The Best Riverwalks Around The World!


Ganges, Varanasi, India

The Hindus gather on the banks of the River Ganges to purify themselves in the waters, wash their clothes and even burn their dead. You will see all this as you walk along the west bank, where you will come across more than 100 ghats – platforms with stone steps leading down to the holy waters.

The Danube, Budapest

The river that inspired Johann Strauss to compose one of the most memorable classical music pieces also divides the city of Budapest into two parts: the contemporary Pest and the historic Buda; it is recommended you walk along the older side of the river, using the Royal Palace as a point of reference.

The Seine, Paris

The Seine is one of the main reasons for walking around this city is such a great pleasure. Start on the south bank, Rive Gauche, and use any of the stunning bridges you meet along the way – including the historic Pont Neuf – to travel from one side to the other with grace and ease.

Ohio River, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

The Ohio River starts in Minnesota and, based on water volume, is the largest tributary of the Mississippi River. Follow the North Shore Trail, lined with parks, shops, restaurants, and museums, including the Andy Warhol Museum.

The Thames, London

Starting from the iconic Big Ben, cross Westminster Bridge to find yourself on the fascinating South Bank, along with the length of which you can admire the impressive London Eye, the Royal National Theatre and the Tate Modern as you approach Tower Bridge.

The Tiber, Rome

As you walk along the north side you will come across the Ponte Umberto I and the Palace of Justice, the Ponte Sant’ Angelo that leads to the Castel Sant’ Angelo built under Hadrian’s rule, the Ponte Palatino and the ruins of the Rotto bridge.

The River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

The walk along the San Antonio River is a remarkable tourist sight in itself, which explains why the area has been aptly named ‘The River Walk’. The shops, cafes, and restaurants that dot the riverbank compose a small floating city. From the north bank of the river, you can explore the arty La Villita neighborhood and visit the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Rhine, Bacharach, Germany

The Germans refer to the Rhine as the “River of Destiny”, and the best place to imbibe its grandeur is the town of Bacharach. Walking past the medieval walls, the alleys of the historic center with its quaint Gothic chapels await, while the nearby town of St. Goar boasts the Burg Rheinfels Castle, the largest castle in the Rhine valley, which dates from 1245.

Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne was founded on the Yarra River in 1835, and the wealth of experiences found along its course makes it one of the most vibrant and interesting parts of the city. You will come across the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Arts Centre, the Melbourne Aquarium and Olympic Park Sports Venue all within the same kilometer.

Amstel, Amsterdam, Holland

One of the most famous beers was named after this river since the brewery was not only located near the Amstel, but its waters were also used in the production process. Its banks are studded with architectural gems such as the Blauwbrug, Hoge Sluis and Berlagebrug bridges, as well as the famous Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”), featured in the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever