw movies, but in case you’ve never heard of them, the plot is based on complete strangers that are locked into deadly traps, trying to find a way to escape. Be prepared for blood with these ones! Even if I’ve seen the whole Saw sequels, I would urge you to see at least the first one, launched in 2004, which is essentially a movie about strangers trapped into a room! Worth a watch for sure!

La habitacion de Fermat a.k.a.  Fermat’s Room (2007)

Well if you want to watch just one movie from this list, just go with this one! The story involves four mathematicians that are invited by a mysterious host. The problem starts when they need to solve puzzles in order to prevent the walls from closing in and eventually kill them. Just watch it! You’ll thank me later!

Panic Room (2002)

Ok, here is something different for a change. Not a horror movie and obviously don’t except puzzles. The movie is based on a mother and a daughter moved into a new house and while three men break-in they have to stay hidden in the panic room. It’s all about the atmosphere in this one. Worth a watch for Jodie Foster alone!

Escape Plan (2013)

When I watched this movie, it reminded me of escape rooms, even though there is no horror or puzzles involved. Escape plan, starring Stalone and Schwarzenegger, is a movie where a famous for his breakouts from high-tech prisons is stuck inside a fortified prison, trying to find a plan to escape. More action and fewer puzzles in this one surely worth some popcorn!

Infinity Chamber – 2017

I haven’t seen this one yet but it is on my watchlist! In brief, a man is trapped into an automated prison and in order to escape he needs to be smarter than the computer that keeps him imprisoned! I’ll let you know when I watch it or leave a comment if you’ve seen it, who was it?

House of 9 – 2005

Nine strangers drugged, kidnapped and sealed in a house. Does that ring a bell? To be honest, I didn’t really like this one, but your mileage may vary. Still worth a watch for escape room fans though.

Escape Room (2017)

This was the first time I heard of a movie about escape rooms and you can obviously guess by its name that it involves friends going to fun some fun into a typically escape room. Long story short, they are actually trapped and try to find a way out or else they will end up dead. Don’t except much, still it is based on an escape room gone bad situation that at least worth to watch one time.

Escape room (2019)


Ok, I guess I don’t have to explain much to you about this one! Fast forward to today’s age we finally get a movie that is based on “escape rooms” and has a budget to make a modern movie. Well, I guess you’ve seen this one already, if not then go and watch it already!

Honorable Mentions: 

I’d like to mention a few more movies that reminded me of escape rooms in case you want to search a little more. A friend proposed to me “Breathing Room -2008” and “The Killing Room – 2009) but I haven’t watched them yet. Who knows? Might be something awesome… Also an honorable mention to Phone Booth… Not a room per se, still Colin Farrell got stuck into a phone booth for a while!