Best Card and Board Games


This is a game that we used to play on pretty long game nights! It’s a strategy game for two to six players. It is played on a board that features the political map of Earth, divided into territories, grouped into six continents. Long story short you need to conquest and conquer territories and eventually eliminate the other players. It is pretty straight forward but be prepared that it can be quite lengthy, taking many hours from start to finish. We loved it so much that we printed a huge political map that we used as our new board. In later years so also bought various versions of the game, like Lord of the Rings, which is based on the same concept but based on the map of Middle-Earth. Long story short, it is highly recommended and with so many variations you will definitely find a concept you would like more.


Obviously, Monopoly is a well-known board game, and we think it shouldn’t be left out of any game room. For those of you who might not know, in Monopoly, you move around the board by rolling the dice, and you can buy/trade properties, houses, and hotels. The final goal is to collect rent from other players until you drive them to bankruptcy. The game has been updated through the years and got many editions to choose from, most of them themed for different countries and regions too. On the other hand, if you like the idea but prefer playing with a twist, you can also find “parody” editions of Monopoly too.


This is a game I used to play when younger with my family, and I still find it pretty amusing. For those wondering, it is a word game where you try to make up words with the letters on your hand, and those already placed on the 15×15 grid-board. Based on the letters you choose to use you collect points. It’s been translated into 29 languages so you can even play it in your native language if you like. I think it is a great addition for any game room and definitely, you would have a great time playing with friends and family.


With the rise of popularity of escape rooms, it was high time that similar games will be turned into board games. The Exit games are one of them and even though every Exit game is standalone, there are plenty of variants/extensions that you will have the chance to play through many stories. We have played two or three of them already and we loved it but the only bad thing is that it can only be played once since you’ll know the answers to the riddles. Well, to be honest, they are quite cheap to buy so you can start with 1 or 2 stories for a night, that will be around 1-2 hours long to complete, and if you eventually want more you’ll get the next stories later. I think you have to try at least one and you’ll decide if you want to collect more but if you like solving riddles this is a great game to spend 1-2 hours with your friends.


This can actually be my most played game ever. It is a card game in case you haven’t heard of, which features “dreamlike-surreal” illustrations. The game is pretty straight forward where a “storyteller” describes his card and the other players have to guess the card among other cards that were proposed. The game has around 10 expansions through the years, adding more cards to the card deck you originally get. We really loved the game so much that we got plenty of the expansions already, but unfortunately not all of them yet. It is highly recommended and you should at least try the original game once. Keep in mind it is quite addicting.

Love Letter

Love letters is a great game especially if you like face paced games that feature cards but not boards. It is pretty interesting and reminds me a little of the night at the Palermo, but I like this one a lot more. The game was quite a success that the developers created versions of the game featuring Archer, Batman and Hobbit Themes. All in all, it’s quite portable, quite affordable and it worths a try definitely. We still like to play it on a weekly basis, and you’ll never get bored even if you play with the same party of people.

Trivial Pursuit

To be honest, I try to avoid any knowledge-based games, but this one is a great addition to your game room. There are also variations whose questions target specific time periods or themed on movies like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. For those of you who may never play Trivial Pursuit before, it is a game based on questions, so when you answer the questions correctly, you keep rolling the dice and move around the board. The final goal is to get six colored pieces-tokens, answering six different categories, that can be obtained only on six specific locations on the board. Well, To be honest, you have to try it at least once in your lifetime and you get to decide if its something that you would play with your friends. For us, we may not play it regularly, yet we try to play it on a monthly basis.


The game was first introduced in 1949 and gained huge popularity since then. It is a mystery game revolving around a murder, where players need to pick who is the murderer, where the murder happened and the weapon that was used. Each player moves around the board collecting clues while representing one of the six characters-suspects. This is a must have game for your collection, you’ll thank me later.


Every once in a while we like to try something different and Jenga is a great game that needs dexterity and eye-hand coordination from the players. For those wondering, the game is made out of 54 wooden blocks that you initially set up in a tower build. Players need to remove blocks one by one and place their picked piece on top until the tower eventually falls after someone’s attempt. Definitely get one!


I really love the illustrations on this card game and the humorous take on role-playing games! The game was quite a success and has like 50 or so extensions so you get the point! For anyone wondering what to except, the players start like level 1 and their goal is to reach level 10, or level 20 in some variations of the game. You gain levels by killing monsters and use cards to upgrade your items and increase your stats. You can also sell gear in order to get gold that can be used to level up. Well, you actually have to play it once to see their take on roleplaying, and I guarantee that you will have quite a laugh with the game. A must have, at least the original game, but be prepared as it can get quite competitive when players reach towards level 10.

Well, this is the list of card and board games that I liked the most from our game room. I definitely think you must at least try them and I can guarantee that you will love a lot of them! Have fun with your friends and family on game nights!

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