Top Ten – Best Restaurants of the World


El Bulli, Spain – CLOSED

Taste award-winning chef Ferran Andria’s modern haute cuisine menu, based on molecular gastronomy, at this three-Michelin-star spot this June, when it is expected to reopen its doors! (11- dish tasting menu, €225 per person)

Pierre Gagnaire, France

A pioneer of modern French cuisine, chef Pierre Gagnaire is renowned for his inventive and imaginative recipes. (9-dish tasting menu, €100-260)

Nobu, Dubai 

The signature dishes of renowned Japanese chef Nobu, such as black cod or new style sashimi, have finally arrived in Dubai. Surrounded with large hand-woven abaca panels, evoking an environment submerged under an ocean wave, this hot spot features a dramatic atmosphere worthy of its chef’s reputation. (Menu from €100)

The French Laundry, US

Since taking over in 1994, chef Thomas Keller has put this spot’s name on the world map of first-rate restaurants. With three Michelin stars and a menu offering exceptional American cuisine with French influences, you can expect only one downfall to indulging in this pleasure: a two-month waiting list. (14-dish tasting menu, €185 per person)

Tetsuya’s, Australia

Recognized for his excellent Franco-Japanese fusion cuisine, Japanese chef Tetsuyan Wakuda combines works by classic masters with the seasonality of Japanese cuisine and Australian fares, such as Tasmanian trout and shellfish, to wow diners. (13-dish tasting menu, €150) Ο Ιάπωνας Tetsuya Wakuda έχει αναγνωριστεί ως ο αντιπροσωπευτικότερος εκφραστής του Franco-Japanese fusion.

Gambero Rosso, Italy

A cornerstone to chef Fulvio Pierangelini’s success is his commitment to use fresh ingredients and provide a personal presence in the kitchen. The restaurant is closed when he is absent from the kitchen. (Menu from €150 per person)

Hamadaya, Japan

Enjoy quality Japanese cuisine at this top-notch restaurant, recently awarded three Michelin stars. (Multi-dish tasting menu, €140 per person)

L’ Hôtel de Ville, Switzerland

Since taking over the kitchen in 1996, replacing Freddy Girardet, chef Philippe Rochat has advanced the menu by relying on seasonal and fresh ingredients, and by integrating contemporary techniques to the mentality of French cooking. (14- dish tasting menu, €195 per person)

Vendome, Germany

Germany’s best restaurant, housed in a magnificent five-star hotel, keeps its high standing by serving French cuisine with classic influences created by three-Michelin-star chef Joachim Wissler. (Menu from €140 per person)

Noma, Denmark

Multi-awarded chef Rene Redzepi combines fresh ingredients from all parts of Scandinavia to create exceptional Norwegian cuisine by the sea. (7-dish tasting menu, €120 per person).

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