What to put in front of your sofa?

What to put in front of your sofa?

Coffee tables

Coffee tables typically have about a foot of space in front of them, making them the perfect furniture choice for any room with a sofa. A coffee table will anchor the living room and add contrast between pieces. The size and height of your coffee table should depend on how much floor space you have, as well as personal preference.

A nice touch for any coffee table is to add a few plants to spruce it up and make it feel healthy and alive. Here are some plants that would work well on a coffee table:

Fern – The fern grows tall and is good for covering up dirty floors. It also requires little-to-no maintenance and will look nice in any living space. They can cover up a table in three weeks, but may need repotting every three years or so.

Cactus – One of the most popular living plants, cacti are deciduous, meaning they need to be watered every few weeks. They add a nice touch for any coffee table.


Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes. Adding extra storage space can really make an ottoman multi-functional and unique. The size of your storage ottoman is dependent on the size of the rest of your furniture pieces. Ottomans with storage tend to be more popular in homes that have more floor space, such as a loft or large apartment.

Combing a sofa with a coffee table creates an inviting, inviting atmosphere. Ottomans are multi-functional furniture pieces that can be used as a seating area or a footrest, as well. The size of the ottoman is dependent on the size of your living room. They have become very popular in rooms with little floor space, such as living rooms.

Round Ottoman – Round ottomans make a great accent piece for any sofa in your home.
Square Ottoman – Square ottomans can be arranged as a coffee table or a seating area for your living room.
Stool Ottoman – A stool ottoman is the perfect choice if you only have a small space to fill, but still need an ottoman. They tend to be smaller and better suited for simply acting as a footrest than other types of ottomans.


Benches are the ultimate furniture items for adding more seating to your living room. They can be used as a comfortable footstool, a place to sit with your feet up or decorate your open area. Benches are also ideal for when you have guests over. You can turn them into extra seating and keep them stored in an out-of-the way area of the home. The size of a bench is dependent on the size of your home and the amount of extra space you have. There are many kinds of benches, but here is an overview of some popular ones:

Wood Bench – These benches are made entirely out of wood. They usually range from two to three feet high and can span up to four feet in length. They can be used as a footrest or short seating area for people who require more space. You can also add padding to them so they feel more like a traditional sofa or chair.

There is a wide range of these benches. They vary in size from two to four feet and three-quarters of an inch thick. They are ideal for using as a footrest or as extra seating in your living room.

Metal Bench – Metal benches have an industrial feel. They are best for living rooms with more industrial qualities to them, such as a loft or industrial-style apartment. They range in length from two feet to five feet, and the average bench is from three inches to four inches thick. Metal benches are usually used as seating, but can also be used as a footrest, depending on your needs.