Why You Need a 3 Wheel Bike

A three wheel bike is a tool to get from one place to another. You don’t need one for “work” or for “hiking.” But you should have one for “commuting,” especially if you spend a lot of time in your car (or on foot).

This means that the type of bike you want to buy should be less about the type of cyclist you are, and more about the type of commute you do.

For example, if you commute by bus or subway, when choosing a bike, it’s probably a good idea to choose something with gears, so that you can shift up and down between slow and fast speeds.

On the other hand, if your commute is all on foot, I would suggest choosing something built with a low center of gravity and not handling much wind very well (this might even preclude having gears).

And while electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as commuting options, they aren’t suitable for most people who commute on transit or in cars (unless they install electric assist motors).

1. If you’re looking for alternatives to the car, you’ll be traveling on paved surfaces most of the time.

2. Your commute includes more than one mode of transportation, or you’d like to be able to exercise once or twice a week.

3. You want to reduce your footprint by giving up the car, but are not comfortable with replacing it entirely with public transport.

4. You’re an active person who doesn’t have much time to exercise.

5. You have to haul things around with you regularly, but don’t need nor want a car.

6. You have limited mobility and can’t pedal or lift heavy objects easily, so something that lets you move without doing much work would be good for you.

7. You’re short on cash and don’t want to spend even a few hundred dollars for a bike.

8. You want to get started with biking, but don’t have a lot of time to learn new things or get in shape before you take it on.

9. You’re not sure whether you’ll actually keep doing this for a while and/or need something that can grow into something sturdier.

10. You have too many errands to cover, don’t have enough time for public transport, and are uncomfortable walking long distances with bags on your back.